Big round trip through the island paradise

Experience a 20-day adventure tour to one of the most colorful islands in the world! We dive into the wonderful nature of Cuba and visit one of the most beautiful nature reserves. A diverse bird world, large flamingo colonies, crocodile feeding in the Zapata National Park and other wonderful nature experiences are on our program. In the enchanting Viñales Valley, the labyrinths of the largest cave system in Cuba await us. We visit the "most Caribbean" part of the island - the magnificent Santiago - and experience its lively Afro-Cuban culture. At the end of the trip, the magical beaches of Varadero await us. Here, on the warm white sand in the shade of the palm trees, you can feel that paradise actually exists!
Tour-Code: KUB02
Cultural Tour
People, nature & history
20 Days/ 19 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small Groups: 4 - 12 participants
3* & 4* Hotels
Round trip across Cuba: From Havana to Santiago de Cuba & the paradisiacal beaches of Varadero & Baracoa!
19 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 6 dinners
Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip
Bus trip from the airport and back
All day English-speaking tour guide
Der Marketingbegriff Boutique-Hotel beschreibt persönlich geführte, individuelle, kleine und nicht selten luxuriöse Hotels, wie sie auch in Europa und Asien seit Anfang des Jahrhunderts immer häufiger anzutreffen sind.
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Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your driver will meet you at the airport in Havana and escort you to the hotel.

Highlight: Dinner together in the Van Van restaurant
We spend the next two days of our trip in Havana - one of the most beautiful island capitals in the world! Here we get to know the history, legends and architecture. The old center of the "Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana" still retains its unmistakable colonial appearance and has even been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Even on the first day we experience part of the culture - food, drinks and music! In addition to the dishes of the Caribbean cuisine in the "Van Van" restaurant, we also have the opportunity to enjoy the cheerful and rhythmic live music and also try cocktail classics such as caipirinha, Cuba-Libre and mojito.
Joy of life and energy are the most important things in the beautiful capital of Cuba!

Overnight in Havana
Highlight: City tour through Havana - full day
We not only explore Havana on foot, but also have the opportunity to drive in American classic cars. A refreshing breeze blows around our noses on the wide red seats of the oldtimers while we cruise through the old parts of the city. Here we can immerse ourselves in the lively colonial style and admire the architecture of the place.
Then we stop in the heart of the city - at the majestic Capitol - and stroll through the old town. This enchants with its relaxed and trusting atmosphere: the front doors stay open, the laundry is dried on the balconies and the townspeople sing, dance or play dominoes right on the street. The facades of the houses, their old and sometimes a bit dilapidated staircases, the vintage grilles and the colorful inner courtyards impress with their lively exoticism.
On our way through Havana we visit one of its most famous places - the Cuban bar and the restaurant "Floridita". The bar is connected to the legend of Ernest Hemingway's American literature, because at exactly 10 o'clock he always appeared at the door and sat down in the same place and asked that they make him the "best daiquiri in the world".
After this eventful day, the evening is at your disposal. We recommend that you have your dinner in one of the many restaurants. You can get recommendations from our local guide.

Overnight in Havana
1st highlight: visit to the fortress of the kings
Our day begins with a visit to the fortress of the kings ("Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro"), which was built by the Spanish colonial powers in 1589. Thanks to its high walls and huge cannons, it was considered impregnable for years. Looking at the sea, one can still easily imagine how the Spanish admirals defended the city from pirate attacks from here.

2nd highlight: Castillo de la Real Fuerza
Not far from the Fortress of the Kings is the Castillo de la Real Fuerza. This is considered to be the oldest fortress built by Europeans in the Caribbean and all of Central and South America. Behind the impressive drawbridge lies one of the best and most beautiful museums in Havana - the Museo de Navegación (Naval Museum), which tells the story of this fascinating fortification and also of the region's seafaring. It includes a large exhibition with various ship models as well as an extraordinary collection of sunken galleon treasures. From the top of the tower we also have a wonderful view of the city's harbor.

3rd highlight: excursion to the Almendares city park
After a delicious, traditional lunch in one of the harbor restaurants, we visit the huge Almendares city park - a green oasis in the midst of the city. Its unusual trees with lianas and dense undergrowth make the park look like a rainforest - ancient, mystical and very exciting. The first Tarzan film was shot here in 1932, and thanks to its surroundings it captured the essence of the story perfectly. In this beautiful, natural park we have the chance to learn more about the Afro-Cuban culture and its different beliefs. One of the most important religious traditions, which is still deeply rooted in the Cuban people today, is the Santería - an ancient mixture of sensual and trance-like rhythms of African belief.

