Siberia is a mysterious country that stretches over ten million square kilometers. It is a country with an impenetrable taiga, wild nature, variety of animals and shamans. This tour opens up a bit of the mysterious veil that lies over southern Siberia. Our trip leads through the three historically important Siberian areas: Krasnoyarsk, Tuwa and Khakassia. Each of these places is interesting in its own way, has its rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes. During our trip we meet open, very hospitable people and learn their traditions, customs as well as shamanic cults. We wander in the cedar taiga, take a traditional Russian steam bath and try tasty Siberian dishes. This wonderful journey is a unique opportunity to learn the wild nature, culture and origins of religions - from orthodoxy to shamanism.
Tour-Code: RUS03
Culture trip
People, nature & history
11 Days/ 10 Nights
Together with the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 6-14
4* Hotel, guest hauses, camps, yurts
Siberian villages, shamanic performances, cedar taiga, Russian steam bath, Khakassian folklore & holy places
Full board
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide during the whole trip


The day of arrival
• Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Krasnoyarsk and escort you to the hotel.
In the evening we go to enjoy the welcome dinner with our guide and try traditional Russian dishes.
• Overnight in Krasnoyarsk
• Breakfast at the hotel
• City tour and visit to the nature reserve "Stolby"

Today we visit the most important sights of Krasnoyarsk - the "Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel" - an old Russian, orthodox chapel on a mountain with a magnificent panoramic view on the river Jenissei, surrounding mountains and the nature reserve "Stolby". Then we pass the historical part of the city with its monuments from the 18th to 19th centuries and look at the Annunciation Cathedral, Theatre's square and other historical sights. We visit one of the best historical and ethnographic museums in Siberia and find out more about the places we visit during our trip.
After lunch we drive to the nature reserve "Stolby" and learn about the history of the reserve.
• Drive back and overnight in Krasnoyarsk
The length of the route: 80 km by car.
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Drive to Abakan and Shushenskoye
Today we drive to the south through the city of Divnogorsk. The road runs along one of the largest dams in the world - the Krasnoyarsk hydropower dam to the Abakan, the capital of the Republic of Khakassi, where we stop for a lunch. Afterwards we drive to the village of Shushenskoye, which is located in the area of the reservoir.
We spend the night in the guest houses of the Shushenskoye Museum that still preserves the customs and traditions of an original Siberian village of the late 19th century with its streets and houses. Here we feel the atmosphere of natural country life.
• Overnight in guest houses in Shushenskoye
The route length: 650 km
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Visit to the "Shushenskoye" museum
Our day begins with a trip to the Shushenskoye ethnographic museum, which takes you to a real Siberian village from the 19th to the 20th centuries. There are around 200 faithful wooden buildings here: a farmhouse, a shop, prison and a tavern. In many places of the open-air museum we can experience historical, original Siberian handcrafts.
• Drive to Tuwa
After lunch we continue towards Tuwa over the western Sayan mountains. On the way we look at the "ruler" of this territory, the sleeping Sayan warrior and listen to a fairytale legends of this area.
In the evening we reach Tuwa. Most of its territory is uninhabited without any signs of civilization: only steppes and mountains cover hundreds of kilometers here. We spend the night in yurts on the banks of the Biy-Khem river. After the local dinner we can enjoy the traditional larynx song "Khoomei".
• Overnight in the yurt camp in Biy-Khem in Tuwa
The route length: 350 km
• Breakfast
• City tour in Kyzyl
After breakfast we visit Kyzyl, the capital of Tuwa. This city is located at the mouth of the large river Yenisei. The first thing we do here is visit a Buddhist temple, which is located in the geographical center of Asia. Buddhism in Tuwa is close related to the Shamanism, so after we go to a shamanic community and learn about the mystical customs of these ancient traditions, deeply rooted in the rites of the people living here.
