Siberia is a mysterious part of the Russian Federation. It stretches over 10 Mio. km² and consists of an impenetrable taiga, wild nature, a variety of animals and shamans. This tour lifts up a bit of the mysterious veil that lies over the southern part of Siberia.
Our trip leads through the 3 historically important South-Siberian areas: Krasnoyarsk, Tuwa and Khakassia. Each of these places is interesting in its own way, has its rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes. We will wander through the cedar taiga, take a traditional Russian steam bath and try tasty Siberian dishes. This journey is a unique opportunity to learn more about the wild nature, culture and the origins of some of the old religions - from orthodoxy to shamanism.
Tour-Code: RUS03
Culture trip
People, nature & history
11 Days/ 10 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 6-14
4* Hotel, guest houses, tents, yurts
Siberian villages, shamanic performances, cedar taiga, Russian steam bath, Khakassian folklore & holy places
Full-board: breakfast, lunch, dinner
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide throughout the entire trip


Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Krasnoyarsk and escort you to the hotel.
In the evening we meet in the hotel lobby and drive to a restaurant to try the first traditional Russian dishes and to get to know our tour guide.

Overnight in Krasnoyarsk

1st highlight: City tour through Krasnoyarsk
Today we visit the most important sights of Krasnoyarsk, including the "Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel" - an old Russian Orthodox chapel on a mountain with a magnificent panoramic view. From here we enjoy a picturesque view over the city, the river Yenisei, the surrounding mountains and the nature reserve "Stolby".
Then we walk through the historical part of the capital, with its monuments from the 18th century, and look at the Annunciation Cathedral, the Theater Square and much more. After that, we will visit one of the best historical and ethnographic museums in Siberia - the Krasnoyarsk State Museum. Here we find a fabulous exhibition about the indigenous people of Siberia, Russian settlers as well as prehistoric animals.

2nd highlight: visit to the "Stolby" nature reserve
After our lunch together, we drive to the nature reserve "Stolby" and walk a few hours through its beautiful park, which is called the heart of Krasnoyarsk. Here we climb one of the rocks to enjoy the picturesque view of Siberia and the fantastic surroundings. In addition, we have the unique opportunity to look at one of the greatest natural wonders of Siberia - the granite rocks "Stolby", which protrude from the ground like arrows.

Overnight in Krasnoyarsk
Route length: 80 km
Highlight: Drive to Shushenskoye
Today we drive south through the beautiful city of Divnogorsk. It is known for its unique dam and beautiful mountains. Today's destination is the village "Shushenskoye" - which is also a large open-air museum. The history of the museum is inextricably linked with the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870 - 1924), the former communist politician and revolutionary of Russia. He lived and worked here and was in exile between 1897-1900. In 1930, his house was converted into a museum and 40 years later the whole village became a large open-air museum. Today the place preserves the Siberian history of the 19th century, which is not only reflected in its houses, but also in its customs and traditions. In the evening, we can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the natural country life. In this historical setting we also have the opportunity to stay overnight in the rustic inns, so that we can completely immerse ourselves in history.

Overnight in inns in Shushenskoye
Route length: 650 km
1st highlight: visit to the Shushenskoye Museum
After breakfast, we explore the ethnographic museum "Shushenskoye". While walking through the village we can discover some of the approx. 200 original wooden buildings. Among them are farmhouses, a shop, a tavern and even a prison. At some places in the open-air museum we also have the opportunity to marvel at the Siberian handicrafts.

2nd highlight: drive to Tuwa
In the afternoon, our journey takes us over the breathtaking Sayan Mountains towards Tuwa. On the way we see "ruler" of this territory, the majestic mountain, which is also called the "sleeping Sayan warrior". We learn more about his fairytale legend and can enjoy the beautiful nature. In the evening we reach the boundless expanse of the republic Tuwa. In addition to the untouched nature, it offers an independent, Asian-influenced culture, which cannot be found anywhere else in this form. In the course of the past, Uyghurs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Oirats settled their territories and shaped them for the next generations. For centuries the area also belonged to the Chinese Empire and "Outer Mongolia". Nevertheless, most of the republic has remained uninhabited to this day. After a delicious dinner we get to experience the traditional throat singing "Khoomei".

Overnight in yurt camp in Biy-Khem, in Tuwa
Route length: 350 km
1st highlight: City tour through Kyzyl
After breakfast we visit Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. This city lies at the end of the great river Yenisei when it merges with the Maly-Yenisei into the Verkhny-Yenisei river. Firstly, we visit a Buddhist temple, which is located exactly in the geographical center of Asia. Buddhism in Tuva coexists harmoniously with the beliefs of the shamans. We visit a shamanic community and learn a lot about their mystical customs. This traditional ethnic religion is deeply rooted in the rites of the people living here, has a long history and probably goes back to the Mesolithic, when magic and spirituality were still inextricably linked. After the lunch break, the National Museum of Tuwa awaits us with impressive archaeological finds from various eras.

2nd highlight: free time
This afternoon is at your disposal.
You can visit a local market and mineral spring near Kyzyl, or watch the local artisans make shamanic drums, yurts, and jewelry. If you wish, you will receive further tips from our local guide.

