Adventure on the island of lemurs and baobabs

Bienvenue à Madagascar! - We welcome you to one of the last undiscovered corners of the world. With stunning landscapes, thousands of endemic animal species and some of the most beautiful and remote beaches in the world. Madagascar is a true dream destination for the curious explorers. In order to explore the full beauty of Madagascar, we travel from north to south. A special highlight of the tour is the encounter with the famous lemurs, who were also a well-known inspiration for the film "Madagascar". The tour ends with a walk under the thousand-year-old baobab trees and on the pearly white beaches of Ifaty.
Tour-Code: MDG01
Cultural Tour
People, history & nature
13 Days/ 12 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 6 - 14 participants
Tritriva volcanic lake, Ranomofana & Isalo National Parks, Anja Reserve; paradisiacal beaches of Ifaty!
12 x breakfast
Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip
Bus trip from the airport and back;
Domestic flight from Toliara to Antananarivo
Travel guide
All day English-speaking tour guide
Antananarivo: 4* Grand Urban Hotel
Antsirabe: 3* Royal Palace
Ranomafana: Thermal Hotel
Fianarantsoa: 3* Zomatel
Ranohira: 3* Le Jardin du Roy
Ifaty: 3* La Mira de Madiorano
DAY 10-11
DAY 12
DAY 13
Arrival and transfer to the hotel in Antananarivo
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Antananarivo and escort you to the hotel. The guide welcomes you at the hotel. On this day you are welcome to contact him with any questions.
The capital Antananarivo ("Thousand Villages") or Tana, as the locals call it, is not only lively, but also the largest city on the entire island connected by tunnels and stairs.

Overnight in Antananarivo
1st highlight: the former royal palace Rova
After breakfast we go to the majestic sight Antananarivos - the former royal palace Rova. The palace served as the home of the island's rulers in the 17th and 19th centuries and includes the royal palace of Manjakamiadana, a chapel, and royal tombs. Due to its high location, the palace towers can be seen from various points in the capital. In addition, from this palace hill there is a breathtaking view of the whole city.

2nd highlight: Drive to the Blue Hill
The island is historically very interesting because the ancestors of the Merina, who belong to the Austronesian peoples, migrated from the Malay archipelago to Madagascar 2.000 years ago and settled in Imerina, the highlands of central Madagascar. Because of them, the country is still shaped by Indonesian influences today. We walk through the royal fortress of the Blue Hill, the old town with its historical buildings, holy places and the central assembly point of the city. Along the way we will learn why this place is a spiritual and cultural symbol as well as a place of pilgrimage for the residents.

Overnight in Antananarivo

1st highlight: Tritriva volcanic lake
Our route continues to Antsirabe and a rare natural wonder that lies between high cliffs near the city - the blue volcanic lake Tritriva. Many legends and secrets are associated with the lake. The lake's water level drops in a strange way during the rainy season and rises in the dry months. In addition, local residents claim that so far no one has been able to swim across the lake. This is not because the lake is huge - its length is only around 100 m. Stay tuned for the answer to the riddle and learn more about these interwoven secrets on site.

2nd highlight: Antsirabe
After lunch we will make our way to the third largest city on the island - Antsirabe. It is famous for its thermal springs and is located at an altitude of 1,500 m, surrounded by a volcanic desert landscape. One of the features of the city are the colorful rickshaws, also known as "pousse-pousse". The main attractions of the city are the Catholic cathedral, the elegant old train station and the charming Thermal Hotel with its impressive French architecture and green park. We will visit Mrs. Maminirina's workshop to look at her handcrafted works of art made from zebu horns.

Overnight in Antsirabe

1st highlight: trip along the Route nationale 7 (RN 7)
Our path leads along countless rice fields, small villages and breathtaking landscapes. From the window we see women washing clothes by the river and laying them out to dry on colorful carpets on the bank. It's amazing how safely they carry their heavy baskets of food or grain on their heads.

2nd highlight: Ambositra
We visit the city of handicrafts - Ambositra. It used to be known as the City of Roses and is now famous for its skillful wood carvings. To get to know the local culture better, we will walk to the King's Palace Museum. The museum consists of old wooden houses, in which art objects and various handicrafts are kept. From this place we have a fantastic view of the city and the rice fields.

3rd highlight: arrival at the spa hotel
In the evening we arrive at Ranomofana Park and can rest in our spa hotel. In 1880, thermal springs were also discovered here and Ranomafana, with its medicinal water, became a popular excursion and health resort for Europeans from the end of the 19th century.

Overnight at the Spa Hotel in Ranomofana

1st highlight: Morning walk in Ranomofana Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
We spend the morning enjoying the natural beauty of Madagascar in the Ranomofana National Park. The park is a real tropical paradise with an area of 416 km². In its dense jungle, we can meet representatives of 18 species of lemurs, more than 100 different species of birds, as well as amazing carnivorous plants. The knowledge and experience of the local guide help us spot these animals, birds and reptiles among the park's deep green trees and ferns.