Overnight in Havana
1st highlight: visit to the Soroa nature reserve
50 km west of Havana is the famous Soroa nature reserve, which is particularly known for its 22 m high, impressive Salto de Soroa waterfall and the beautiful orchid garden. These two sights are surrounded by a fantastic natural paradise consisting of palm, orange and mango trees. Here we have plenty of time to bathe in the refreshing water of the San Juan River and enjoy the atmosphere of this place.

2nd highlight: Viñales Valley and visit to one of the most famous caves in the region: Cueva del Indio
In the afternoon we continue to one of the most beautiful regions of the island - the Viñales Valley. The scenic valley with its deep red earth and lush green tobacco fields impresses visitors with bizarre formations of conical rocks and its 150 million year old history. After checking into one of the villas of the Viñales Valley, we will drive to one of the most famous caves in the region: Cueva del Indio. Above all, spectacular cave paintings and archaeological remains of pre-Columbian and Cuban civilizations can be admired here. But the cave has more to offer than that. It flows through an underground waterway, on which we can enjoy the calm and coolness of the place in the boat.

Overnight in the Viñales Valley
1st highlight: visit the 120m high mural
We explore this beautiful valley on horseback or alternatively by bike. In the morning we visit an important tourist destination - a 120 m high painting by the Mexican artist Leovigildo González Morillo. It was created in the middle of the 20th century and depicts the evolutionary history of Cuba in 12 scenes. The worldwide unique painting is probably the largest of its kind and gives us a special insight into the history of the country.

2nd highlight: Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás cave
With a length of 46 km, Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás is the largest cave system in Cuba - and by far the most colorful! The extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites shine in thousands of shapes and colors. Their crystalline formations also transform the cave gallery into a huge Gothic cathedral and a glittering sea of crystals. On the floor and the ceiling there are prints of prehistoric animals and plants all around, which make this place something very special. But the walls also show a completely different side of the island. It is no secret that the African population suffered badly in colonial times. The people who escaped slavery gathered in caves like this one and made this place their home. Thus, the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás also represents a symbol of freedom.

3rd highlight: excursion to a tobacco plantation
After lunch we head to one of the most exquisite tobacco plantations in the country. In the following hours we have the opportunity to get to know the most fertile and most beautiful places on the island, which are important for the unique aroma of the Cuban "cigarro". Experience how the tobacco plant becomes a cigar and learn the secret of its incredible taste. Of course, we also have the opportunity to convince ourselves of their quality and take some of them home as souvenirs.

Overnight in the Viñales Valley
1st highlight: City of Cienfuegos
Today we visit the old colonial city of the sugar barons - Trinidad. On the way we stop for a lunch break in the provincial town of Cienfuegos, which is also called the "Pearl of the South" due to its special attractiveness and beauty. Today it enchants with its rich architecture as a witness to an exciting past and was even awarded "Cultural Heritage of Humanity " by UNESCO.
After lunch we stroll along the classic white and blue facades of the old town. In Addition, we explore a special feature of the city: Instead of the usual colonial style, Cienfuegos was built in the French style of the 19th century and thus exudes a completely different charm than Havana.

2nd highlight: visit to the salsa bar "Casa de la Trova"
In the afternoon our journey continues to Trinidad, which is picturesquely situated between the mountains. After check-in, we explore the city's nightlife and go to one of the lively salsa bars of the place - the Casa de la Trova. Let yourself be tempted by the delicious cocktails, the lively drums and trumpets of salsa to dance and enjoy the happy atmosphere!