3rd highlight: tea ceremony
After dinner, we take part in a tea ceremony and experience fascinating demonstrations of shamanic rituals such as "Kamlaniye". This magical rite is traditionally performed near the fire and accompanied by drum beats and slow rhythms.

Overnight in Biy-Khem, in Tuwa
Route length: 70 km
1st highlight: Drive to Khakassia
On the 6th day we cross Tuva from east to west until we reach Khakassia in the afternoon. We stop near a breathtaking mountain called "Khairykan" - one of the most culturally and religiously important places in Tuva. We'll also visit the destroyed Ustuu-Khuree temple on the way, a highlight of the region's Buddhist culture. After the Sayan Pass at an altitude of 2,214 m, the Republic of Khakassia begins. This region is adorned with its endless cedar forests, the taiga.

2nd highlight: the snow leopard camp
In the evening we finally reach today's destination - the snow leopard camp. A fascinating walk through the picturesque landscapes of the cedar forests awaits us here. The untouched and seemingly impenetrable taiga shows itself in its full beauty and gives us the unique opportunity to enjoy the harmony and silence of nature.

Overnight in the snow leopard camp
Route length: 440 km
1st highlight: walk through the cedar taiga
Today we spend most of the time in nature and enjoy the clean air of the forest. It takes us a coupl of hours to walk through the woods to the suspension bridge "bridge of love", which lies at a high mountain river and is surrounded by a centuries-old forest.
After lunch we have time to pick mushrooms and medicinal herbs as well as berries. In addition, there is a real treasure trove of cedar nuts here. These represent an important export good in the region and are also used in a wide variety of applications in medicine and food production.

2nd highlight: Russian steam bath
In the evening, we have the opportunity to take a Russian steam bath and simply let the day's exertions evaporate. If you are brave enough, you can jump into the ice-cold river right after the bath. To round off the day in harmony, we will first enjoy a delicious dinner and then relax in front of the cozy campfire.

Overnight in the snow leopard camp

1st highlight: Visit of the holy stone "Khurtuyakh Tas"
After breakfast, we will head towards the Kyug Valley. On the way we stop in a Khakass village, which is home to one of the republic's most prestigious stone statue. "Khurtuyakh Tas" or "the great old stone woman" dates back to the 3rd - 2nd century BC and has been considered the protector of women and children for thousands of years. We also explore a real Khakas yurt with well-preserved household items from the 19th century. At the end of our excursion we will have the opportunity to try national dishes of this region and take in every aspect of the culture.

2nd highlight: Drive to the Kyug valley
Upon arrival in the Kyug valley, we settle into the typical Khakass yurts of the yurt camp "Kyug". Afterwards we take an excursion to the nature reserve "Kazanovka". Here, in the midst of dreamy landscapes, there are more than 2,000 archaeological monuments as well as models of yurts, huts and outbuildings made of wood, which date back to the past centuries. During our exciting excursion, we learn more about the ancient civilizations of this area and look at the rock paintings, which are approx. 3000 - 5000 years old. At the end of this eventful day, a fascinating performance by a Khakassian folklore group awaits us.

Overnight in camp in the Kuyg Valley
Route length: 240 km
Highlight: Visit to the national museum and cultural monument "Ah-Tas" - all day
After breakfast, we visit the sacred place of the Khakass, "Ah-Tas" (white stone). Since ancient times this has been a source of power and a contact point for the concerns and wishes of the people of this place. Even modern scientists confirm that the Ah-Tas is located exactly in the zone of an irregular geomagnetic field (magnetic anomaly), which is why it has great mystical significance for local shamans to this day. We then visit the local national museum, where we will learn more about the ancient sacred symbols of Khakassia.

Overnight at the hotel in Abakan, Khakassia
Route length: 160 km
Highlight: Visit the Valley of the Kings - full day
One of the last stops of our trip is Salbyksky Hill, a unique monument of the Tagar culture of the 3rd century BC. The hill is in the "Valley of the Kings" - a wide plain, surrounded by mountain ranges in the distance. The Tagar culture believed that through this small mountain the "road of the spirits" passes. It is said thatthe souls of the dead are being led through this mountain ridge right into heaven. This is probably why the residents put so much effort into creating this place: around the largest grave, huge vertical boulders were placed, which were transported hundreds of kilometers for this purpose. The way of transport is still a mystery to scientists and the valley itself is still surrounded by many legends and sagas.
Afterwards we drive to Abakan and have dinner together in a restaurant.

Overnight at the hotel in Abakan

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport
At the agreed time, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby and will take you to the airport. Your return flight to Germany ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
2 x nights in 4 * star hotels
8 x nights in Gest houses, camps, yurts
10 x breakfast
9 x lunch
8 x dinner
Farewell & welcome dinner in the restaurant
Steam bath in the "snow leopard camp"
Larynx singing "Khoomei"
Shamanic performance "Kamlaniye"
English speaking guide throughout the entire trip
Drinking water 0.5 l per person per day
All described excursions
Transfers from & to the airport
Flights to Krasnoyarsk and back
Not mentioned meals and drinks
Self-organized excursions


We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

Guaranteed discounts:
- 8% for groups of 10 people or more
- 10% for children up to 12 years