India will enchant you with its diversity, impressive mountains and breathtaking views over miles of untouched nature. Experience religious temples, beautiful monasteries and prayer ceremonies that allow you to authentically participate in the culture.
21 Days
Trekking tour
Permanent residents of the EU are only allowed to enter and stay in India with a visa and a passport. The visa is valid for one year and travelers can stay in India for up to 90 days at a time per visit during this period.
The Indian rupee is the official currency of India.
One euro corresponds to approx. 83 INR (as of 04/08/2022).
Money can be exchanged at banks or exchange offices. For security reasons, please refrain from exchanging money with private individuals.
Indian cuisine carries influences from across the country and its regions, from the Himalayas to the Indian south, and is so diverse that everyone can find something to their liking.
Curries, flavorful spices, aloo gobi masala (potatoes and cauliflower) or dal (lentil curry) and thalis, which have the status of a national dish, are particularly well known. The small metal bowls are filled with various dishes and pastes, including chutney, curry, dal or meat dishes. Rice, naan or chapati is served with it.
India, with 1.39 billion inhabitants, ranks second on the list of the most populous countries. This number of people speak a total of around 800 different languages, which are made up of the four language families: Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Austroasiatic and Tibeto-Burmese. An exact number has not been established, as dialects and languages mix very well.
However, there are 22 languages officially recognized by the Constitution, e.g. Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, English, etc.
Hinduism originated in India, is one of the oldest religions and about 80% of Indians practice it. Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are also widespread religions in India. About 13% of the population belongs to Islam, about 2% are Christians.
The special feature of Hinduism is that, in addition to religion, it primarily represents a philosophy of life. It teaches that religions are to be respected equally, the human soul is immortal, and there are three paths that lead to the ultimate union of the individual's soul with the all-pervading spirit.
Depending on your country of origin it could happen that there are mandatory vaccinations for a direct entry. Vaccinations against hepatitis A & B, typhoid, rabies and Japanese encephalitis are recommended for travel.
It is also recommended to find out about the status of the standard vaccinations before departure.