Italy is an oasis for every visitor with its breathtaking nature, raging torrents and dreamlike coast. Surrounded by imposing mountain scenery and in the middle of the picturesque cities, you have the feeling that time is running slower. La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, is emphasized as a principle in this country.
Discover southern Italy with its azure blue sea, the singing of the cicadas and the lush baroque architecture. Taste the delicious food, full-bodied wines and aromatic olive oils.

Country-specific regulations on COVID-19
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Citizens with permanent residence in the EU are allowed to enter and stay in Italy without a visa or a passport.
The currency in Italy is the euro (€). Paying with EC and credit cards such as Maestro and MasterCard is usually possible in large hotels, shops, gas stations, restaurants and tourist attractions. Money can be withdrawn at any ATM or in a branch of the respective bank on site. Fees may be incurred.
Overall, the cuisine of this enchanting country consists of a variety of regional cuisines, such as the cuisine of Puglia or Rome. Due to the geographical location and the long cooking tradition of the individual provinces, each place uses different ingredients.
In general, however, the "Cucina" can be divided into 2 categories: The "Cucina Alto-Borghese", which is the exclusive cuisine and can be compared with the French star cuisine, and the "Cucina Povera", which is regional, rural and urban.
Italy is not only known for its wonderful food, but also for its full-bodied wines - such as Chianti and Batolo - and its specialties like grappa, amaro or limoncello.
The official language is Italian, regionally partly German or French. English can often be used when communicating with locals, but it is mostly used in the north of the country.
The Italian Constitution guarantees all residents freedom of religion and the protection of minorities in the country. With 51 Mio. people, Roman Catholic Christianity is the most widespread religion in the state. Only about 4 Mio. people profess atheism.
For your trip to Italy, the Federal Foreign Office recommends getting vaccinated against measles, hepatitis A and B. You should also protect yourself from the local mosquitoes, as these diseases such as Chikungunya fever, West Nile fever or phlebotomus fever can be transmitted.