Round trip through Spain and France IN A CAMPER or your own car

This trip across Western Europe is a different kind of tour - experience 4 weeks in France and Spain with countless cultural highlights and exciting activities.
Beautiful beaches, impressive sights, Stone Age caves, historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval castles, unique nature and ancient Roman cities await you. Enjoy the French flair at a wine tasting in the city of Bordeaux, travel along the historic Roman road Ruta de la Plata and experience the Spanish charm at a flamenco dance show in Granada.
Tour-Code: FES01
Camper tour
People, history and culture
27 Days/ 26 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
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4 - 10 Camper vans (8 - 20 participants)
Camping sites or hotels (on request)
Lyon, Barcelona, Alhambra, Seville, flamenco show, the cherry blossom village of Valle del Jerte, the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, Bordeaux, river cruise, Dijon, Colmar
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We start this eventful tour at 9.00 a.m. from Freiburg im Breisgau and drive together to our first destination - Lyon.

Highlight: City tour in Lyon
Upon arrival, you will take a city tour and get the opportunity to hop on and off at various locations around the city, leaving you free to explore Lyon for the rest of the day.

Overnight at a campsite in Lyon
Driving time: approx. 4.5 h/435 km
Highlight: Fabre Museum
It is one of the most important museums in France and houses exhibitions that take you on a journey through the history of art: from the Renaissance, through Romanticism and Impressionism to modernity. Here you can view the approximately 8,000 exhibits at your own pace.

Overnight at a campsite in the Montpellier area
Driving time: approx. 3h/305km
1. Highlight: Park Guell (UNESCO)
Located on Carmel Hill on the outskirts of Barcelona, this urban park reflects the artistic creativity of Antoni Gaudí. Pay special attention to the small details and the beautiful mosaics and works of art as you stroll leisurely through the artists' garden.

2. Highlight: La Sagrada Família (UNESCO)
Here, too, we visit a work by the artist Antoni Gaudí, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the long construction period of the building, which continues to this day, several styles are combined, such as modern and neo-Gothic. Before starting our tour inside the church, it is worth walking around the basilica and contemplating all the details of the Passion facade and the even more spectacular Nativity facade.

Overnight at a campsite in Barcelona
Driving time: approx. 4h/345km
Today is at your disposal. We recommend the famous shopping street La Rambla, where you can experience the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to get a wonderful view, the 520 m high Tibidabo mountain even offers a view of Montserrat in good weather.

Overnight at a campsite in Barcelona

Highlight: City tour through Valencia
During our approximately 2 h tour of Valencia we will of course see the 33m high Serranos Towers, which were built at the end of the 14th century as part of the city walls. El Miguelete Cathedral, with its striking silhouette, is another of the city's landmarks. In contrast to these historic buildings, we also find modern, even futuristic building complexes in Valencia, such as the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, a facility for arts and science. In addition to a planetarium, it also houses a cinema, several museums and an Ozeaneum.

Overnight at a campsite in Valencia
Driving time: approx. 4h/435km
Highlight: Flamenco show
In the evening we can take part in a typical Spanish tradition – flamenco. In this dance performance, an authentic gypsy wedding is presented first and in the second part we learn more about the modern form of dance with stronger musical forms. Finally, the rumba will be performed by the dancers, who invite us to dance with them and enjoy the Spanish atmosphere. During the show you get a drink for free.

Overnight at a campsite in Granada
Driving time: approx. 5h/500km
Highlight: Alhambra (UNESCO)
Towering over the city, the palace fascinates with its beautiful appearance. The "red castle" was built in the 9th century but was not completed until the 14th century by the Islamic Nasrid kings. During the tour we experience this Moorish work of art up close with its imaginative gardens, water features and aesthetic stucco decorations.

Overnight at a campsite in Granada

Today you can explore the beautiful city of Seville on your own. The Real Alcázar royal palace, the Metropol Parasol viewing platform, the Santa Cruz district and the city center with the impressive Plaza de España are well worth seeing.

