Uzbekistan is a hospitable country with a rich culture located on the historic Silk Road. In ancient times this country was a link between different countries and peoples, a meeting point of languages, cultures and civilizations. In its cities we can see old quarters where the architectural appearance and lifestyle that have not changed for centuries. In this country you can lose track of time and travel to the oriental past.
The visa-free regime applies to citizens of all European Union countries planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan for up to 30 days, regardless of the purpose of their trip. In order to enter the country, travellers must have a valid national passport or another substitute document used for travel to foreign countries.
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The Uzbek currency is the Soʻm (UZS). One euro is 11.5 sum. The money can be exchanged at banks or at exchange offices. For security reasons, please do not exchange money with private individuals.
Uzbek cuisine is perhaps the richest in Central Asia. The mixture of the culinary traditions of the Persians and Turks as well as the advantageous location at the crossroads of the trade routes make the recipes of the Uzbek cuisine very different in terms of both the products and the methods of preparation. We recommend that you try the colorful Uzbek lamb dishes on the bone with vegetables "Basma", the soups "Lagman" and "Schurpa" and the dough dishes "Manti"
The official language is Uzbek, a Turkic language. The citizens also uses Russian and Tajik languages. In schools young people often learn German and English as foreign languages.

Approx. 89% of the population are Muslims, about 8% are Russian Orthodox.
Uzbekistan is an open country and there are no restrictions or requirements for women regarding clothing, length of skirt, arms or wearing a headscarf. Out of respect for the locals, however, we recommend that you do not wear bikinis or too short skirts and shorts in this country.