Honshu, Japan's romantic south

This journey takes you to one of the most romantic places in the country, immersing you in Japan's traditions, experiencing an enchanted place with a breathtaking landscape. Our tour gives you a deep insight into the history, culture and religions of the country and lets you actively participate.
Tour-Code: JAP01
Cultural Tour
People, history and culture
15 Days/ 14 Nights
Including the days of arrival and deprature
Number of participants
Groups: 4 - 10 participants
3* and 4* Hotels & Boutique Hotels
Cherry Blossom Mountain Yoshino, dreamy Himeji Castle, enchanted Okuno In Cemetery, etc.
14 x breakfast, 2 x dinner
All transfers and all excursions
All day English-speaking tour guide
DAY 10
DAY 11
DAY 12
DAY 13
DAY 14
DAY 15
Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Our driver will meet you at the Osaka airport and escort you to your hotel.

Overnight at hotel in Osaka

Drive to Kyoto

1st highlight: Kinkaku-Ji and Ryoan-Ji Temples
Kyoto's "Golden Temple" was once built in honor of the then emperor and has since been destroyed and rebuilt several times. After enjoying the aromatic tea in the tea garden, we visit another temple - Ryoan-Ji. The park with the lake is particularly pretty, in which we will linger a little.

2nd Highlight: Tenryu-Ji Temple and Togetsu Bridge
The second stop of the day is Tenryu-Ji Temple and Togetsu Bridge. The peculiarity of the small temple is the garden. This survived the repeated destruction of the building almost unscathed. The Togetsu Bridge represents the gateway to Arashiyama - the Storm Mountain - and at the same time is appreciated for its fantastic view of the night sky and the wonderful mountain landscape.

3rd highlight: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Bamboo is a particularly popular tree in Japan, having been used to make baskets, cups, boxes and mats for several centuries. The trees here grow up to 30 m tall and make us feel incredibly small. Behind the forest, a breathtaking view of the park landscape opens up to us at any time of the year.

Overnight at hotel in Kyoto

1st highlight: Samurai course
The start of our second day in Kyoto is prepared by the samurai sensei with a 90-minute course. Here we learn the basic techniques of the ancient Japanese warriors and receive an introduction to the art of Kembu - the sword dance. This was traditionally used by warriors in battles to boost morale and inspire fellow fighters.

2nd highlight: Imperial Palace
It was the residence of the imperial family until 1868 and is a spacious area with numerous additional buildings. The park in which it is located is particularly beautiful during cherry blossom season and is a fantastic opportunity to take a break at the tea houses and restaurants.

3rd highlight: Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle was built in 1603 and was the home of Tokugawa Leyasu, the first shogun. The Shogun is the military leader of the Empire and is a title inherited within a family. The building was later handed over to the public, which is why we can now also admire its black, white and gold splendor.

Overnight in a hotel in Kyoto

1st highlight: Village of Ogi
In this idyllic village we learn more about local agriculture and religion - Shintoism. We walk over and through the 1300 year old rice fields and visit the Ogura Shrine.

2nd highlight: visit of a rice cake farmer
During this visit you will learn how to make the traditional Japanese sweet mochi. You will receive a wooden hammer, which you can now use to take part in the cooking class. Afterwards we eat together and learn more about life and work in Japan from our host.

Overnight at hotel in Kyoto

1st highlight: Nara Park
The fantastic Nara Park is home to hundreds of free-roaming deer, that can be hand-tamed, fed and touched by visitors. In Japanese culture, deer are considered the messengers of the gods and as such they are heavily protected.

2nd highlight: Japanese tea ceremony
Chado, which translates to "the way of tea", is one of the most important Japanese traditions. It is used to pour green tea for guests in a respectful and traditional way. We learn more about the method and background of this custom here.

3rd highlight: Wakakusayama Mountain
From the top of this grassy hill we have a fantastic view of the sunset at the end of the day. We have the best view of Nara and can also see the cherry trees that line the path.

Overnight at a hotel in Nara

1st highlight: Yoshino Mountain
Yoshino has been Japan's favorite cherry blossom spot for several centuries. According to legends, the first cherry tree is said to be 1300 years old. In total, you can see almost 30,000 trees stretching along the slope of the mountain.

2nd highlight: Kinpusenji Temple and Yoshimizu Shrine
Kinpusenji Temple is a beautiful temple that is home to the 3 blue statues of Zao Gongen. This is the protective deity of the mountain to which the statues were dedicated 1300 years ago.

3rd highlight: Hanayagura Observatory
Finally, we end our day in Yoshino with a visit to the observatory. From here you have by far the best view of the cherry trees and the idyllic city below us.

