Georgia is mysterious and full of legends. It is a country with an ancient history, unique culture, friendly and helpful people. It is a land of flowers, songs and monasteries. The enchanting landscapes of the Caucasus, the picturesque coast of the Black Sea, the charm of the high mountain villages, the excellent Georgian cuisine, the magnificent wines of Kakheti, the spirit and hospitality of the Georgians rapture evryone who comes hier.
Citizens with permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other EU countries are allowed to enter and stay in Georgia for a full year without a visa. The identity card or passport of the travelers must contain the name, surname, date of birth and a photo of the person. All travel documents must be valid from the time of entry until the time of departure.
Mehr Informationen zu den Visa- und Einreisebestimmungen
The currency of Georgia is the lari. One euro is 3,47 lari (May, 2020). The money can be exchanged at banks or at exchange offices. Most of them work 24 hours per day. For security reasons, please do not exchange money by private persons. Some restaurants and supermarkets in cities of Georgia accept Visa and Master Card.
Georgia is famous for its excellent cuisine. Most of them are cooked from a large amount of vegetables, meat and georgian cheese. The most famous of them are: marinated meat skewer "Mtsavadi", the dumplings with minced meat and aromatic spices "Khinkali", the ham dish "Lori" and the cake "Khachapuri". Georgia is also known for its wines, each of which is the true pride of the country. The most popular of them are: Alazani Valley, Khvanchkara, Argveta, Manavi and many others.
The official language is Georgian. The majority of the population speaks also Russian. Some young people in big cities speak English.
The Georgian constitution guarantees religious freedom to all residents. The majority of the population are Orthodox Christians, approx. 10% are committed to Islam and approx. 2% to Catholicism.