This tour is a great opportunity to see the best places of Georgia, to meet its hospitable inhabitants, its history and traditions. Together with a team of experts, we have developed a route for you that includes the most interesting places: the beautiful Tbilisi, panoramic views of the Kazbek mountain (5,033 m), the romantic Batumi promenades, the ancient cities in the rocks, breathtaking canyons and alt wineries. But of course we have not forgotten one of the most important features of Georgia - the national cuisine! Therefore, the tour includes not only breakfast and dinner, but also cooking classes, wine tasting and dinner with local families.
Tour-Code: GEO01
Culture trip
People, nature & history
9 Days/ 8 Nights
Together with the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 4-14
4* & Boutique Hotels
Cooking classes, wine tasting, meals with locals families!
2 Meals per day
Breakfast, lunch in a restaurant
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide during the whole trip
Day of arrival
• Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Tbilisi and escort you to the hotel.
In the evening we go to enjoy the welcome dinner with our guide and try traditional Georgian cuisine.
• Overnight in Tbilisi
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Tbilisi city tour with lunch break in the restaurant

Today we walk through the old town of Tbilisi and admire the sights: Abanotubani, Kartlis Deda, the fortress "Narikala" and many others. We get to know the history and legends of the city, walk through the Peace Bridge and Jan Sharbeni Street, ride the cable car and visit the Metekhi St. Virgin Church.
• Excursion to Mtskheta
The next major attraction in Georgia is the city Mtskheta. Walking along its ancient streets and fortress we learn more about the birth of Christianity in Georgia. Afterwards we visit the Dzhari monastery and admire the frescoes of the most important cathedral in the country - Svetitskhoveli.
• Return to Tbilisi and free time
In the evening we are back to Tbilisi and enjoy our free time.
• Overnight in Tbilisi
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Excursion to Kakheti

Today we visit the wine region of Georgia - Kakheti and can taste the world-renowned and award-winning Georgian wines. Via the Gombori Pass we reach the capital of this region - Telavi. The city is located in the heart of the Alasani Valley, where the famous grapes grow. Then we visit the Bodbe Monastery with the tomb of Saint Nino, the saint who brought Christianity to Georgia. Afterwards we go to the wine cellar museum for wine tasting that is located in a building of 16th century.
• Wine tasting and cooking class from Tschurtschchela

Then we enjoy our lunch with the family of a winemaker, where they will explain the wine production and offer a wine tasting. After dinner we cook a Georgian national dish Tschurtschchela, which is also called "walnut sausage", together with locals.
• Return and overnight in Tbilisi

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Excursion to Kazbeki

We travel along the most picturesque street in Georgia and see the azure Zhinvali reservoir, stop at the medieval fortress of Ananuri and take a walk to the Monument of Friendship. In Kazbeki we enjoy the mountain landscape at the Cross Pass, drive to the Trinity Church that is located on the altitude of 2,200 meters. From here we admire the great mountain Kazbek (high 5,047 meters) and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the great Georgian landscape.
• Chinkali cooking class
After the pleasant walk we learn how to cook kinkali in a Georgian family. Afterwards we will of course try the masterpieces we have created ourselves.
• Return and overnight in Tbilisi
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Drive to Gori with lunch break in the restaurant

Today we continue to Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia. But first we stop in Gori to visit the Stalin Museum, the communist revolutionary and dictator. We then walk to the fortress and cave town of Uplisziche, the oldest fortified city in Georgia, which was carved in the volcanic rock and was first mentioned in writing in the 1st century AD.
• Drive to Kutaisi and visit the Kumistave cave
In the afternoon we come to Kutaisi and check in at the hotel. Not far from Kutaisi is located the Kumistave Cave, the most beautiful and largest cave in Georgia. We walk through the cave that will take about an hour. Don't forget to take warm clothes with you, in the cave is quite cold.
• Free time in Kutaisi
At the evening you can enjoy your free time in Kutaisi.
• Overnight in Kutaisi
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Excursion to the Okatse and Martvili canons

In the morning we experience the impressive Okatse-Cañon while walking over a glass bridge. We continue to the Kincha waterfall. Then we visit the Martvili Cañon, can admire the azure blue water and the 12 meter high waterfall.
• Drive to Batumi (approx. Three hours) with lunch break in the restaurant
• Excursion to the Batumi botanical garden

This is one of the most famous places near Batumi where we can enjoy a variety of exotic plants and breathe the clean subtropical air. The garden area is huge and divided into 21 thematic zones, in which plants from different parts of the world are located, e.g. For example Australia, the Himalayan region, North America, New Zealand, South America etc.
• Overnight in Batumi
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Excursion to Adjara in the Machakhela National Park

This is a journey through the picturesque area of the southwestern region of Adjara near to Batumi. The route runs along the most beautiful paths of the Adjara Mountains. During the tour we enjoy the view of untouched places that are hardly influenced by civilization, the old arch bridge and on the confluence of the two rivers Chorokhi and Adjaristskali.
• Lunch with a regional family
In the valleys of the Chorokhi and Adjaristskhali rivers there are small mountain villages on the mountain slopes. In this sunny region with clean air and lush vegetation, residents grow first-class grape varieties and use them to produce wines with an amazing taste and aroma. A local winemaker is waiting for us for lunch.
• Return to Batumi and free time at the evening
• Overnight in Batumi

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Drive to Tbilisi

Today we come back to Tbilisi. On the way we stop at a local market to buy souvenirs and gifts made of clay. When you arrive we check in at the hotel and have some time to relax.
• Farewell dinner
At the evening we meet with the guide in the hotel lobby and drive to the restaurant. We enjoy our last evening in Georgia.
• Overnight in Tbilisi

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Transfer to the airport

At the agreed time, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby and bring you to the airport.
8 nights in 4 * star & boutique hotels
8 x breakfast
2 x lunch with a Georgian family
2 x lunch in the restaurant
Wine tasting at a winemaker including lunch
Khinkali and Tschurtschchela - cooking courses
Wine tasting in Svaneti
Farewell dinner
Transfers from & to the airport and all excursions
English speaking guide during the whole tour
All entrancetickets


Flights to Tbilisi and return
Not mentioned meals and drinks
Self-organized excursions
We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

Guaranteed discounts:
- 8% for groups of 10 people or more
- 10% for children up to 12 years
To the lovers of unusual buildings we recommend to walk to the puppet theater "Rezo Gabriadzezu". The building impresses with its architecture and colorful mosaic. Next to it is located an Anchiskhati basilica church that was built in the 6th century.
Abanotubani is a bathing area in the historic center of Tbilisi. The sulfur baths were built there in the Persian style in the 17th - 19th centuries. Most of them are located underground. Abanotubani has separate as well as common rooms. The entry costs about 2 €. Here you can enjoy a steam bath, a pool with sulfur water and a break room.
Bazaars are an integral part of Georgian culture. The largest bazaar in Tbilisi is located on "Station Square". Here you can buy cheap, tasty fruit, vegetables, cheese, spices and sweets. And of cource we advise you not to forget to trade. Trade is an integral part of the life of Georgians.