kyrgyzstan - Journey to the heavenly mountains

Kyrgyzstan is home to the magnificent Tian Chan Mountains, which offer many hiking trails for trekking enthusiasts. Walking through valleys, forests and mountain is a unique way to spend vacations and explore the beauty of the country!

Tour-Code: KRG01
Culture trip and easy hikes

Land, history & nature
14 Days/ 13 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 6-14
3 * hotel, yurts, tents, guest hauses
Six-day hike & cultural tour, eagle hunt, visit the Issyk-Kul lake, dinner with a local family!
All breakfasts, full board during the hike, farewell dinner
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide throughout the entire trip
Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Bishkek and escort you to the hotel.

Highlight: city tour of Bishkek

After our breakfast, we experience downtown Bishkek - the economic and cultural center of Kyrgyzstan. We come to the Ala-Too-square, where the tulip revolution took place in 2005, which still has an important political meaning for this country. We continue to the oak park. This is Bishkek's oldest park and home to some of the smaller monuments and landmarks. What is really special is that many of the oaks in the park are older than the city itself - which makes them an impressive sight. The final destination is the famous Osh Bazaar where we immerse ourselves in the oriental atmosphere of the place and let ourselves be inspired by the hustle and bustle of the traders, the wide variety of goods, the colors and the smells.

Overnight in Bishkek

Highlight: Ala Archa National Park
In the afternoon, we do an excursion to the high mountain national park "Ala-Archa", which extends over an area of approx. 200 km².
The majority of the national park consists of alpine terrain at the foot of the summit of "Pik Semjonow-Tjan-Schanski" (4,895 m.). This fantastic place is popular among tourists and locals as a destination for day trips. Archa River provides a breathtaking backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities.
We hike through this wonderful landscape and enjoy the wild mountain nature of the region before we stop at a restaurant in the city.

Overnight in a hotel in Bishkek
1st highlight: Burana tower
The landmark of Kyrgyzstan - the Burana Tower is our first destination. This tower is an old minaret in the Chuy Valley and at the same time one of the oldest structures of its kind in Central Asia. Nearby there are some funerary monuments, remains of a castle and three mausoleums, all of which are remnants of the disappeared city of Balasagun from the 9th century. This was once considered to be one of the most important trading centers on the Silk Road. Its decline began after the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan took the city around 1217. To enjoy a panoramic view of the Chuy Valley as well as the Kyrgyz mountain range, we climb the Burana Tower, which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, we hear an exciting story about the place and the life of its rulers.

2nd highlight: Drive to the Chon Kemin Gorge
Then we drive to one of the most magical nature reserves - the Chon Kemin National Park, which enchants us with its untouched nature and beautiful mountain landscape. The area extends over a length of approx. 60 km, offers a diverse flora and includes the valley of the same name, the gorge and the river. The mountains and hills show a breathtaking interplay between dense fir forests and endless meadows and, in combination with the glaciers, form an unforgettable, dreamlike panorama. In the evening we will enjoy a Kyrgyz dinner together.

Overnight in the guesthouse in Chon Kemin
Driving time: 3 h (200 km)
Highlight: Hike to the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass - full day
After breakfast we take an off-road vehicle to the starting point of our hike, from where our ascent to the Kalmak-Ashuu pass (3,446 m) begins. Our path leads us along some viewpoints with a wonderful panoramic view over the whole valley to the fairytale alpine pastures of Akkitay. On the way we stop for a picnic on one of the forest meadows. High up on the Kalmak-Ashuu pass, a breathtaking view of the snow-covered mountain peaks of the Kyrgyz range opens up to us. In the evening we pitch our tents and enjoy dinner cooked on the campfire.

Overnight in tents on the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass
Trekking: 13 km, 5-6 h, ascent: 950 meters in altitude
The luggage is carried by horses.

