The golden ring of the Altai region

We invite you to a fascinating round tour, which includes most of the historical sights and unique natural monuments of the Altai region. The tour begins with one of the most beautiful roads in the world, the "Russian Road R256" (trunk road), and continues over the picturesque passes and boundless steppes to the pearl of the country - Lake Teletskoye. During the tour we will learn about the history, traditions and cultural treasures of this mysterious land and visit its unique archaeological complexes with the finds from thousands of years. We hike through the picturesque landscapes of the Kyzyl-Chin valley and walk among the fascinating natural wonders. A folkloric performance, a Russian steam bath and delicious Altai specialties are also waiting for us!
Tour-Code: RUS05
Cultural Tour
People & history
12 Days/ 11 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 6 - 14 participants
3* & 5* Hotels, Guest houses
Boat trip on the "Lake Teletskoye", visit of the natural wonder "Porcini" & "Mars" as well as the archaeological complexes!
11 x breakfast, 11 x lunch, 11 x dinner
Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip.
Bus trip from the airport and back
All day English-speaking tour guide


DAY 10
DAY 11
DAY 12
Arrival day - arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Barnaul, the capital of the Altai region, and escort you to the hotel.
In the afternoon we meet in the hotel lobby and take a look at the most important sights of Barnaul. Among other things, we visit the state museum and hear interesting information about the Altai region and its natural monuments. Then we walk to the "Mountain Pharmacy" exhibition with a wide variety of products made from Altai honey, herbs and sea buckthorn. In the evening we enjoy local dishes together in a typical restaurant of the region.

Overnight in Barnaul

Highlight: Visit to the Arzan-Suu medicinal spring and the Maral breeding farm Karim - all day
Our journey begins with a visit to the Arzan-Suu medicinal spring, the water of which is saturated with silver, copper and other minerals and, above all, has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the body. We continue to the Maral breeding farm Karim, which is located in the beautiful plain of the turquoise river Katun between lush grass and herb-covered meadows and hills. We visit this quiet place and learn about various facts about the life of the marals (a subspecies of the deer) as well as the wild horses in the Altai region.
If you wish, you can take part in the spa program and bathe in local medicinal pools that use deer velvet antlers as a natural remedy.
Then we drive to the Altai village of Uznezy and check into a hotel between the forest and the river bank and then have dinner together.

Overnight in the village of Uznezy

1st highlight: excursion to the village of Chemal
After breakfast we will discover the surroundings of the village of Chemal. We hike on the picturesque mountain goat path along the Katun river to the small island of Patmos, where the small but very beautiful women's monastery is located. The way to the monastery leads over a narrow suspension bridge, from which a wonderful view of the blue river and the island opens up. In this monastery, framed by rock walls, there is an impressive stone figure of the Virgin Mary and icons depicting various saints.

2nd highlight: visit of the Altaic dwelling place Ail
In the afternoon we visit a traditional Altaic dwelling. Here we can go back to the 10th - 13th century and get to know the everyday life, customs and pagan rites of the nomads of that time. We learn more about the culture and symbols of the Altai nomads as well as their fate in Soviet times. Then we continue to the regionally important suspension bridge Oroktoiskiy, which crosses the Katun river at a narrow point and enjoy the wonderful view over the river and the mountains of the Altai.
In the evening we will have dinner together.

Overnight in the village of Uznezy

Highlight: Drive to the Uch-Enmek Ethno-Nature Park - all day
On the 4th day we drive over the picturesque Sema Pass (1,739 m) to the Uch-Enmek Ethno-Nature Park, which extends over 600 km² and is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Here are unique archaeological finds such as important Huns graves and cave paintings from different epochs. The locals honor the cultural heritage of their ancestors and are very close to nature. After a delicious dinner, we will see a performance by a national folklore group. We hear the traditional throat singing "Khoomei" and the masterful playing of local musical instruments.

Overnight at Camp Karakol
Highlight: Visit to the Kalbak-Tash archaeological complex - full day
After breakfast we drive south over the Chike-Taman Pass (1,295 m) with a wonderful panoramic view over the valleys of the Altai Mountains. In this area there is a sacred place called Kalbak-Tash. It is an outstanding archaeological complex that preserves rock carvings and unique historical sources from the ancient cultures of Central Asia. The rock carvings can be divided into several epochs from the Neolithic Age (6,000 - 4,000 years BC) to the ancient Turkic period (7th - 10th centuries AD). In total there are around 5,000 fascinating rock carvings with male and female figures, fighters, scenes of deer hunting, wild bears and other compositions in this complex. For many millennia, this complex was a sacred place and was probably used as an observatory as well as a temple. After the exciting excursion in this complex, we come to Camp Nomad. After a delicious dinner, if you wish, you can visit a real Russian steam bath.