Drive and overnight in Koya

1st highlight: Donjo Garan Temple
The peculiarity of this place of worship is that it is both Buddhist and Shinto in nature. It consists of a shrine, a bell tower and a ceremonial hall.

2nd highlight: Konkobuji Temple
Culturally, Konkobuji Temple is strongly associated with the samurai. Many samurai have lived and lost their lives here. The traditional Ohiroma room was used for the most important rituals.

3rd highlight: Okuno In Temple and Cemetery
The Okuno In Temple and its cemetery are the highlight of the day. It is considered the holiest place in Japan and is located in the middle of a forest. Combined with the thousands of lanterns and thousands upon thousands of headstones, it looks like an enchanted place from a legend at any time of the day. You can feel the respect and importance that this place deserves with every second.

Overnight at a hotel in Koya

1st highlight: city tour
We mainly use our first real day in Osaka to get used to its size. We explore some of the highlights, see historical sights, marvel at the business district and wander through the Dotonbori district, which is entirely dedicated to food and entertainment.

2nd highlight: free time
The rest of the day is free to explore the city on your own. Of course, your guide is available for questions and tips.

Overnight in a hotel in Osaka

Highlight: free time
Today is all yours. Use it to further explore this huge city or take a day trip to some of the neighboring towns and villages. These are easily accessible by bullet train or bus, and of course your guide can help.

Overnight in a hotel in Osaka

1st highlight: Sorakuen Garden
The Sorakuen Garden of Kobe is a traditional Japanese landscape garden. Amazingly, many of its buildings were destroyed in World war II and only one European-style stable survived.

2nd highlight: "Wetterhahnhaus" (former Thomas Residenz) and Uroko Haus
We continue to explore the extent of European influence in Japan, visiting the former Thomas Residence and the Uroko House. The residence was built in Art Nouveau style for the wealthy German merchant Gottfried Thomas. Its architect George De Larande was also involved in the construction of the Uroko House, which was intended to serve as a temporary home for European foreigners. It houses many wonderful antiques and works of art.

3rd highlight: Herb Garden and Gondola Ride
As the last stop of the day, we explore Japan's largest herb garden. Here we find over 75,000 herbs and flowers in 12 thematically different garden areas. We also have a fantastic view of Kobe and the falls below us from here.

Overnight in a hotel in Kobe

Highlight: free time
Enjoy the charm of Kobe for yourself today and explore this wonderful city on your own. As always, your guide is on hand to offer tips and help.

Overnight in a hotel in Kobe

1st highlight: Himeji Castle
Affectionately known as the "White Heron" for its noble, gleaming white appearance, Himeji's Castle consists of 80 fantastic buildings spread over several levels and connected by winding paths and gates.

2nd highlight: Kokoen Garden
The Kokoen Garden is a newer Japanese garden and consists of 9 smaller areas, which are laid out in different styles of the Edo period. The most notable are the Lord's Garden with its own waterfall, a tea house, a pine garden, a bamboo garden and a romantic flower garden.

Overnight at a hotel in Himeji

1st highlight: Shukkei Park
Translated, "Shukkein" means something like "shrunken landscape garden". More precisely, valleys, mountains and forests are represented here in miniature and decorated with tea houses. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with an early lunch and then head to the Hiroshima Castle.

2nd highlight: Hiroshima Castle
Atypically, this castle is not located on a hill or mountain, but is in the middle of the city. It is surrounded by a moat and used to be the physical and economic center of the castle city of Hiroshima.

3rd highlight: free time
Option: Hiroshima Peace Museum
This museum is not a place for easy enjoyment and entertainment. It shows the unfortunately brutal reality of Hiroshima in World War II and is exclusively dedicated to the atomic bomb attack and its consequences. You dive into the stories of the victims of that time and the radiant city today, which at that time resembled more of a dystopian landscape.

Overnight in a hotel in Hiroshima

Highlight: free time and farewell dinner
Spend the last day of our trip as you wish.
In the evening we get together again and conclude this remarkable journey with sake and a delicious supper.

Overnight in a hotel in Hiroshima

Breakfast & transfer to Osaka airport
After breakfast, your driver will be waiting in the hotel lobby and will take you to the airport at the agreed time.
Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
14 x overnight stays in 3* & 4* & boutique hotels
14 x breakfasts
2 x dinners
All transfers in air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles
All excursions described (exception: option day 13)
Eglish-speaking tour guide
Drinks and meals not listed
Self-organized excursions
PCR tests
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