Highlight: Descent to "the pearl of Kyrgyzstan" - Lake Issyk Kul - all day
Today we hike to the 2nd largest mountain lake in the world - Issyk Kul, which is called "the pearl of Kyrgyzstan". Although the country itself does not have direct access to the sea, the lake (6,236 km²) is a huge salty body of water. The water is crystal clear and with a temperature of approx. 20 ° C in summer ideal for swimming, for which we will also have enough time. Due to the different core zones and the diversity of endemic plant species that can only be found here, the lake has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 2003.
We will have dinner in the evening.

Overnight at the inn in Tamchy
Trekking: 11 km, 4-5 h, way up: 550 m, way down: 1200 m
1st highlight: visit to the Grigorievskoe and Semienovskoe gorges
The Grigoriev Gorge is a well-known excursion destination near Lake Issyk Kul. Green mountain slopes, a crystal clear mountain river, many small blue lakes, a sweet smell of the spruce trees and a carpet of mountain flowers magically attract visitors. Beyond the gorge we find a 35 km wide valley where we take a break to enjoy the beautiful view of the two snow-capped peaks, the Kum Bel peak (4,200 m) and the Eshenbulak peak (4,647 m).

2nd highlight: Karakol
Upon arrival in the city of Karakol, an excursion to the most beautiful buildings of this place is planned. We visit an Orthodox church built in the old Russian wooden style and the Dungan Mosque, which resembles a Buddhist temple. This unique mosque was built at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous architect Chou Seu from Beijing without a single nail or metal tie. During the walk we get to know the history of the city, which used to have a strategically important location on the Silk Road.

Overnight at the hotel in Karakol
Drive: 195 km, 3 h
1st highlight: Hike through the picturesque Djety Oguz gorge
Our journey continues to the picturesque Djety-Oguz Gorge (kir .: "seven bulls") on the south bank of Lake Issyk Kul. This gorge extends for 37 km. It gets its name from the monumental mountain range made of red sandstone rocks, which was even depicted on Soviet postage stamps, in contrast with the dense, dark green forests of this place. In the summer months, the color palette is completed by the forest meadows with bright red poppies, white daisies and silver edelweiss stars. Snow leopards, vultures and eagles represent the rulers of the highlands. Another attraction is the famous "Broken Heart" rock - a true place of pilgrimage for lovers.

2nd highlight: 100 m high waterfall "The Tears of the Snow Leopard"
We make our way to the nearby Barskaun Gorge. This place is known for its waterfalls, the most famous is "The Tears of the Snow Leopard". The power of the enormous amounts of water from 100 m height, falling into a huge gorge and splitting into billions of drops - this is a breathtaking moment.

3rd highlight: dinner with a Russian family and steam bath
After a delicious dinner with a Russian family, we have the unique opportunity to visit the Russian steam bath.

Overnight at the guest house in Tamga
Drive: 135 km, 2-3 h
1st highlight: excursion to the fairytale gorge
An exciting trip to the gorge "Skazka" (fairy tale gorge) is planned. The name comes from its incredible rock formations, which were formed by water and wind as figures and mythical creatures in different sizes and colors. The color nuances change on the weather and time of day. We take a walk through the labyrinth of the gorge, with its reliefs creating an image of animals, castles, towers and human faces.

2nd highlight: Bokonbaevo
After a lunch break we drive to the place where we will spend the night today - the village of Bokonbaevo. Here we have the opportunity to get to know the ancient traditions of the Kyrgyz nomads, such as hunting with an eagle. It is an unforgettable sight, the speed and power of an eagle on its hunt in the steppe!

Overnight in the guesthouse in Kochkor

Drive: 170 km, 3 h
Highlight: Kolukok Mountain Lake - all day
After breakfast we will go to Isakeev village with an off-road vehicle. From here our exciting two-day hike to the Kolukok mountain lake begins, which is located at 1,970 m. At the beginning, the path leads us high over a mountain to the entrance of another valley. On the boundless meadows we meet grazing horses and see many white yurts of the nomads. In the midst of this wonderful landscape, we take a break for a picnic. The blue water of the lake, the green grass of the valley and the snow-capped mountains create an unforgettable panoramic view! We have the opportunity to learn more about the way the nomads who live here. We will have a dinner together in the evening.

