A discovery journey THROUGH the Harz mountains by camper OR YOUR OWN CAR

We offer you an exciting tour to the most beautiful places in the Harz Mountains. We visit some of the most important historical places in the region, often with a history of over 1,000 years. The vicinity between the cities allows us to experience a comfortable and varied tour. The Harz is not only a treasure trove of historical and cultural monuments, but is also characterized by its beautiful nature.
Tour-Code: DEU02
Camper Tour
People, history & culture
8 days/ 7 nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
3 - 10 campers (6 - 20 people)
Campsite or hotel (on request)
Travel through the most beautiful places in the Harz Mountains: Quedlinburg, Thale, Wernigerode and Goslar!
English-speaking tour guide
Based on the current situation, there may be changes to the route at short notice
1st highlight: Quedlinburg city tour incl. old town and collegiate church
This medieval town was built around 922 AD and was then a castle village. Its 1,300 half-timbered houses and the cobbled streets give the pretty city a romantic look, which we can enjoy on our tour. Here we take our lunch break in the old town restaurant.
Then we continue to the collegiate church. This Romanesque church is a real tourist magnet, especially because of the numerous relics and treasures of the church.

2nd highlight: free time
The rest of the day you can explore this wonderful city on your own. Our tip: Stroll through the charming streets or visit one of the city's numerous museums. The old elementary school and the clock museum are particularly worth a visit. You will receive details on this from our guide on site.

Driving distance: 130 km, approx. 2 h

Overnight at a campsite in Quedlinburg

Highlight: "Roßtrappen" hike (duration: approx. 3.5 h, 11 km)
This hike leads us past the well-known "Hexentanzplatz" of Thale and into the Harz forest. We climb up to "La Viershöhe", enjoy the fantastic view and descend into the "Hirschgrund". We take a short lunch break in the rustic inn "Königsruhe" and then climb over the chute to the "Roßtrappe".
The way back leads either along the presidential path, or you use the cable car and ride it directly to Thale.

Driving distance: 11 km, approx. 30 min

Overnight in Thale

1st highlight: Regenstein Castle and Fortress
This exciting castle was built on a sandstone rock with caves. It is believed that the former residents had expanded the caves with wooden palisades and stone walls to form the small castle. These can still be viewed today. Romantic ruins remain from the rest of the complex.

2nd highlight: hike to the sandstone caves (duration: approx. 1.5 h, 4.7 km)
On the hike you can explore mystical sandstone caves, moss-covered undergrowth, fragrant pine trees, medieval water wheels and mysterious trails.

Driving distance: 14 km, approx. 30 min

Overnight at a campsite in Blankenburg

1st highlight: Wernigerode old town tour with City Hall and Café Vienna
The old town of Wernigerode is colorful and almost completely traversed by historical, lovingly restored half-timbered houses. The city's historic town hall is the number one visitor magnet here - and rightly so! Its orange half-timbered facade and the late Gothic turrets give the building a medieval touch, which fits perfectly into the rest of the picture.

2nd highlight: Castle Wernigerode
The castle watches over the old town of Wernigerode high up on the mountain. In its more than 900 year history, the building endured seen many people and several transformations. From a simple medieval castle, it was finally converted into a representative castle in the 19th century and still holds this title today. We visit the castle museum and take a tour of the exciting building.

Driving distance: 22 km, approx. 1 h

Overnight at a campsite in Wernigerode

Highlight: Hike to the Ilse Falls (duration: approx. 4.5 h, 11 km)
On this idyllic hike, we immerse ourselves in the wonders of the Harz Mountains and enjoy the fantastic nature with all our senses. Today's goal are the Lower and Upper Ilse Falls, which have found their way through the impassable terrain. We also climb to the Paternoster cliff and enjoy the view over the landscapes below us from there.

Driving distance: 9 km, approx. 30 min

Overnight at a campsite in Ilsenburg

1st highlight: Tour of the imperial city of Goslar and imperial palace
The "Kaiserpfalz" (imperial palace) is not only a cultural treasure of immense value, but also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 11th century AD, the palace in Goslar was the most frequently visited government site of kings and emperors in the north of the Old Kingdom in the High Middle Ages. We visit the magnificent building and then get an overview of the imperial city itself.

2nd highlight: stave church
The stave church gives you the feeling of being in deep, ancient Norway in the middle of the Harz Mountains. Framed by dense forest, the Viking-like church looks truly imposing.

Driving distance: a total of approx. 47 km, approx. 1.5 h

Overnight at a campsite in Goslar

1st highlight: "Kyffhäuser" Monument
The Kyffhäuser monument, also called Barbarossa monument, is a monument of the emperor Willhelm in the beautiful Kyffhäuser Mountains. It is stylistically adapted to the castle construction of the Staufer period and consists of orange-brown sandstone. The imposing statue of Barbarossa looks down grimly at you from above and is believed to have had a similar intimidating effect on possible enemies. From the top of the tower you have a fantastic view over the hilly mountains, the small villages and towns in the area.

2nd highlight: Panorama Museum
The Panorama Museum is home to Werner Tübke's peasant war panorama and a constantly changing gallery. The panorama was created in 1987 and was created to commemorate the German Peasants' War and the peasant leader Thomas Münzer. With the help of an audio guide, we let ourselves be captivated by the picture and in half an hour we learn more about the details and intentions of the huge work of art.

Driving distance: 113 km, approx. 2.5 h

Overnight at a campsite in Bad Frankenhausen

Departure day
Today we end our little tour through the Harz Mountains and drive back to Leipzig to our starting point.

Driving distance: 132 km, approx. 2 h

All-day English-speaking tour guide throughout the tour
All described excursions & trips
7 x overnight stays at the campsites
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OR in 4* hotels
RV rental
Diesel: With a moderate driving style, calculate with a consumption of around 11-12 l/100 km.
Parking fees on the route (depending on the trip and stopovers)
optional: city tours, tickets to museums, amusement parks, etc.
Meals / purchases on site
Sanitary fluid for the chemical toilet
possibly final cleaning
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