WE PREPARE the TOURS for you

  • Mario Totzek
    Quote: "I love to get to know other people and foreign cultures. No matter where I am - I try to know at least a few words of the respective language wherever I go and every time I feel how happy the other person is at this small gesture of recognition and form of respect."

    Tel.: +49 174 6224477
  • Eva Ogandzhanian
    Organization and sales
    Quote: "I have dedicated my life to travel and for me it is not just a way to relax, but a whole philosophy. Travel enriches people as a whole, gives them a feeling of freedom and is inspiring. Any well-planned trip leaves a feeling of satisfaction for a long time as well as emotions and adventures that will be remembered for many years."

    Tel.: +49 162 9151223
  • Maike Robinski
    Management assistance, organization and sales
    Quote: "When traveling, I am fascinated by the discovery of a foreign world. By getting to know a new culture, mentality, way of life and exciting traditions, you learn a lot and become more open-minded. I would like to pass this experience on to others. "

    Tel.: +49 162 8097910
  • Leonie Thieme
    Student, organization and sales
    Quote: "I love to travel, discover the world and meet new people. For me, traveling means having fun and learning - and I want to pass this on. The lakes of Italy and the cities of England in particular have inspired me to dedicate my life to these experiences. "

    Tel.: +49 157 37901867