Adventure tour to the heart of Kamchatka

This tour is a unique journey into the world of volcanoes, glaciers and bears. It begins from the one of the most beautiful bays in the Pacific and leads us into the overwhelming nature of Kamchatka with many active and extinct volcanoes and fascinating landscapes. We climb the three most beautiful volcanoes and enjoy a great view of craters made up of ice, fire and colorful lakes. We hike through diverse natural landscapes: from frozen lava flows to wild, abundant forests, and drive along one of the most scenic and fastest rivers in the area. Every day of this tour brings us new discoveries and unforgettable impressions and can be one of the most beautiful adventures of your life.
Tour-Code: RUS04
Land & Natur
11 Days/ 10 Nights
Zusammen mit dem An- und Abreisetag
Number of participants
Small groups: 6-14
4* Hotel, guest hauses, tents
Ascent to the three volcanoes, boat trip & rafting, excursion to the "dead forest" & hike to the lava fields
Full board
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide during the whole trip


Day of arrival
• Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
At 8 p.m. we meet at the lobby in the hottel and go for a dinner. We try the delicious, regional dishes made from fresh fish and discuss our program for the following days.
• Overnight at the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Boat trip to the islands and observation of various seabird colonies

After breakfast we experience a boat trip in Avacha Bay, one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the Pacific. We drive to the island "Stone of the Old Woman" with a very rich underwater world and a multitude of underwater grottos. Then we drive past the island "Three Brothers", which consists of three large stones with an extraordinary size and shape that rise from the water . Then our journey continues to the island of the Silberalke (Russian: "Starichkov"), a natural monument, where we can observe huge colonies of various seabirds. Here we meet seals lying on rocky reefs and, if we are lucky, also whales and killer whales. On request we can fishing. In addition to Pacific salmon, this bay is populated by fish such as flounder, halibut, perch, lenok and cod. On the lunch we try delicious fresh crabs and "red" fish soup, which our captain cooks for us .
• Drive towards the volcanoes "Mutnovsky" and "Gorely"
In the afternoon we return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, collect our luggage and drive toward the scenic surroundings of the Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes. Here we set up a camp and enjoy our dinner on the fire.
• Overnight in tents
• Breakfast; ascent to the Mutnovsky volcano
After breakfast we drive to the starting point in an off-road vehicle, from where our trekking tour to the summit of the volcano "Mutnovsky" (2,322 m.) Begins. Our trekking today lasts about 6-8 hours with stops for meals in beautiful places.
The ascent to the summit takes several hours and follows a scenic path. At the summit, we have a wonderful view of eternal glaciers, multi-colored rocky outcrops and a huge volcanic steam emersion point. Here are two main volcano craters. One of them consists of ice, a multi-colored crater lake and smoking fumaroles on steep slopes. We enjoy our walk in this amazing and incomparable place and hear exciting information about its history. On the descent we take a look at an eighty meter high waterfall, which is called "dangerous". It is an incredible feeling to see the stream of swirling water falling into a huge gorge.
In the evening we return to the camp, eat and rest.
• Overnight in tents
Note: At the beginning of July, when there is still a lot of snow, for the ascent to the crater can be used another road. Therefore, you should definitely be prepared for a more difficult trek across craggy snow.
• Breakfast; Ascent to the volcano "Gorely"
Our goal today is the summit of the volcano Gorely (1,829 m). Its summit represents a hill with a pronounced ridge and a unique chain of extinct and active craters. The largest and most beautiful of them is that "Blue Lake" crater. The breathtaking panorama opens up for us frozen lava, crater lakes and a wonderful view on other volcanoes.
In the afternoon we return to the camp, pack our things and move to the village "Paratunka", which is known for its warm thermal water. Here we check in at the hotel, eat and enjoy swimming in the hot curative water pool.
• Overnight in the holiday center "Solnechny"
• Breakfast
• Optional day for a helicopter trip