Overnight in Trinidad
Highlight: Zapata National Park - all day
We dedicate the 7th day of our trip to exploring the Zapata National Park. This almost 4,500 km² big nature park is located on a peninsula in the province of Matanzas, which protrudes far into the Gulf of Batabanó and gives you the feeling that you are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The protected area is home to almost 1,000 species of plants and hundreds of animal species, such as the smallest and probably cutest hummingbird in the world - the bumblebee hummingbird.
We start at the lake "Laguna del Tesoro". Here we can see the beautiful pink flamingos, which filter out the small crustaceans with their beak in the shallow water, whose coloring gives them their enchanting color.
This small lake is known for an exciting legend: The "Treasure Lake" got its name from an ancient story. According to this, the Indians who formerly settled the peninsula, hid a gold treasure so that it could not fall into the hands of the greedy Spanish occupiers.
We visit a crocodile farm, where we have the opportunity to participate in the feeding of these prehistoric reptiles.
Then an exciting tour through the neighboring, former Indian village of Taino lies ahead of us. It has been returned to its historical original form in recent years. Here we can admire the locals in the traditional clothes of their ancestors and learn about the traditions, customs and rituals of the ancient tribe.
The Zapata Peninsula is also known for its beaches and marine life. The azure blue water and the white sand of Playa Larga and Playa Giron invite you to relax and just let your mind wander.

Return and overnight in Cienfuegos

1st highlight: Bird paradise - the Guanaroca lagoon
After an early breakfast we drive to the Guanaroca Lagoon, a hidden gem of Cuba. The lagoon's salt lake attracts the colorful birds like a magnet! A total of up to 170 species - some of which can only be found in Cuba. This also includes huge colonies of pink flamingos and hundreds of brilliant white pelicans.
In order to be able to admire them in their natural habitat, we hike through the green forest to the lake of the lagoon. Between the palm trees we can also find pear, lemon and avocado trees. Our local guides teach us about the nature of the lagoon, the living termite mounds and the Jenipapo tree.
After we were able to enjoy the fantastic view of the surroundings from one of the observation towers of the nature reserve, we now take a boat trip across the enchanting lake. Even in the morning light we can watch the huge flamingo colonies wandering around in the lake and catching shrimps in the process.

2nd highlight: visit to the salsa bar "Casa de la Trova"
In the afternoon our journey continues to Trinidad, which is picturesquely situated between the mountains. After check-in, we explore the city's nightlife and go to one of the lively salsa bars of the place - the Casa de la Trova. Let yourself be tempted by the delicious cocktails, the lively drums and trumpets of salsa to dance and enjoy the happy atmosphere!

Overnight in Trinidad

1. Highlight: City tour through Trinidad - all day
Trinidad is not only the most authentic and impressive colonial city in Cuba, but also an architectural jewel of the dreamy island. Due to its beautiful and perfectly preserved architecture, which has remained unchanged since the beginning of the 16th century, the Villa de la Santísima Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On our city tour we stroll through the old cobbled streets, past the colorful houses of the city and to beautiful palaces, which formerly belonged to the sugar and tobacco barons of the Caribbean. Our tour along the buildings from the 17th -19th century quickly feels like a journey back in time.

2nd highlight: Leisure time on the paradisiacal sandy beach "Playa Ancoá"
But Trinidad not only impresses with its architecture and fascinating history. Not far from the city the paradisiacal Caribbean sandy beach "Playa Ancoá" is located there, which enchants with its azure blue water and beautiful palm trees. We spend the rest of the day here.

Overnight in Trinidad

1st highlight: Free time in Trinidad
Our guide will be happy to help and advise you at any time.

2nd highlight: visit to the bar Casa de la Musica, live music in the open air
We can spend the evening together with live music under the open sky in the Casa de la Musica - a popular meeting place for locals and guests of the city. This magical place not only has good cocktails, but also a happy atmosphere. Let yourself be infected by the cheerful and easygoing nature of the Cubans!

Overnight in Trinidad

Highlight: Camagüey - all day
After breakfast, we drive to the cozy town of Camagüey. After an initially prosperous development, the beautiful, rich city was constantly besieged by pirates, so that it had to change its original location twice in the 16th century. In order to protect the riches and inhabitants of this place, the streets were designed according to the template of a labyrinth. This showed the effect: pirates like the notorious Henry Morgan became so irritated that the residents had enough time to entrench themselves and hide their belongings.
Even nowadays it is almost a kind of ritual as a tourist to find your way around the winding streets of the city, which is why a stroll through the winding streets with their brightly painted, one-story houses is the perfect opportunity to get a little closer to everyday Cuban life.
At the end of the day, we have a delicious, authentic dinner in the Melange restaurant.