2nd highlight: visit to the local market
After lunch we will go through the Ranomofana village market where we can buy fresh fruit. The main sector in Madagascar is agriculture. That is why the selection of fresh vegetables and fruits is a real paradise!

3rd highlight: the Namorona River
At 5:00 p.m. we continue our walk in the park, where we can see night geckos, birds and, if we are lucky, a mouse lemur. We also come to the Namorona River, where we can thoroughly take in its rushing force of nature.

Overnight at the Spa Hotel in Ranomofana

1st highlight: Fianarantsoa
Our journey continues to the cultural center of the island - the charming town of Fianarantsoa ("where you learn the good"). Furthermore, it is located in the middle of the richest wine and tea region of Madagascar and can rightly be considered the wine capital of the country The city is divided into "upper", "middle" and "lower" quarters and has a unique historical charm.

2nd highlight: city tour through the old town
The Upper Quarter, or "Old Town", deserves special attention. It is full of religious buildings from the 19th century. Here we find the magnificent Roman Catholic Archdiocese, an old mosque, as well as churches and a training center for priests. This old town is the only place in Madagascar where 19th century buildings form a single architectural ensemble on top of a hill. In the afternoon we have enough time to explore the other districts of the city.

3rd highlight: free time in the hotel by the lake
The city's surroundings are no less attractive. There are hills, rice fields and vineyards, a mixture of endless valleys and exotic plantations. In the evening we return to the hotel, which is located on the bank of a lake near the city. With the last rays of the setting sun, we have a unique view from our hotel.

Overnight in Fianarantsoa

1st highlight: Anja reserve
We continue to the Anja Reserve, an impressive protected area as well as the cultural heritage of this region. The reserve is also an excellent opportunity to spot the famous Maki Katta lemurs, which are characterized by their black and white striped tails. The animals are used to meeting people. They are not afraid to pose in front of your camera.

2nd highlight: walk in the jungle
While walking through the jungle we can see scratches on some of the bark of the trees. This is a sign of the male lemurs, who mark the boundaries of the territory of their families in such a way. We can also spot the largest snake on the island - the northern Madagascar boa, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

3rd highlight: ascent on a rock
In addition, on the territory of the reserve there is a group of mountains of breathtaking beauty called "Telo Mirahavavy" ("The Three Sisters"). We climb one of these rocks to see the incredible landscape of the park. Then we drive to Ranohira.

Overnight in Ranohira

Highlight: Walk in Isalo National Park - full day
A unique sandstone landscape extends over approx. 860 m² of the park: wind and water erosion split it up into rocky protrusions, plateaus, wide plains and gorges up to 200 m deep. The beautiful landscape is fascinating with its green grassy plains and a river flowing through it, from which emerald green waterfalls and natural pools are formed. During our relaxed hike we explore the beauties of the park and take breaks to swim in these small lakes.
The park is best known for its spectacular mountain landscapes and offers an extensive habitat of endemic flora and fauna. It is a home for over 100 species of different birds and around 50 species of reptiles. Also, this is an excellent spot for photo hunting for entertaining lemurs and chameleons.

Overnight in Ranohira

1st highlight: Ilakaka
Today we drive the last 200 km along the famous RN 7, which leads us to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On the way we stop in the small town of Ilakaka, where one of the largest sapphire deposits on earth is located. We will visit a local workshop where we will observe the art of sapphire processing. We also hear the fascinating stories of the sapphire excavation that began here in the late 20th century.

2nd highlight: Toliara
After a short break, we continue on our route and we briefly stop in the colonial port city of Toliara to stroll through its large, magnificent gardens and avenues with flame trees and tamarinds.

3rd highlight: arrival in Ifaty
In the afternoon we reach the paradisiacal Ifaty, which enchants us with its beautiful sandy beaches. Use your time to relax and go for a swim.

Overnight in Ifaty

Recreation on the beaches of Ifaty:
You are free to spend the next two days on the beautiful coast of Ifaty. Enjoy the pristine white beach or explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. There are some local offers for optional diving trips and of course equipment rental.

1st highlight: Reniala Reserve
We offer you a trip to the home of thousand-year-old baobab trees to experience the rich flora and fauna of the Reniala Reserve. In addition, we walk into the "eerily beautiful" thorn forest, where we have the opportunity to observe many turtles.

A further Option - whale watching tour
From mid-July to mid-September there is a unique opportunity to take part in a whale watching tour on site. The time of whale watching is based on the mating season of the whales, as they come to the warm water rivers near the coast of Madagascar in spring after the birth of the calves to mate again. They stay there until the end of summer and only then return to colder ocean areas.

Two nights in Ifaty

Transfer to the airport in Toliara and evening flight to Antananarivo
At the agreed time, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby and will take you to Toliara airport.

Overnight in Antananarivo

Transfer to the airport in Antananarivo
Your driver will take you to Antananarivo Airport, depending on your flight. Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
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