This unique tour combines an eventful cultural holiday with a wellness vacation. We show you big cities like Tbilisi and Batumi, historical UNESCO cultural monuments, we go on hikes to unique nature and at the same time offer you pure relaxation through magnetic sand, healing thermal water and natural sulfur baths. The health-promoting properties of these treatments make Georgia an exceptional holiday destination for your next trip.
Tour-Code: GEO06
Cultural & wellness vacation
People, history and nature
13 Days / 12 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 4 - 14 participants
4* & Spa Hotels
Tbilisi, Botanical Garden in Batumi, Martvili Canyon, Prometheus Cave, Magnetic Sand in Ureki, Tea Workshop, Borjomis Spring Water!
13 x breakfast, 1 x dinner
Get insider tips for meals from our local guide
Bus trip from the airport and back
Travel Guide
All day English-speaking guide throughout the tour
Der Marketingbegriff Boutique-Hotel beschreibt persönlich geführte, individuelle, kleine und nicht selten luxuriöse Hotels, wie sie auch in Europa und Asien seit Anfang des Jahrhunderts immer häufiger anzutreffen sind.
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Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at Tbilisi Airport and escort you to your hotel.

Overnight at a hotel in Tbilisi

1. Highlight: City tour of Tbilisi
As we make our way through this beautiful city, we'll learn about the city's stories and legends, walk across the elegant Peace Bridge, visit the beautiful Metekhi St. Virgin Church, and see the "Nariqala" ("Impregnable Castle") fortress, the ruins which contain the manuscript for the architectural arts of many different cultures. We also see the impressive 20 m high monument Kartlis Deda, which is also called the "Mother of Georgia" because she symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl filled with wine, which stands for the extraordinary hospitality, and in the right hand a sword for all those who come as enemies to this embattled land.

2. Highlight: Cable car ride up to Mount Mtatsminda
With the funicular, which nestles steeply along the mountain and has the entire city at your feet, we ride up to the highest viewpoint of Tbilisi. Here you expirience the charm of the city in peace and see everything in miniature size.

3. Highlight: Visit to the "Chronicle of Georgia"
On the outskirts of the city and far away from the hustle and bustle of tourists is the "Georgian Stonehenge". The monument impresses with its 16 monumental columns, each 30m high. The chronicle reflects the 3000-year-old Georgian and 2000-year-old Christian history of the country.

4. Highlight: Entry to the thermal baths in Abanotubani
Oriental elements and an exotic flair can be found here. Thermal baths and hammams are reminiscent of the city's origin story. In the evening you have enough time to relax in a thermal bath. The sulfur treatments have a beneficial effect on pain in the joints or in the back, as the sulfur has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Overnight in Tbilisi

1. Highlight: Walk through Mtskheta
Mtskheta is the former capital of Georgia, which is also referred to as the second Jerusalem and is now considered the religious center of the country. In this place, along with several cultural monuments listed by UNESCO, there is one of the most important relicts of Christians - the robe of Jesus Christ. In addition, Mtskheta, with its 3000 years history, is considered one of the oldest cities in the whole country.

2. Highlight: Jvari Cross Monastery (UNESCO) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (UNESCO)
The beautiful building of the Cross Monastery is visible on a hill and is considered the oldest cross-domed church in the country. As such, it was the model for numerous religious buildings in Georgia. The view of the picturesque surroundings and the confluence of the two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi is idyllic.
The Cathedral is the second largest Georgian church and for centuries was the coronation and burial place of Georgia's monarchs. Here is the robe of Jesus Christ.

Drive to Tsqaltubo and overnight in a hotel

1. Highlight: Prometheus Cave
This is considered Georgia's largest cave system and is a real eye-catcher with the colorfully illuminated stalactites and stalagmites. We take a tour through the 6 accessible halls of the stalactite cave and are accompanied by calm, classical music.
At the end, depending on the weather conditions, there is a boat ride to the exit of the cave on the Kumi River.

2. Highlight: Full body massage at the resort
After the Prometheus Cave excursion, you have the rest of the day at the resort.
First you get a full body massage and then you have the choice between different applications for your individual relaxation.
Bathing procedures are a priority at the resort. The mineral, medicinal and thermal water sources offer you balneological treatments that offer a therapeutic approach to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, skin and hormonal diseases or metabolic disorders. Radon therapy is increasingly taking place in Tsqaltubo, which increases the body's own protective function and has a beneficial effect on the immune system, blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Overnight in Tsqaltubo

Highlight: City tour of Kutaisi
Today's plan is to explore the third largest city in Georgia, which is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The small town exudes an ancient flair. Through the stories of our guide we get a deep insight into the history of the place and learn more about the culture and traditions. Arriving at the Bagrati Church with its turquoise roof, we even have a great view of the city.

Spa treatment at the resort
You have the rest of the day to relax in the resort with a wide range of treatments.