Overnight at campsite in Seville
Driving time: 3h/250km
Today you have the opportunity to take a day trip before we continue our journey north. Carmona (30 min), Cordoba (1 h) or the Doñana National Park (1.5 h), one of the most important wetlands in Europe, are particularly worthwhile.

Overnight at a campsite in Seville
1. Highlight: Roman city Itálica
This archaeological park houses the excavated ruins of the ancient Roman city of Itálica, which was the first Roman city in Spain. Together with our guide we explore the ancient streets, mosaics, thermal baths and houses and one of the largest amphitheaters in the world.

2. Highlight: Roman ruins of Mérida
The traces of the Romans can also be traced in Mérida. We have enough time to see the well-preserved structures such as the ancient theater, amphitheater, the Temple of Diana, the Roman circus and other ancient structures.
After this excursion you can stroll leisurely through the small town of Mérida and imagine how the water of the city was transported back then at the gigantic aqueduct Los Milagros.

Drive to and overnight at a campsite in Cáceres
Driving time: approx. 3h/270km
1. Highlight: Guided tour of Cáceres
This medieval town is very well preserved and deservedly belongs on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During our guided tour of the consistently sandstone-colored city center, we learn more about the history and the beautiful old buildings such as the Bujaco Tower and the Estrella Gate.

2. Highlight: Fortress in Trujillo
The Castillo de Trujillo was built in the 13th century onto a 9th-10th century Moorish fortress. Like many of the sights and locations on this tour along the Ruta de la Plata, Trujillo Castle is part of the Game of Thrones filming locations.
At the foot of the castle is the old town, where you can then buy traditional delicacies such as wine or the famous Pimentón de la Vera (bell pepper powder).

3. Highlight: Cheese workshop (4h)
A typical specialty of Extremadura is cheese. On this goat farm, we first get an insight into the manufacturing process and are then we are even allowed to make our own goat cheese.

Overnight at a campsite in Cáceres
Driving time: approx. 1.5 h/110 km
1. Highlight: National Park and Castillo de Monfragüe
Known for its natural beauty and endowed with cork and holm oaks, the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve is home to the largest colony of black vultures in the world. In addition to the approximately 250 pairs of black vultures, there are also griffon vultures, royal owls, golden and imperial eagles, which we can watch with a bit of luck from the Castillo de Monfragüe high above our heads. Here we also have a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature.

2. Highlight: Monastery of San Jeronimo de Yuste
The monastery of Yuste is considered the final resting place of Emperor Charles V. In the 16th century, Charles V had a palace built on the monastery, which we will also visit in addition to the king's hall and the church.
You can round off the evening with a leisurely stroll through the small town. There are several churches, beautiful squares and many mansions to discover.

Overnight at a campsite in Plasenica
Driving time: approx. 3h/170km
1. Highlight: Valle del Jerte
This small town is particularly well-known for the two million cherry trees that cover the entire town like a white blanket in spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom. Even after the flowering period, the huge number of cherry trees are a special sight. In the summer you can watch the workers harvest the cherries and even taste some local delicacies.

2. Highlight: Garganta de los Infiernos
This nature reserve was partly created by the erosion of the rocks by the immense force of the water. Together with the local flora and fauna, this place is a wonderful photo opportunity. Of course you can bathe in the natural pools, which are also called glacier pot or giant pot. We have enough time to relax here.
Arriving in Hervás, the evening is at your leisure. You can take a walk through the beautiful town of Hervás, you might even find the somewhat hidden cactus farm.

Overnight at a campsite in Hervás
Driving time: approx. 2h/70km
Option: bike tour
Today we can take a bike tour from Hervás to Béjar and back. The route is part of the Vias Verde, the so-called green cycle routes of Spain along the old railway lines, which serve as a guide. On our way we pass valleys, rocky gorges, old bridges, abandoned railway station buildings and grazing animals. Arriving in Bejár, we take a walk through the city. If you wish, you can also visit "El Bosque de Bejár", an old historic palace with a Romanesque garden.