Overnight at Camp Nomad

1st highlight: Excursion to the valley Kyzyl-Chin (Mars) with its uniquely colorful landscape
In the morning we continue along the famous Altai trunk street "Russian Route R256" - one of the most beautiful routes in the world! We enjoy the wonderful view of the beautiful Altai Mountains and the boundless Kurai steppe. The path brings us to seemingly unearthly, Mars-like landscapes in the Kyzyl-Chin valley. Here, on more than 90,000 km², there are diverse reliefs: hills, steppes, lakes and caves. Thanks to its uniquely colorful landscape, the valley is also called Mars. During an easy hike, we explore the hills and mountains of the valley, the slopes of which shine white, red, green and yellow.

2nd highlight: blue geyser lake
On the way back we visit the Blue Geyser Lake. Its main feature is the thermal spring that throws out blue mud, creating colorful ornaments on the bottom of the lake with it. We linger in these fairytale surroundings for a while before returning to the camp and enjoying dinner together.

Overnight at Camp Nomad

1st highlight: Drive to the Katu-Yarik pass
We continue our journey towards the "Katu-Yarik" pass. First, we stop at the historical burial mound (Kurgan) of the great tribal chiefs of the Pasyryk-stage, which dates back to the 5th - 3rd century BC. The Pazyryk-stage was a more recent stage of the Scythian culture in the Altai. Mummified bodies of tribal rulers and their companions as well as skeletons of horses, dishes, weapons and household items were found in their tombs. This is exactly where the so-called Princess of Ukok was discovered. We can see her mummified body later in the Gorno-Altaisk National Museum.

2nd highlight: descent to the Chulyshman River
Then we drive to one of the most spectacular passes of the Altai - the Katu-Yarik (approx. 1,200 m). Here we choose a nice place for our picnic, enjoy our lunch and hear exciting legends about the pass. Then we start our hike down to the Chulyshman River (about 2.5 km).
In the evening we come to Camp Ezen, where we have the unique opportunity to enjoy the silence of nature. Upon request, a Russian steam bath is available again, followed by dinner together.

Overnight at Camp Ezen

1st highlight: easy hike to the holy Kurkure waterfall - all day
The Kurkure waterfall is on the opposite bank of our camp. Kurkure means frenetic in the Altaic language and corresponds to the nature of the waterfall, which combines incredible power and beauty. Its height is about 30 m. The locals honor this natural miracle, consider it sacred and even forbid grazing animals within a radius of several kilometers. Our hike to the waterfall takes about 4 h. In this fairytale place we have a picnic and relax in the shade of the trees.

2nd highlight: free time
You can organize the afternoon freely in the camp. If you wish, you can go horse riding, play volleyball, fish or go on a short hike with our guide. In the evening we will enjoy dinner together.

Overnight at Camp Ezen

1st highlight: Chulyshman Valley
After breakfast we start our excursion to the natural monument "Porcini Mushrooms" in the Chulyshman Valley. These are unique rock formations in the form of mushrooms that have formed over thousands of years through water, wind and erosion. Their peaks, in the form of large rock slabs, rise above the Valley.

2nd highlight: Lake Teletskoye
After the eventful hike in this valley, we continue to the pearl of the Altai: Lake Teletskoye. The lake is considered to be the second largest freshwater lake after Lake Baikal in Russia, has a depth of up to 325 m and is about 78 km long. Locals believe that its crystal clear water has magical effects and healing powers. The lake is surrounded by mountains, wild forests and rich flora. Dozens of mammals and more than 300 species of birds live here. We take a small boat trip from Cape Kyrsay to the other side of the lake to the beautiful Camp Altyn-Tuu.
In the evening we enjoy a Russian dinner together.

Overnight at Camp Altyn Tuu

Highlight: boat trip through Lake Teletsk - all day
Today a boat trip across Lake Teletsk is planned. We cross the lake from south to north and on the way visit the beautiful Korbu waterfall, which is located in the center of the Altai nature reserve. The place is still untouched by mass tourism and we enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the picturesque view of green hilly landscapes. On the way we have a picnic, hear the old Altaic legends and exciting facts about the lake. With a little luck we will see bears, lynxes or wolves on the banks.
In the late afternoon we come to the village of Artybasch, which is on the north bank of the lake. We visit the local shops in the village where locals sell honey, herbs, handicrafts and various products made from cedar wood. After a delicious dinner we can visit a Russian steam bath again.

Overnight at Hotel Artybasch

Highlight: Gorno-Altaysk - all day
In the morning we visit the capital of the Altai Republic - Gorno-Altaysk. Here is the National Museum with a large exhibition of national costumes, paintings, sculptures and archaeological remains. Here you can also see the extraordinary archaeological find - the 2,500-year-old mummy of the Princess of Ukok. Then we continue to Barnaul.

In Barnaul we check into the hotel and enjoy our last dinner together in a local restaurant.

Overnight in Barnaul

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport
Your driver will escort you to the airport from which you will fly to your home country. Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
4 x nights in a 3* hotel
1 x overnight stay in a 5* hotel
6 x in camps
11 x breakfast
11 x lunch
11 x dinner
Transfers from & to the airport
All described excursions & trips
Entrance tickets
All-day English-speaking tour guide
Performance of a folklore group on day 4
Boat trip on days 9 + 10
Self-organized visits and excursions
Steam bath on days 5-10


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