Comfort tour to Kamchatka

Have you already dreamed of going to Kamchatka but you are not ready to sleep in a tent yet? We offer you a comfortable tour to Kamchatka without tents and backpacks with easy trekking in the picturesque places that will take your breath away.
Tour-Code: RUS06
Comfort tour with exciting hikes
People & nature
11 Days/ 10 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 6 - 12 participants (suitable for children from 8 years)
4* Hotels
Hike up to two volcanoes, boat trip & rafting, visit to the Koryaks (indigenous people) & walks to hot springs
10 x breaksfast, 8 x lunch
Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip
Bus trip from the airport and back
All day English-speaking tour guide


DAY 10
DAY 11
Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your guide will meet you at the Kamchatka airport and escort you to your hotel in the Paratunka village.
Paratunka is located about 30 km west of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky regional administrative center and is famous for its hot thermal water.

Overnight in the hotel "Sputnik" in Paratunka
1st highlight: City tour through Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Our first stop is the big bazaar, where we can find salmon, caviar, various furs, wild berries, mushrooms and other typical foods of this place. Afterwards a visit to the new Vulcanarium is planned. This is an exhibition on the island's volcanoes with display boards, animations and numerous lava collections.

2nd highlight: boat trip with bird watching
The boat tour takes us through the beautiful Avacha Bay, one of the natural harbors of the Pacific. On our tour we will visit three islands: The island "Stone of the Old Woman", which is known for its underwater caves and the lively underwater world. This is followed by the island of "the three brothers". It consists of three stones protruding from the water, which are supposed to represent three brothers. The third island, which is also called "island of the silver alke", is a natural monument on which huge colonies of sea birds live. In addition to the diverse bird life, with a bit of luck we can also spot whales.

Overnight as the day before

Highlight: Hike in the Vachkazhets Mountains - full day
The Vachkazhets Mountains are one of the most magnificent places of
Kamchatka. In ancient times, Vachkazhets was a single volcano. Due to a violent explosion, however, it split into three parts: Letnyaya Poperechnaya (1,417 m), Vachkazhtsy and Vachkazhets (1,500 m). Our hike starts at the enchanting Takhkoloch Lake and takes us to breathtaking waterfalls, where we can enjoy the beauty of Kamchatka.
At the end of the day we will return to Paratunka.

Overnight in the hotel "Sputnik" in Paratunka
1st highlight: rafting on the Bystraja river
A little adventure is planned in the morning. We ride a rubber dinghy along the river Bystraja for about 3 h. Our guide will steer us, so we can relax during the time and fish later on. If we're lucky, we'll spot bears fishing in the river as well.

2nd highlight: The Malkinskiye hot springs
Not far from the Malka settlement, there are the Malkinskiye thermal springs suitable for bathing. The water from the springs fills the natural baths with different mineral compositions. These thermal springs are so close to the significantly colder Klyuchevka River that you can regulate the temperature yourself - you just have to move the stones in a certain way to divert the cold river water into a hot bath.

Overnight as the day before

Highlight: Climbing the Mutnowski volcano - all day
After breakfast we take an off-road vehicle to the starting point of our ascent, from where our trekking tour to the summit of the Mutnowski volcano (2,322 m) begins. The tour lasts about 5 h including stops for meals. At the summit, a wonderful view opens up over the region's eternal glaciers, the multicolored rocky outcrops and the huge volcanic fumaroles. The volcano's two main craters are located here. On the descent we take a look at an 80 m high waterfall, which is called "the dangerous one".

Return and overnight as the day before

Highlight: free time - all day
We are happy to offer you a few options for organizing the day. The core of this is a helicopter flight. When participating, you can choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Excursion to the Valley of the Geysers
This is one of the world-famous wonders of Russia and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Valley of the Geysers is located in a nature reserve with a length of 6 km. Various forms of hydrothermal activity can be seen in this incredible area: hot lakes, peat bogs, steam fountains and more than 200 geysers.

