Ukraine is a country with an eventful history, traditions, a huge cultural heritage, rich folklore and very hospitable people. Incredible and surprising landscapes, untouched nature, love for handicrafts, delicious cuisine and the openness and charm of the Ukrainians make the country very interesting destination to travel!
Citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and other citizens of the EU countries are allowed to stay in Ukraine up to 90 days without a visa.
The currency in Ukraine is the hryvna (₴). One euro is around 30 Ukrainian hryvnia (Juny, 2020). The money can be exchanged at banks or at exchange offices. For security reasons, please do not exchange money with private individuals. Maestro and Visa cards are accepted in most shops as well as in hotels and restaurants.
Ukrainian cuisine is very diverse and tasty. The best-known Ukrainian specialties are: dumplings with different fillings "Wareniki", the "Ukrainian borscht" (an extremely tasty soup based on beets, with lots of vegetables, pieces of meat and with the addition of a little sour cream), the fried dumplings made from curd batter "Syrniki" , "Derunu" potato pancakes and much more.
Ukraine is a secular state without a fixed state religion and guarantees religious freedom. Most believers in Ukraine are Orthodox Christians.
The official language is Ukrainian, which belongs to the East Slavic subgroup of Indo-European languages. Most of the population understands Russian and many young people speak English.