After lunch we visit the National Museum of Tuwa and see unique archaeological finds of different eras.
The time after lunch can be planned freely. Optionally, you can visit a local market and mineral spring near Kyzyl, or learn the secrets of making shamanic drums, yurts, utensils, and jewelry from local artisans.
After dinner with national dishes we take part in a tea ceremony and experience the fascinating demonstration of the shamanic "Kamlaniye".
• Overnight in Biy-Khem in Tuva
The route length: 70 km
• Breakfast and drive to the "snow leopard camp"
Today we cross Tuwa from east to west and reach Khakassia. We stop near to the breath taking mountain Khairykan - one of the most culturally and religiously important places in Tuwa. On the way we see the destroyed temple Ustuu-Khuree, a high point of Buddhist culture in the region. After the Sayan Pass (2,214 meters) we come to Khakassia. The mountains here are covered with the impressive, legendary cedar taiga. We reach the "snow leopard camp", eat and get to know the owners of the camp. They know the taiga very well and will show us with pleasure various Siberian medicinal herbs here.
• Overnight in the camp
The route length: 440 km
• Breakfast and walk to the cedar taiga
After breakfast we walk to the suspension bridge "Bridge of love" (about 2.5 hours). It lies on a high mountain river, surrounded by a centuries-old cedar taiga.
After lunch we can enjoy the landscape, pick mushrooms and berries, which are located directly on our feet. Here we can also taste cedar nuts, which are an important export hit in the region and have a broad use in medicine and food production.
In the evening we enjoy a Russian steam bath. If you are brave enough, you can jump into the cold river right after the bath. We spend the time after dinner by the fireplace.
• Overnight in the camp
• Breakfast and drive to the Kuyg valley
Today we leave the taiga and drive towards the Kuyg valley. On the way we stop in a Khakassian village, where the holy stone "Khurtuyakh Tas".is located.
In the afternoon we reach the Kyug valley. There is the Kyug yurt camp, where we will stay in wooden, Khakass yurts. We make a trip to the Kazanovka nature reserve, learn more about the influence of ancient civilizations in the area and see rock paintings that are about 3,000-5,000 years old.
After the tasty traditional dinner we can enjoy a performance of the Khakassian National Folklore Group.
• Overnight in the camp in the Kuyg valley
The route length: 240 km
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Visit to the Ah-Tas National Museum and Cultural Monument
Today we visit the Kazanovka Khakass National Museum and look at the ancient, sacred signs of earlier shamans and the Ah-Tas (white stone) cultural monument. We learn the meaning and mystical purpose of the vertical stones that rise from the ground everywhere in Khakassia and visit current archaeological sites.
After lunch we drive to the capital of Khakassia - Abakan. Here stands the Khakass National Museum with the unique collection of stone statues - the legacy of ancient cults and an ancient culture.
• Overnight at hotel in Abakan, Khakassia
The route length: 160 km
• Breakfast and visit to the Valley of the Kings
Today we visit the Valley of the Kings with 30 burial mounds from the 3rd to 4th centuries BC. The largest of them is called Salbyksky Hill and is 500 m round and more than 11 meters high. The total weight of the vertical stones is approximately 60 tons. Locals believe that shamans can focus and strengthen their power in this place.
In the evening we enjoy together the farewell dinner in the restaurant.
• Overnight at the hotel in Abakan
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Transfer to the airport
At the agreed time the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby and take you to the airport.
2 x nights in 4 * star hotels
8 x nights in Gest houses, camps, yurts
10 x breakfast
9 x lunch
8 x dinner
Farewell & welcome dinner in the restaurant
Steam bath in the "snow leopard camp"
Larynx singing "Khoomei"
Shamanic performance "Kamlaniye"
English speaking guide during the whole trip
Drinking water 0.5 L. per person per day
All described excursions
Transfers from & to the airport
Flights to Krasnoyarsk and back
Not mentioned meals and drinks
Self-organized excursions


We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

Guaranteed discounts:
- 8% for groups of 10 people or more
- 10% for children up to 12 years