Known as the center of spirituality in Asia, mystical Nepal represents a spiritual awakening of the spirit for many travelers. People from all over the world come to Nepal in search of Buddhist wisdom and spiritual inspiration. In addition, this country is a unique interweaving of many cultures: India, Tibet and China. One part of the country is marked by its spirituality and another part for its outdoor adventures in spectacular mountainous landscapes. Engage in spiritual meditation with Buddhist wisdom, discover the snow-capped mountains that seem to touch the sky and experience the vastness of the unique Kathmandu Valley.
23 days
Trekking tour
To enter Nepal you need a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months and a visa. You can apply for this at the Nepalese embassy and at the Nepalese honorary consuls.
The national currency of Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). One euro is about 142 NPR. Money can be exchanged through ATMs or exchange offices in the country. It should be noted that most ATMs do not accept bank cards. It is also recommended to have a small amount of money in euros or US dollars with you.
Nepali cuisine is generally described as simple, yet tasty and nutritious. The staple foods are usually different types of vegetables and products from the yak cow such as cheese, milk or meat. Considered a kind of Nepalese national dish, dal bhat consists of boiled rice, vegetable curry and lentil sauce. In addition, pakora and swari are very popular.
In Nepal wird überwiegend Nepali und Englisch gesprochen, wobei letzteres in kleinen Dörfern wenig Gebrauch findet. Außerdem werden in den verschiedenen Volksgruppen und Gemeinden auch Sprachen wie Newari und Tharu gesprochen.
Hinduism is the most widespread in the country with 80%. For most people, however, this religion is not just a belief, but a whole way of life.
In addition, about 10% of the population consider themselves to be Buddhist and 4% to Islam.
It is recommended to be vaccinated against measles, hepatitis A and typhoid. For longer stays, hepatitis B, rabies and Japanese encephalitis can also occur. For more information, please speak to your doctor.
You are also advised to protect yourself against the various species of mosquitoes in the country via exposure prophylaxis and only drink water of safe origin.