Option 2: Excursion to Kuril Lake and bear watching
The Kurilensee is a huge crater lake that was formed around 8,000 years ago and is the largest salmonid spawning site in Eurasia. This of course attracts many predators, such as bears. In the season from August to the beginning of September they regularly come to the headwaters of the Osjornaya River to hunt fish.

Both excursions last 6-7 h each, include lunch and take place with professional English-speaking guides. You can decide on one of the excursions before the trip, but also on site and pay in cash. A tour costs 48,000 rubles, which is around € 550 (as of August 2021).

For those who want to relax on this day, there is a thermal water pool in the hotel.

Overnight as the day before
1st highlight: Hike to the Camel Mountain (1,200 m)
In the morning we drive through the picturesque surroundings to the base camp of the Avachinsky volcano for about 2 h. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. Here we get ready for the exciting hike to the nearby Camel Mountain (1,200 m), which lies between 2 volcanoes: Korjakskaja Sopka and Avachinskiy. From the top of the mountain we enjoy the beautiful view of the Avachinskaya Bay and the surroundings of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Avacha River and the Nalychevo Valley.

2nd highlight: walk on the Pacific coast
After lunch at base camp, we will drive to the Pacific coast, where we will take a wonderful walk along the black sand beach, which is of volcanic origin.

Overnight as the day before

1st highlight: walk to the hot springs "Dachnye"
In this amazing place, hot steam rushes straight out of the ground and envelops the yellow-red stones and the green slopes of the valley. There are more than 100 thermal manifestations: boiling cauldrons, great springs, large and small steam jets.

2nd highlight: visit the "Spokoiny" waterfall
On the way back we stop at the 16 m high "Spokoiny" waterfall to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Overnight as the day before

Highlight: Hike to the Gorely volcano - full day
The goal of today's hike is the summit of the Gorely volcano (1,829 m). The largest and most beautiful crater on the mountain is the "Blue Lake Crater". Here, a breathtaking panorama opens up to us: frozen lava, crater lakes and a wonderful view of the adjacent volcanoes.

Return and overnight as the day before

Highlight: The village "Kainyran" - all day
The village "Kainyran" is about 30 km from Paratunka and is translated as "bear house" in the language of the indigenous people, Korjak. On its territory we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of the ancient peoples of Kamchatka. Here we learn a lot about everyday life and the life of the Korjak and can also take part in master classes on weaving with birch bark, sewing with beads and working with animal skins.
Please note that this day can also count as the day for the helicopter excursions on day 6. Depending on the weather conditions, this excursion can also be carried out on the 6th day of this trip.

Overnight as the day before

Transfer to the airport
At the agreed time, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby and take you to the airport. Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
10 x nights in the 4 * Hotel "Sputnik"
10 x breakfast
8 x lunch
Transfers from & to the airport
All transfers and excursions with off-road vehicles
All-day English-speaking tour guide
Boots, fishing rods and pack sacks on the 4th day
Rafting along the river "Bystraja" (2 -3 h on the 4th day)
Boat trip on the 2nd day
Individual visits and excursions (including the helicopter tour)
Visa (we will be happy to organize a visa for you on request)
Surefootedness and sufficient fitness for hikes with walking times of 2 - 6 h are necessary for this trip. You should also be able to move safely and independently in different terrain such as natural stone steps, scree and snow fields.
Furthermore, you must be aware of the remoteness of the volcanic area and know that rapid or immediate medical help cannot be expected. Sufficient international health insurance coverage is therefore essential.

The best months for summer travel are July and August. The average temperature here is around 16 ° C. However, the temperature on the volcanoes and near the glaciers can drop sharply.
Of course, when booking the tour, you will receive a detailed list of recommended clothing for this trip.

Please note that the availability of the flights is highly dependent on the weather. In the event of storms on day 5, all helicopter excursions may be canceled.
In the event that it is important for you to visit the "Valley of the Geysers" or the "Kuril Lake" during your trip to Kamchatka, we recommend that you plan reserve days before or after the start of the tour.
These excursions can also take place from the "Vityaz-Aero" airport (approx. 30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).


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