Exciting trip through the north of Thailand

During this eventful trip, the most picturesque areas of northern Thailand is planned: the high-mountain Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai, the beautiful city of Pai and of course the capital - Chiang Mai. In addition to visiting the beautiful Mok Fa waterfall, the Lod cave and the hot springs, we experience an exciting adventure: caring for elephants in the jungle of Thailand! At the end of the trip we will visit a highlight of the north - the famous Ching Rais White Temple. Become part of our travel team and get to know the authentic culture of northern Thailand in its most remote corners!
Tour-Code: THL02
Cultural Tour
People, history and culture
12 Days / 11 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 4 - 12 participants
4* Hotels & Boutique Hotels
Chiang Rai White Temple; Elephant care in jungle; Cooking Class, Grand Pai Canyon, Ban Rak Thai Village!
11 x breakfast
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All transfers and all excursions
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Flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket
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1st highlight: The Great Palace & Emerald Buddha
Today's tour begins with the city's most famous landmark - the Grand Palace, which served as the king's residence and the administrative seat of the government for over 150 years. The palace complex with its magnificent buildings, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the gold decorations is still considered to be the spiritual heart of the city.

2nd highlight: Temple of the reclining Buddha "Wat Pho"
In addition to the palace, there is another eye catcher in the city - the statue of the gigantic, reclining Buddha. It is located in one of Bangkok's oldest temples, Wat Pho, dating back to the 12th century. The gold-plated statue is impressive because of its beauty and size: its length is 46 m and its height 15 m.

3rd highlight: floating market
After lunch, we will head to the Talin Chan area for a look at Bangkok's exotic floating market. Almost all trade here is done from the water. Fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs beautifully arranged in boats make this place truly spectacular.

4th highlight: Arun - a temple of dawn
At the end of the day we take a trip to the Temple of the Rising Sun in central Bangkok. Despite the name, the temple is even more fascinating in the evening. It is famous for the 79 m high pagoda adorned with colorful porcelain, which can be climbed up the steep steps. From here we can enjoy a wonderful view of Bangkok in the evening.

Overnight in Bangkok
1st highlight: The Jim Thompson House Museum
The house-museum is a living corner of the jungle in the city center. This former home of the American Jim Thompson, who founded the Thai silk industry after World War II, has a magnificent collection of Asian art, including Buddhist statues and Thai paintings made from wood, fabric and paper.

2nd highlight: Mr. Kukrit's house
This is another interesting place where you can learn about Thai culture from centuries past. The museum consists of five teak houses and a wonderful garden. The houses contain various artifacts, such as a Chinese altar, statues and ancient Buddhist scriptures.

3rd highlight
: free time
In the afternoon you can explore Bangkok on your own. We recommend visiting the National Museum, enjoying the magnificent city view from the observation deck of the Bayok Hotel, or strolling along Chinatown Yaowarat Street.

Overnight in Bangkok
1st highlight: Visit of the old capital of Thailand Ayutthaya (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
1,5 h drive from Bangkok is the ancient city of Ayutthaya. This once prosperous city - the capital of the Kingdom of Siam - was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Nowadays there is a special atmosphere in Ayutthaya that will enchant you. With a walk between the ruins of old temples, monasteries and many statues, we can immerse ourselves in the history of Thailand.

2nd highlight: Transfer to Bangkok Airport and flight to Chiang Mai
Your driver will meet you at Chiang Mai Airport and escort you to the hotel.

Overnight in Chiang Mai
Drive to the Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai:

1st highlight: Stop at the Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge
On the way we stop at the unique and longest bamboo bridge in Thailand, the Bridge of Faith and Success Su Tong Pae. It was built by the locals as a sign of service to the monks of the local monastery.

2nd highlight: Visit the hot springs of Phu Klon Country Club - the best healthy mud in Thailand
Phuklon is a mud and natural source of minerals and rises together with mineral water. The boiling black mud is clean, free of sulfur odor and full of healthy minerals, beneficial for the skin and blood circulation. Here we have a unique opportunity to try the beauty and health services with Phuklon mud and mineral water.