Overnight at a campsite in Hervás
Duration of the bike tour: approx. 3h/45km, difference in altitude approx. 200m
1. Highlight: Meandro del Melero
During our first stop we get a wonderful view over the Meandro Del Melero - breathtaking nature and imposing river formations await us. The river meanders along the borders of the provinces of Extremadura and Castile and Leon. If you wish, we can take a swim break in one of the natural pools in the national park.

2. Highlight: city tour of Salamanca
The former European Capital of Culture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as a student city. With its Plateresque facade, the university is one of the most beautiful sights, maybe you will find the skull with a frog sitting on it? During the tour you will also see the impressive Plaza Mayor and the Casa de las Conchas palace, decorated with countless scallop shells on its facade.
As an insider tip, we advise you to visit the Huerto de Calixto y Melibea garden after the city tour and enjoy the quiet atmosphere there.

Overnight at a campsite in Salamanca
Driving time: approx. 3h/170km
1. Highlight: river cruise
For this special river cruise we cross the border into Portugal and travel along the "European Grand Canyon" on the border of the two countries. During our tour we learn more about the predominant flora and fauna of the nature reserve from a ranger on board and are even allowed to look at a microscopic water sample, followed by a tasting of local wines and a flight demonstration of local birds.

2. Highlight: Hike in the Arribes del Duero National Park
The beautiful nature of the national park invites us to a hike where we can enjoy impressive views, marvel at waterfalls and visit ancient ruins.

Continue and overnight at a campsite near Léon
Driving time: approx. 3.5 h/290 km
1. Highlight: Walk through Astorga
Astorga is one of the oldest towns in this region. The place is an important stop for many pilgrims who walk along the two Ways of Saint James that cross here: Via de la Plata and Camino Frances. We have enough time to stroll through the small town and enjoy the Spanish flair.

2. Highlight: Palacio De Gaudí Astorga
The palace of the bishop of Astorga stands out due to its new construction. This is due to its architect, Antoni Gaudí, who was a representative of modernism. Inside we find the Museum of the Camino de Santiago, which we visit.

The rest of the day is free to do as you please. You can go to Léon and explore the surrounding area or discover the chocolate museum in Astorga. Chocolate production has a long tradition here and is one of the regional specialties.

Overnight at a campsite near Léon
1. Highlight: Castillo de Ponferrada
The medieval castle, originally from the 12th century, has been modified several times over the centuries and is therefore a mixture of different architectural arts. Initially the castle was built as a Celtic fortification, later it belonged to a Knights Templar order and in the 19th century parts of the castle were sold as building material as the castle's decline was foreseeable. During the visit you can can travel back in time to the different epochs.

2. Highlight: Guided tour of the caves of the Las Médulas gold mine (UNESCO)
The cultural landscape of Las Médulas is a unique sight: red clay rock fringed with green sweet chestnut trees rises sharply from the ground. But this landscape was not formed naturally. Here, the Romans used the tremendous power of water to open pit mines in the 1st century to uncover gold, creating the rock formations we see today. We are guided through the underground cave system, see the preserved pits and the various ruins and buildings of the Roman Empire.

3. Highlight: Mirador de Orellán
To get a breathtaking panoramic view of the spectacular surroundings, we visit the Mirador de Orellán viewpoint, not far from the gold mine. This view is an excellent photo opportunity.

Overnight at a campsite in Santiago de Compostela
Driving time: approx. 4h/300km
Highlight: Guided tour of Santiago de Compostela (UNESCO)
The place of pilgrimage and the capital of Galicia is the destination of thousands of travelers. It is mostly pilgrims who want to visit the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela with its high altar, the crypt, the three-part main portal and the most important relic - the tomb of the apostle James. Our local guide takes us through the city past baroque chapels, monasteries and stylishly decorated facades. The liveliness of the city can be felt above all on the main square "Plaza del Obradoiro".

From noon you can enjoy this famous place of pilgrimage on your own. We recommend you to visit the covered market or to stop in one of the many restaurants to taste traditional Galician food.

Overnight at a campsite in Santiago de Compostela
1. Highlight: Playa de las Catedrales
We have a lot on our agenda today. The eventful day starts with unique rock formations. This stretch of coast shows itself differently depending on the tide. At high tide the beach is washed away and the rocky outcrops become islands in the surf. On the other hand, at low tide the stone columns become visible and the rock arches present themselves as a kind of vault of a Gothic cathedral.

