Four Island Tour: From Hokkaido to Kyushu

If you find it difficult to choose just one area of this beautiful country, then this trip is perfect for you. Together we explore Japan's wild north, its romantic south and its fantastic coasts. From the impressive volcanoes and lakes of the national parks to the neon lights of the big cities and the traditions and crafts of the people, we explore almost every facet of this country.
Tour-Code: JAP05
Cultural tour
People, history & culture
15 Days/ 14 Nights
Including the days of arival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 4 - 10 participants
3* & 4* Hotels & Boutique Hotels
Impressive Places: Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Hot Springs, Shiretoko National Park, Samurai courses, etc.
14 x breakfast, 1 x dinner
In Japan, we always use public transport to get around in the cities. For travel outside of the cities, we mostly use trains or occasionally minibuses.
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local English-speaking tour guide
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Arrive in Kushiro and transfer to the hotel
Our driver will pick you up at Kushiro airport and escort you to your hotel.

Overnight at a hotel in Kushiro

1. Highlight: Kushiro-Shitszgen National Park
This national park is located in the east of the island of Hokkaido and not far from the city of Kushiro. It is known and loved for its extensive moorland and up to 700 different plant species. If we're lucky, we might even spot an Ezo red fox or a Yezo deer.

Drive to Akan National Park

2. Highlight: Lake Akan and National Park
We spend the rest of the day at Lake Akan in the national park of the same name. This extends over two more lakes and consists mostly of coniferous and deciduous forests. Again we can spot foxes and deer, but we might also come across the Japanese sable.

Overnight in a hotel at Lake Akan

1. Highlight: Boat trip over Lake Akan and Marimo Exhibition Center
The small museum is part of our drive across Lake Akan. Here we learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the national park and lake. Located in the middle of the lake, it consists of an exhibition and an underwater view of the moss or marimo balls.

2. Highlight: Hike and visit Ainu-Kotan (village)
We continue to explore the national park and with it also other cultural aspects of Hokkaido's culture. Besides climbing the active (but not dangerous) volcano Meakan-dake, we also visit the Ainu-kotan (village). There you have the option to see the traditional wood carvings or take part in one of the dance performances on your own.

Overnight in a hotel at Lake Akan
Duration hike: approx. 4.5 h
1. Highlight: Lake Mashu
The last lake of the national park is Lake Mashu. It was formed about 7000 years ago and has a small island in the middle which is the top of a 240 m high volcano. The lake itself is 212 m deep.

Free time
You can spend the rest of the day at the lake yourself and plunge into nature on your own.

Drive to Shiretoko National Park

Overnight at a hotel in Shiretoko

1. Highlight: Boat tour Shiretoko
The start of this next part of the journey is a boat trip to see the brown bears of the peninsula. We depart from the port of Otoro and sail to Rusha Bay, where the animals usually stay.

Free time
You can either spend your free time in the national park or we leave earlier for Memanbetsu.

Drive to Memenbetsu

Overnight at a hotel in Memenbetsu
Flight to Tokyo

Highlight: Culinary tour at night
After being free to organize the day in Memanbetsu, we spend tonight on a culinary journey through the specialties of the country and the city. We try both savory delicacies and sweet desserts.

Overnight in a hotel in Tokyo

Free time
Spend the day in Tokyo as you wish. Of course, we are happy to help with tips and organizational help.

Overnight in a hotel in Tokyo

Drive to Kamakura

1. Highlight: Hasadera Temple
Founded in the 8th century, the temple houses a huge statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. We explore the site, enjoy the historical atmosphere and use the perfect motifs for our photos.

Drive to Hakone

2. Highlight: Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi boat tour
The lake was formed around 3000 years ago and is best known today for the fantastic view of Japan's No. 1 landmark: Mount Fuji. We board one of the "pirate ships" and explore the lake.

Overnight at a hotel in Hakone

Drive to Kyoto

1. Highlight: Samurai course
We start the day in Kyoto with a samurai sensei in a 90-minute course. Here we learn the basic techniques of the ancient Japanese warriors and receive an introduction to the art of Kembu - the sword dance.

2. Highlight: The Imperial Palace
The palace was the residence of the Emperor's family until 1868 and is a sprawling compound with numerous additional structures. The park in which it is situated is particularly beautiful during cherry blossom season and is a fantastic opportunity to take a break at the tea houses and restaurants.

Overnight in a hotel in Kyoto

Drive to Nara

1. Highlight: Nara Park
The fantastic Nara Park is home to hundreds of free-roaming deer, which can be hand-tamed and fed and touched by visitors. In Japanese culture, deer are considered the messengers of the gods and as such are heavily protected.

2. Highlight: Japanese tea ceremony
Chado, which translates to "the way of tea", is one of the most important Japanese traditions. It is used to pour green tea for guests in a respectful and traditional way. We learn more about the method and background of this custom here.

3. Highlight: Wakakusayama Mountain and Sunset
From the top of this grassy hill we have a fantastic view of the sunset at the end of the day. We have the best view of Nara and can also see the cherry trees that line the path.

Overnight at a hotel in Nara

Drive to Takamatsu

Highlight: Ritsurin-Koen Landscape Garden
This park is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Set against a backdrop of Mount Shuin, it includes six ponds and thirteen landscaped hills. What is special about it is that the landscape around you should change with every step you take.

Overnight at a hotel in Takamatsu

Drive to Hiroshima

1. Highlight: Shukkein Park
Translated, "Shukkein" means something like "shrunken landscape garden". More precisely, valleys, mountains and forests are represented here in miniature and decorated with tea houses. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with an early lunch and then head to Hiroshima Castle.

2. Highlight: Hiroshima Castle
Atypically, this castle is not located on a hill or mountain, as is usually the case, but is in the middle of the city. It is surrounded by a moat and used to be the physical and economic center of the castle city of Hiroshima.

Option: Hiroshima Peace Museum
This museum is not a place for easy enjoyment and entertainment. It shows the unfortunately brutal reality of Hiroshima in World War II and is exclusively dedicated to the atomic bomb attack and its consequences. You dive into the stories of the victims of that time and the radiant city today, which at that time resembled more of a dystopian landscape.

Overnight in a hotel in Hiroshima

Drive to Miyajima Island

1. Highlight: Kayak tour with the floating torii gate
Itsukushima Shrine with the floating torii gate is one of Japan's most photographed landmarks. A kayak tour gives us the ideal opportunity to see more of the island and we have the perfect photo opportunity.

Free time on the island
The island is small enough to walk to the main attractions. We give you the opportunity to explore them yourself, but of course we are always available if you have any questions.

Drive Nagasaki

Overnight in a hotel in Nagasaki
Highlight: Nagaski self-guided audio tour
Our focus today is on the city's two most important and significant attractions: the Nagasaki Peace Park and the Glover Gardens. The Peace Park was established in 1955 to remind people of the atomic bombing by US forces and continues to serve that important function. The Glover Gardens is an open-air museum that features the mansions of some of the city's foreign residents .

Overnight in a hotel in Nagasaki

Transfer and return flight
After bringing you back to the capital, we say goodbye to you and wish you a pleasant return journey.

See you on the next journey!
14 x overnight stays in 3* & 4* hotels as well as boutique hotels
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1 x dinner
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English-speaking tour guide
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