Overnight in Tsqaltubo

Highlight: Martvili Canyon including boat trip
A walk through this green oasis with its plant splendor, crystal clear, partly turquoise water and picturesque waterfalls awaits us in this canyon. Depending on the weather conditions, we explore the enchanted gorge on a boat to admire the various formations from the water and enjoy the cool air.

Option: Okatse Canyon
The Okatse Canyon is a beautiful limestone gorge that is definitely worth a visit. Nevertheless, you should be able to walk steep mountains as well as climbing many steps and be free from giddiness.
The unforgettable adventure starts with a hiking trail through the forest of the national park, where we meet small waterfalls and even free-roaming cows or pigs.
The spectacular highlight of this hike is the approx. 1 km long, narrow, almost free-floating path, which is only attached to the steep mountain face. Below you can hear the roaring waters of the Okatse River and with every turn of the footbridge around the rock, you get a new view of the green gorge.
The viewing platform at the end protrudes approx. 20m into the canyon and opens up a breathtaking view over green treetops, white shimmering limestone and the white-blue water of the river.

Overnight in Ureki

You can enjoy the day on the beach. Ureki is known for the black, magnetic sand "Magnetiti". In combination with the salty sea air, this spa town on the west coast of Georgia on the Black Sea is a perfect place to relax. The sand is said to have healing effects, which are particularly beneficial for cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic complaints or osteoporosis.
During your stay you can take advantage of various therapeutic treatments.

Overnight in Ureki

1. Highlight: Tea workshop
Until 1991, Georgia was the main supplier of tea to the Soviet Union. Guria, the smallest region of Georgia, made this possible, but with the collapse of the USSR, Georgia too suffered the consequences. Today, this culture is revived along the "Tea Road" in Guria. Today you will visit a tea farm where you can pick fresh tea from the tea garden, taste authentic local dishes and learn about the history, tradition and culture of tea growing.

2. Highlight: time for relaxation
From noon you have time to relax in the sun in the hotel, on the beach or you can go swimming.

Overnight in Ureki

Highlight: Botanical Garden in Batumi
This garden is one of the most famous attractions of Batumi and the largest botanical garden in the Caucasus region. Here we can admire a variety of exotic plants and enjoy the clean, subtropical air. The area is huge, divided into 21 thematic zones, in which there are plants from different parts of the world - a real jungle paradise.

Overnight in Ureki

Highlight: City tour in Batumi
In contrast to the cities visited so far, Batumi is very modern with large skyscrapers, huge glass facades and restored buildings. Together with our guide we explore the city on foot and see the boulevard at the harbor with the Miracle Park, which has many different attractions to offer, such as a Ferris wheel, the Alphabet Tower and the love statue "Ali and Nino". We look at typical Georgian Backyards connecting several residential buildings, the Market Square and the Italian-style Batumi Piazza.

Overnight in Ureki

1st highlight: Mineral water park and drinking station
The mineral water park was built in 1850 and houses volcanic mineral water springs and an old factory where the spring water was bottled in those days. Nowadays the park is more of a children's amusement park with countless attractions. During a walk you can feel the Soviet charm and admire the old architecture and beautiful nature.
In the middle of the park we find a drinking point with sulphurous water, which you are welcome to try or fill up your bottle. Positive properties for promoting metabolism and digestion are ascribed to this water.

2. Highlight: Sulfur baths
The spa park meanders through the valley along the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains and leads into a forest. We have about a 20 minute walk to get to the pools. There are a total of three pools of different temperatures, which are filled with sulphurous mineral water. It is advised to stay in the water for at least 20 minutes but no longer than 40 minutes. The natural warmth of the bath initially has a muscle-relaxing effect. The hydrogen sulfide ensures a strong blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and can even reduce pain. Treatment with the thermal water is advisable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, arthrosis or rheumatism, but also neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Option 1: Cable car
With the cable car you cross the water park at a dizzy height and reach a mountain plateau from where you can see the entire valley.

Option 2: Local history museum
The approximately 36,000 exhibits are structured thematically and first show you the flora and fauna of the area, some of which include rare specimens. You will also learn about the history of the mineral water springs and the Russian noble family Romanov.

Overnight in Borjomi

Highlight: The old town of Akhaltsikhe
Today we drive to the ancient city of Akhaltsikhe. The imposing Rabati Castle sits enthroned on a hilltop in the city, contrasting with its gray stone walls and partly magnificent gold roofs. Here we can marvel at a mixture of two completely different architectural styles: modern and medieval architecture. During the tour we get to know the structure of the castle and explore the huge complex, which includes, among other things, a mosque and many small shops in the lower part of the building.
At the end of the trip we will have a farewell dinner together with typical Georgian delicacies such as khinkali (filled dumplings), khachapuri (gratinated cheese bread) and mzvadi (Georgian shish kebab).

Overnight in Borjomi

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport
Your driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby in Borjomi and will take you to Tbilisi Airport. Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!

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1 x entry to thermal baths in Tblisi
1 x full body massage in Tsqaltubo
All transfers in comfortable, modern, air-conditioned vehicles
All day English-speaking tour guide
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Self-organized visits and excursions
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