Today is a day for helicopter excursions and you can choose what you want to see today.
Option 1: Excursion to the "Valley of the Geysers" (Russian: "Dolina Geiserow"), a miracle of Russia and UNESCO World Heritage. The "Valley of the Geysers" is located in a remote nature reserve on a square of six square kilometers. In this incredible area you can see different forms of hydrothermal activities: hot lakes, bog kettles, steam fountains and more than 200 geysers that invite to swim. The way to the geysers offers wonderful photo opportunities: from a bird's eye view you can see two active volcanoes, many lakes and the boundless forest of Kamchatka.
Option 2: Excursion to the Kuril Sea and observation of the local bears. The Kurilensee is a huge crater lake that was created about 8,000 years ago (UNESCO World Heritage) and the largest salmonid spawning ground in Eurasia. This naturally attracts many predators, especially bears. In the season (August and early September) they come to the source of the Osjornaja river for hunting. From a specially installed lookout we can watch how they hunt and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful area. This tour is an incomparable experience for nature and adventure lovers!
The both excursions last 6-7 hours, include lunch and take place with professional English-speaking guides. You can choose one of the excursions at this day and pay in cash (euros or rubles) or book with us before you start your trip. An excursion costs 48,000 rubles, which is about 640 euros (as of April 2020).
For those who want to relax at this day can enjoy outdoor pools with curative water.
• Overnight in the "Sunny" holiday center
• Breakfast; Trip to the volcano "Tolbachik"
Our journey continues to the "Tolbachik" volcano that is belong to the part of the largest volcanic group in Russia - the "Klyuchevskaya volcano" with an area of 6.5 thousand square kilometers. Its age is estimated to be several hundred thousand years. There are four active and ten extinct volcanoes and around 400 small volcanic formations It also includes the highest volcano of Kamchatka - "Klyuchevskaya Sopka" (4,835 m). Upon arrival, we set up a camp in the Tolbachik volcano area. Here we can see the impressive effects of its eruptions, which occurred in 1740, 1975 and 2013.
• Overnight in tents
Journey: 240 km, approx. 6 -7 hours
• Breakfast; hike to the lava fields
Today we make an eventful hike near the volcano "Tolbatschik". The eruption of the volcano 2012-2013 has been one of the most powerful on Kamchatka in the last hundred years. Two breakthrough crevasses formed on the southern slope. Strong lava flows flowed about 18 km through the slopes of the snow-capped volcano. Today it resembles a huge black river that has solidified in incredible shapes. The area around the volcano is covered with black volcanic sand and slag. Such a composition corresponds to 96% of the lunary surface. and during the Soviet Union it was a place for testing a moon rover. We walk through the lava flows, climb volcanic cones and can descend into caves that are formed by the broad lava flows.
At the end of this eventful day, we enjoy our dinner cooked on the campfire and relax in the camp.
• Overnight in tents
• Breakfast and excursion to the "Nordic breakthrough" (Russian "Severny Proryv")
After breakfast we go to the "Nordic Breakthrough" that formed as a result of the volcanic eruption on Tolbachik in 1975. It was the largest eruption in the 20th century that lasted 72 days. During this time, lava, slag and millions Tons of ashes thrown up from the cracks and destroyed all life within a radius of dozens of kilometers. As a result, three cinder cones, lava flows and an ash-lava layer were formed in this area. During our hike, we learn interesting information about the place and have a look around Bomb the volcano.
In the evening we return to the camp and can feed small ground squirrels. These ground squirrels are a living symbol of Kamchatka. They are not afraid of people at all, courageously begging for nuts and even posing in front of the camera.
• Overnight in tents
• Breakfast and excursion to the "Dead Forest"
In the morning we make an excursion to a mystical place called "Dead Forest". There used to be a beautiful forest here, but the eruption of the "Tolbatschiks" volcano in 1975 covered the area with lava and ashes and dried up all trees in this area. We walk through the treetops of this ghost forest and the ashes under our feet will reach up to 11 meters.
In the afternoon we return to the camp, pack our luggage and leave the volcano "Tolbachik" to the south direction to the village "Milkowo". In the evening we check in at the hotel and enjoy delicious Russian dishes in a local restaurant.
• Overnight at the hotel in Milkowo
Ride: 240 km, approx. 6-7 hours
• Breakfast and visit to the State Museum
Milkowo is one of the oldest settlements in the region that was founded in the 18th century. In the morning we visit the local Museum and learn about the history of development of Kamchatkaand the culture of this region.
• Rafting on the river "Bystraja"
We spend our lunch break on the rivercoast of the village "Malka" and try delicious salmon dishes. After the meal, a little adventure awaits us: We drive along the "Bystraja" river with a raft for about 2.5 hours. Our guide will control our raft, so we can relax and even fish. If we are lucky we will see bears hunting a fish on the banks of the river.
In the evening we drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and check in at the hotel. Today is our last evening in this beautiful place. We enjoy our farewell dinner together in a local restaurant.
• Overnight at the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Journey: 300 km, approx. 5 hours
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Transfer to the airport
At the agreed time the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby and take you to the airport.
• 5 x nights in tents
• 3 x nights in 4 * hotels
• 2 x nights in the "Sunny" holiday center
• 10 x breakfast
• 9 x lunch
• 8 x dinner
• Welcome dinner
• Farewell dinner
• Transfers from & to the airport
• All transfers and excursions with off-road vehicles
• English speaking guide during the whole trip
• Rent for tents, dishes, sleeping pads
• Boots, fishing rods and dry bags on day 10
• Cooks (during days 2 - 10)
• Boat trip (5 - 6 hours on the first day)
• Rafting along the "Bystraja" river (2-3 hours on day 10)
• Flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and return
• Sleeping bags
• Not mentioned meals and drinks
• Self-organized excursions
• Insurance
• Tips
This tour is suitable for children from 8 years in good physical shape. Of course, an important prerequisite here is children's love for travelling, nature and hiking. With a bit of luck they can also experience wild bears and many other animals in their traditional habitat during this tour that can be very interesting for them. We are happy to offer a 10% discount for children up to 12 years of age.
The best months for summer travel are July and August. In August the average temperature is around 16 ° C. There are glaciers in the highest parts of the region and the temperature there can be much lower. We would therefore recommend you to take various weather conditions into account: from frost and strong wind to summer heat. You will of course receive a detailed list of the recommended clothing for this trip when you book the tour.
Please keep in mind that the availability of the flights is strongly dependent on the weather and therefore no flight can be guaranteed 100%. In the event of a storm on the day 5 it may happen that all helicopter excursions will be canceled. If it is important for you to visit the "Valley of the Geysers" or the Kuril Sea during your trip to Kamchatka, we recommend you to plan reserve days before or after the start of the tour. These excursions can also take place from Vityaz-Aero airport (about 30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).


We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

Guaranteed discounts:
- 8% for groups of 10 people or more
- 10% for children up to 12 years