If you are not a citizen of EU, USA, Canada or United Kindom, to visit Germany, you may need a visa. All information about the visa to Germany you can find here: Overview of visa requirements/exemptions for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany

The national currency of Germany and other EU countries is the Euro. Maestro and Visa cards are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants of EU countries.
First of all we have to notice that Germans do not count calories and love to good eat. Remember that portions in Germany are usually large and are often served with various sauces. Meat and potato are the most consumed products in Germany. Potato can be found both in salad and in hot dishes and can be baked, fried or mashed. Also the special place in German culture takes bread that is about of 600 sorts and pastries. Germans eat bread with jam, sausage or cheese not only for breakfast, but it can also substitute them dinner.
Germany is a secular state in which no religion can be recognized as a state or a duty. The constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and religion. Most believers are catholics (31%) and evangelist (30%).
The official language is German. Most of young people in Germany speak English as well as Spanish and French.