Overnight in a yurt in Kolukok
Tonight we spend in one of the typical Kyrgyz yurts owned by a local shepherd on the shores of the lake.

Hike: 5 h, way up:1,000 m
* Please note: 6 people per yurt. In the low season, however, 2 people can be accommodated per yurt, depending on availability. The toilets are outside in the open air. No shower in the camp.

Highlight: hike and drive to Kyzart
In the morning, after a traditional Kyrgyz breakfast in the yurt, we return to Isakeev village. From here we continue to the village of Kyzart (2,991 m) in the river valley. This place serves as the starting point for the hike to the beautiful Son-Kul Lake high up in the mountains. The road to the village is very spectacular: to the left and right we are surrounded by mountain landscapes and on the Kyzalt Pass (2,663 m) there is a wonderful view of boundless valleys. In the evening we will eat dinner together.

Overnight at the inn in Kyzart
Hike: 4 h, way down: 1,000 m
Drive: 70 km, 1 h
* Please note: The guest houses in the village of Kyzart are more rustic and simple. The sauna and toilets are outside.

Highlight: Kilemche Yurt Camp (3,250 m)
After breakfast our local guide will be waiting for us, with whom we will go on the exciting hike to Lake Son Kul. Our way leads us through the Kilemche valley (kir.: carpet valley). The name comes from the variety of mountain grasses and alpine flowers that cover the valley and all the slopes like a carpet.
In the late afternoon we arrive at Kilemche Yurt Camp, which is located at an altitude of 3,250 m. Here we can experience the legendary hospitality of a local family in a yurt in the evening. We immerse ourselves in the culture and customs of the nomads who tell us about their stories and traditions and have dinner together.

Overnight in traditional nomadic yurts in Kilemche
Hike: 4-5 h, 17 km
* Please note: 6 people per yurt. In the low season, however, only 2 people can be accommodated per yurt, depending on availability. Toilets are outside. No shower in the camp.

Highlight: Continuation of the hike to Lake Son Kul - all day
After breakfast we say goodbye to our host family and continue our way to Lake Son Kul. On the way we overcome the Tuz Ashuu Pass (3,400 m) with its breathtaking views of stony rocks, impressive plateaus and deep gorges. During this hike we can observe the change of different climatic zones - from flowering meadows to cool fir trees and up to the snow-capped mountains. On the pass, surrounded by the Tian Shan and isolated from any civilization, it is easy to forget the time. Endless steppes stretch around the lake, framed in the background by mighty peaks up to 4,500 m high.

: For horse lovers there is the opportunity to do horseback riding in a wonderful landscape.

Dinner and overnight in traditional nomadic yurts in Son Kul
Hike: 5-6 h, 14 km, way up: 800 m, way down: 400 m
Highlight: Bishkek
After breakfast we will return to the capital. Our way back today leads through the beautiful Kalmak-Ashuu Pass (3400 m) with a stop for lunch in a café. In the afternoon we arrive in Bishkek and have time to visit the local market and buy souvenirs. Then we visit a restaurant for our farewell dinner.

Overnight at the hotel in Bishkek
Drive: 315 km, 5-6 h
• Breakfast in the hotel and transfer to the airport
At the agreed time, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby and take you to the airport in Bishkek.

See you on your next journey!
• 1 x overnight in tents (2 people per tent)
• 3 x overnight in yurts
• 4 x nights in a 3 * hotel
• 3 x nights in the pension
• 2 nights in guest hauses
• 13 x breakfast
• Lunch & dinner during the days days 4-5, 9-12
• Dinner on the day 7
• Farewell dinner
• Transfers from & to the airport
• All transfers in an air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle
• Horses to carry luggage during the hikes (days 4-5, 9-12)
• Experienced drivers
• Eagle hunt
• English speaking guide throughout the entire tour
Flights to Bishkek and back
Sleeping bags and mats
Not mentioned meals and drinks
Self-organized excursions
We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

Guaranteed discounts:
- 8% for groups of 10 people or more