Kyushu, Japan's amazing coast

Kyushu is by far the part of Japan that has been spared the most from tourism. We take advantage of this and explore the incredible nature of southern Japan. From evergreen meadows to tranquil volcanoes and beautiful coastlines, we explore the most important prefectures and learn more about the history of Japan.
Tour-Code: JAP03
Cultural tour
People, history & culture
15 Days/ 14 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 4 - 10 participants
3* & 4* Hotels & Boutique Hotels
Impressive places: Fukuoka, Beppu, Kagoshima and Miyazaki
14 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner
In Japan, we always use public transport to get around in the cities. For travel outside of the cities, we mostly use trains or occasionally minibuses.
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Arrive at Fukuoka Airport
Our driver will meet you at Fukuoka Airport and escort you to your hotel.

Overnight at a hotel in Fukuoka

Highlight: Fukuoka tour
During today's guided tour we explore the most important corners of the coastal city of Fukuoka. We start at the highest point in the city - the Fukuoka Tower. From the tower's observation deck we have a fantastic view over the sea and the prefecture below. We finish our tour after Fukuoka Castle and Park, which are the most important cultural points.

Overnight at a hotel in Fukuoka

Highlight: Canal City Hakata
Today we spend the whole day in Hakata. The colorful residential buildings, some of which are overgrown with tendrils, are crowded close to the canal and are somewhat reminiscent of a city from a dystopian film. We continue to explore some shrines, impressive temples and finally the history of the district. We get to know many handicrafts and dive deep into the life of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Overnight at your hotel in Fukuoka

Highlight: Yanagawa River Cruise with Lunch
An artificial moat was dug here about 400 years ago to form the Yanagawa Castle Town. History lives on here today as most of the water systems still date back to the feudal era. The city is also known as the "Venice of Japan".

Overnight at a hotel in Fukuoka

Drive to Nagasaki

1. Highlight: Nagasaki Tour
Our focus today is on the city's two most important and significant attractions: the Nagasaki Peace Park and the Glover Gardens. The Peace Park was established in 1955 to remind people of the atomic bombing by US forces and continues to serve that important function. The Glover Gardens is an open-air museum that features the mansions of some of the city's foreign residents .

2. Highlight: Insayama Observatory
We end the day with a visit to the observatory. After we were watching the wonderful sunset, we can now observe how the nightlife and many lights of Nagasaki awaken slowly.

Overnight in a hotel in Nagasaki

Drive to Yufuin

1. Highlight: Kinrin Lake and Mt. Yufu
This lake is famous for its morning fog. The name of the lake goes back to a Confucian scholar who saw a fish with golden scales in the water one day at sunset. We continue to the evergreen Mt. Yufu. It is the landmark of the region and a popular destination for both locals and tourists .

2. Highlight: Showa Retro Park
This park offers a nostalgic look at the streetscapes of the Showa period, peaking between 1955 and 1965. We stroll past a variety of installations and see the reproductions of houses and cars from the period.

3. Highlight: Kyushu Yufuin Folk Craft Village
This village of handicrafts marks the end of our day. Here you can stroll through the small village on your own, taste sweets and see the numerous handicrafts.

Overnight at a hotel in Yufuin

Drive to Beppu

Highlight: Beppu and the hot springs
This impressive prefecture is best known for its numerous and varied hot springs. While some are there for bathing, others have stunning colors like bright blue or crimson. Others are home to crocodiles, while still others are home to loudly spewing geysers.

Overnight in a hotel in Beppu

Highlight: calligraphy experience
We now have the opportunity to try traditional handicrafts ourselves. Here we will learn how to write the traditional kanji characters on a fan and learn some of their meanings in more detail.

Drive to Kirishima

Overnight at a hotel in Kirishima

Highlight: Hike to Onami-Ike Crater and Lake
Most of Kagoshima Prefecture is covered by a national park and numerous mountains and dormant volcanoes. Today we explore one of them, located near the city of Kirishima, by trekking through the mystical forests in the "Land of the Gods".

Drive to Kagoshima

Overnight at a hotel in Kagoshima

1. Highlight: bike tour with quiz
We explore this natural city and prefecture by bike. First we cycle to Nishi Honganji Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in southern Kyushu. Then continue to the Saigo Takamori Monument - the last samurai. We end our tour back at the starting point after we have explored one last shrine. From there we had the best view of the city.

2. Highlight: tea experience with sweets
We relax and also learn how to brew sencha and matcha tea. We will also learn about the cultural significance of both teas and their differences.

Overnight at a hotel in Kagoshima

Highlight: visit to a samurai village
This 400-year-old settlement was home to some of the most important samurai and the training ground for some. We also visit a hillside shrine and an ancient fort. On the train ride back you get a glimpse into the everyday life of the Japanese and can look into the beautiful bay of Kagoshima.

Overnight at a hotel in Kagoshima

Drive to Miyazaki

Highlight: Chicken Nanban cooking class
In this 2.5 h course we will learn how to cook chicken nanban from our host family. We prepare all the ingredients ourselves, cook it and then have a delicious dinner with everyone.

Overnight at a hotel in Miyazaki

Highlight: snorkel kayak tour
We start the day at a lagoon in Miyazaki and head south for the kayak briefing. After the briefing, we head out onto the gorgeous water, where we can continue exploring the lagoon. After our return, our "Sensei" (teacher) takes us snorkeling and then releases us back into the water. During snorkeling we get the opportunity to take numerous photos. Afterwards we strengthen ourselves with a portion of udon noodles and end the tour.

Overnight at a hotel in Miyazaki

Drive to Fukuoka

Free time
You can organize the rest of the day according to your own wishes.

Overnight at a hotel in Fukuoka

Day of departure
We accompany you to the airport in Fukuoka and then say goodbye to you.

Until the next trip!
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Admission to Glover Garden Day 5
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Calligraphy experience day 8
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Cooking class day 12
Snorkel Kayak Tour Day 13
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