2. Highlight: Luarca
This coastal town is a suitable place for a nice photo opportunity. The white houses embed themselves in the picturesque location of the port town with its boats lined up in the bay and the adjacent hills and cliffs.

3. Highlight: Cudillero
Like Luarca, Cudillero is also a small fishing village and is considered the most beautiful coastal town on the Costa Verde. In contrast to Luarca, the house facades here are colorful and make the port city look lively and unusual. Here we have time for a lunch break in one of the numerous restaurants.

Overnight at a campsite in Gijon
Driving time: approx. 4h/335km
The entire day is at your leisure today. Use the day to swim at the beach or visit the botanical gardens of Gijon.

Overnight at a campsite in Gijon
1. Highlight: Cave of Altamira (UNESCO)
This is the first cave system where Paleolithic cave art has been identified.
In the 18 caves you will encounter Stone Age cave paintings, all of which relate to the development of Homo Sapiens and the emergence of a new human culture. The paintings deal with the invention of new techniques and denote the further development of artistic expression through painting, sculpture and engraving.

2. Highlight: Wildlife Park Cabárceno
The special thing about this wildlife park is that it can be driven on by car or camper and you can experience the animals that live there up close. We will meet antelopes, giraffes, bisons, elephants, camels, zebras, water buffalos, grizzlys, lions, lynx, jaguars and many more animals.

Overnight at a campsite in Bilbao
Driving time: 270 km, approx. 3 h
Highlight: Excursion to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
A small, stone island rises out of the sea on the Basque coast. Connected by a stone bridge with 241 steps, you can reach the remains of a monastery and the church of San Juan from the mainland up to the summit. This was originally dedicated to John the Baptist in the 10th century, but had to be rebuilt in the 16th century after several lootings and fires.
The rock island is a protected biotope that is home to native seabirds, which we can see circling high above our heads.

Overnight at a campsite in Bilbao
Driving time: approx. 1.5h/70km
Highlight: visit & tasting of Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion
The location of this château is special: it is the only winery in the middle of the city of Bordeaux. On a tour with our guide, we learn more about the history of the historic property and gain deep insights into the wine-making process. At the end we get to taste the local wine and if you like you are more than welcome to purchase a few bottles to take home as a souvenir.

Overnight at a campsite in Bordeaux
Driving time: approx. 4h/335km
Highlight: Lascaux Cave (UNESCO)
The Lascaux cave is a faithful replica of the historic Stone Age grotto. All the paintings, engravings and drawings found so far are reproduced here true to the original. In almost no other cave have so many well-preserved cave paintings been found as in the Lascaux Cave, which makes it very special. The wall decorations are estimated to be around 19,000 years old.

Option: Gouffre de Padirac
If you wish, we can visit the Gouffre de Padirac gorge on the way to Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. This cave system was created by an underground river. The entrance formed when a dome-like cavity collapsed in on itself, leaving a hole in the earth 33m long and 75m wide. At the end of the visit, a small boat trip awaits you.

Overnight at a campsite in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne
Driving time: approx. 4h/280km
Highlight: City tour of Dijon
On our last full day in France, a city tour of Dijon with an audio guide along the Owl Trail is planned. This allows you to explore the capital of Burgundy at your own pace. Our recommendation: stop by one of the many cute restaurants for dinner and enjoy the taste of Dijon - perhaps with Boeuf Bourguignon, Epoisses or would you prefer Oeufs en Meurette?

Overnight at a campsite in Dijon
Driving time: approx. 5h/450km
Highlight: Walk through Colmar
Before we say goodbye and end this journey, let's enjoy the authentic French charm with a stroll through the beautiful small town of Colmar. The fairytale backdrop with its colorful half-timbered houses, winding streets, cute cafés on the canals and the impressive architecture even inspired the small village in the Disney film "Beauty and the Beast".

Return to Freiburg im Breisgau and journey home
Driving time: approx. 4h/305km
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