Exciting trip through the north of Thailand

During this eventful trip, the most picturesque areas of northern Thailand is planned: the high-mountain Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai, the beautiful city of Pai and of course the capital - Chiang Mai. In addition to visiting the beautiful Mok Fa waterfall, the Lod cave and the hot springs, we experience an exciting adventure: caring for elephants in the jungle of Thailand! At the end of the trip we will visit a highlight of the north - the famous Ching Rais White Temple. Become part of our travel team and get to know the authentic culture of northern Thailand in its most remote corners!
Tour-Code: THL02
  • Cultural Tour
    People, history and culture
  • 12 Days / 11 Nights
    Including the days of arrival and departure
  • Number of participants
    Groups: 4 - 12 participants
  • Accommodation
    4* Hotels & Boutique Hotels
  • Features
    Chiang Rai White Temple; Elephant care in jungle; Cooking Class, Grand Pai Canyon, Ban Rak Thai Village!
  • Meals
    11 x breakfast
    Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip
  • Transfer
    All transfers and all excursions
    Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
    Flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket
  • Travel Guide
    Local English-speaking guides
Arrival and transfer to the hotel in Bangkok
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Bangkok and escort you to the hotel.

1st highlight: The Great Palace & Emerald Buddha
Today's tour begins with the city's most famous landmark - the Grand Palace, which served as the king's residence and the administrative seat of the government for over 150 years. The palace complex with its magnificent buildings, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the gold decorations is still considered to be the spiritual heart of the city.

2nd highlight: Temple of the reclining Buddha "Wat Pho"
In addition to the palace, there is another eye catcher in the city - the statue of the gigantic, reclining Buddha. It is located in one of Bangkok's oldest temples, Wat Pho, dating back to the 12th century. The gold-plated statue is impressive because of its beauty and size: its length is 46 m and its height 15 m.

3rd highlight: floating market
After lunch, we will head to the Talin Chan area for a look at Bangkok's exotic floating market. Almost all trade here is done from the water. Fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs beautifully arranged in boats make this place truly spectacular.

4th highlight: Arun - a temple of dawn
At the end of the day we take a trip to the Temple of the Rising Sun in central Bangkok. Despite the name, the temple is even more fascinating in the evening. It is famous for the 79 m high pagoda adorned with colorful porcelain, which can be climbed up the steep steps. From here we can enjoy a wonderful view of Bangkok in the evening.

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