Overnight in Ban Rak Thai
Travel time: approx. 1 h
Free time
Ban Rak Tai is a small village on the border with Myanmar, in a valley surrounded by hills and tea plantations on the edge of a lake. The village is famous for its spectacular views and the cultivation of tea. Due to its remote location, the village is still little known to tourists. Many houses here are built according to old traditions - made of straw and clay, which gives the village a special charm.
On this day, you can walk around the village, enjoy the surrounding nature and try local teas as well as Chinese cuisine.

Overnight in Ban Rak Thai

Drive to Pai

Highlight: Visit the Lod Cave - a place of residence of prehistoric people
This is one of the most amazing caves in Thailand! It stretches over 1,700m and the main feature of the cave is the freshwater river, which extends almost as far. Today's discovery tour takes place on bamboo rafts. On the way we will stop to climb the amazing steep terraces and see the impressive rock formations up close.

Overnight in Pai
Travel time: approx. 3 h
1st highlight: Wat Mae Yen Tai Tempel
Am Vormittag besuchen wir den berühmten Pai Tempel „Wat Mae Yen Tai". Die ruhige Atmosphäre des Tempels ist perfekt, um den abendlichen Blick auf die Stadt zu genießen. Hinter seinen prachtvoll verzierten Gebäuden finden wir eine riesige weiße Buddha-Statue - eine Visitenkarte Pais.

2nd highlight: Besuch des Grand Pai Canyons
Wenn das Wetter es zulässt, fahren wir anschließend zum Pai Canyon und wandern auf seinen schmalen Pfaden zwischen den Klippen. 50 - 70 m ragen seine Gesteinswände in den Himmel, die der Wind in bizarre Formen verwandelt hat. Die schöne Aussicht von hier wird Ihnen noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben!

Übernachtung in Pai
Drive to Chiang Mai

1st highlight: Mok waterfall Fa
On the way to Chiang Mai we stop at the Mok Fa waterfall - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in northern Thailand, which is located in the jungle of a national park. Here we can not only enjoy the great view, but also swim in the cool water.

2nd highlight: visit to the "Elefant Poopoopaper Park"
The path continues through the museum park, where we learn about the unique steps in the manufacture of world-famous paper products from elephant dung. If you wish, we can even take part in the manufacturing process.

Overnight in Chiang Mai
1st highlight: Doi Suthep Temple
This is one of the holy temples in Northern Thailand. The temple is an excellent example of northern Thai architecture and can be reached via the 306-step staircase "Nagas", which is adorned with snakes. At the top, a truly magnificent view of the city opens up!

2nd highlight: cooking class
In the afternoon we will take a cooking class and learn how to prepare various unique Thai dishes including soups, starters and main dishes. After cooking, we can enjoy these dishes together.

Overnight in Chiang Mai
Highlight: elephant care
Today an unforgettable adventure is planned: We spend the first half of the day in the jungle of northern Thailand caring for the elephants. The "Patara Elephant Farm" offers us the opportunity to take part in a care event for pregnant and young elephants. On this day we will learn to communicate with elephants: we will feed them, check their health, bathe with them in the river and take them for a walk. In the middle of the forest, where we can watch the elephants rest and feed in their natural environment, we will enjoy a picnic for lunch.

Overnight in Chiang Mai
Drive to Chiang Rai

1st highlight: Mae Kha Chan hot springs
On the way to Chiang Rai we stop at the hot springs of Mae Kha Chan. Here we can watch water sprout from the ground up to a height of about 3 m and warm our feet in thermal baths. In addition, if requested, we can buy eggs and cook them in the natural hot springs.

2nd highlight: Wat Rong Khun White Temple
In the afternoon we will visit the White Temple, which has become a symbol of modern art in Northern Thailand and one of the most famous landmarks in the kingdom. The temple is kept in snow-white colors and decorated with an incredible number of carvings and sculptures. The interior painting of its walls is also impressive, to which the events of modern life are constantly being added.

Overnight in Chiang Rai
Travel time: approx. 3 h
Return to Chiang Mai and flight to Bangkok
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Your return flight ends the tour.

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