Overnight in Camagüey

Highlight: Santiago de Cuba - all day
On the 12th day of our trip, we drive to the energetic, intoxicating Santiago de Cuba - the second largest city in Cuba. This place, surrounded by green mountains and lush forests, is also called "the jewel" of the east coast and is considered to be the "most Caribbean" part of the island. This is where the first African slaves arrived and laid the foundation for the island's wealth. After countless years of oppression, the people were finally liberated and the freedom-loving and lively Afro-Cuban culture developed. Thus, Santiago is also the colorful home of almost all Cuban music genres, from bolero to son!
In addition to its Caribbean temperament, the city has an enterprising and rebellious spirit. The first BACARDÍ rum factory was founded here in the 19th century, and only about a hundred years later, Santiago became the headquarters of the Cuban revolution under the command of Fidel Castro. Today the multifaceted history of the city can be found in the trading houses, fortresses and elegant residences of the past centuries.
In the evening we relax in a local restaurant and sample various Cuban delicacies.

Overnight in Santiago de Cuba

1st highlight: El Castillo del Morro fortress
One of the most distinctive landmarks of Santiago is the majestic fortress El Castillo del Morro from the 17th century. Perched on the breathtaking cliffs of the bay, the fortress houses a unique collection of historical treasures from the times of piracy.

2nd highlight: Santiago
After visiting the fortress, we explore the winding streets and beautiful landscapes of Santiago. One of the streets - Padre Pico - is a beautiful staircase street, on the steps of which residents like to spend time and play games like dominoes or rummy. The upper part of this street ends in a circular, fairytale city panorama.

3rd highlight: free time
The afternoon is at your disposal.

Overnight in Santiago de Cuba

Highlight: Baracoa - all day
On the 14th day we drive to the oldest city in Cuba - Baracoa. Our way leads us on the "Calle de la Farola" past the colorful vegetation of the region, which cover the picturesque hills, terraces and palm groves.
It is believed that Baracoa was the first place in the New World that Columbus entered during his expedition in 1492, he wrote about it: "The most beautiful place in the world ... I heard the birds sing that they never leave this place. The bay Bahía de Miel (honey bay) enchants with its azure blue water, the beaches and the surrounding caves. In addition, it is surrounded by numerous tropical hills in which all kinds of exotic animals and plants live. Due to the inaccessibility of its location, Baracoa was isolated from the rest of the island for hundreds of years, leaving the unique environment of this place almost untouched.
The new connection to civilization, however, had no influence on the appearance of Baracoa, which still looks like an illustration from an old book: The bay is adorned with a small fortress and narrow, paved streets winding past multi-colored wooden houses and lead to the often still untouched hills of the place.
In the afternoon we learn something about the indigenous Taino people up to the current development of the community.

Overnight in Baracoa

1st highlight: hike in the Alexander-von-Humboldt National Park - all day
Today an exciting tour through the most important national park of Cuba is planned. This place was named after the German explorer Alexander von Humboldt, who visited this island for the first time in 1800 and was also the first to recognize the biological, sociological and geographical importance of this region.
The reserve is covered with dense rainforest and is home to countless endemic animal species, which in number even exceed the diversity of the fauna of the Galapagos Islands. One of the most beautiful hiking trails stretches over 7 km and is called "El balcon de iberia". Among other things, it offers the opportunity to cool off under the 25 m high waterfall "El Maja". On the way we repeatedly meet the lush coconut plants, orange, mandarin and mango trees as well as various species of parrots and hummingbirds. At the end of the tour we finally climb the most important elevation in this area, the "Monte de Iberia" with a height of 740 m. Here we have a fantastic view of the boundless rainforest.

2nd highlight: free time
The warming culture and hospitality of the people in Baracoa make the place truly unforgettable for travelers. This is particularly noticeable at the beginning of dusk, when locals gather on José Martí Street to chat and watch TV together. In order to experience this social act, it is worthwhile to join the locals calmly and relax and enjoy the warmth of the Cuban evenings.

Overnight in Baracoa

Highlight: excursion to a cocoa plantation and boat trip along the river "El Toa"
In the morning we drive to the farm "Finka Duaba", which is surrounded by lush tropical plants. As a century ago, most of the locals are still mainly concerned with the cultivation of bananas, coconuts and cocoa. This is noticeably reflected in the national cuisine. Only in Baracoa we can try fish or seafood baked in cocoa, as well as lobster and chicken stuffed with bananas.
Cocoa and bananas are not only very popular here, but are used in almost all local recipes.
We visit an agricultural museum, visit the orchards and get to know the everyday life of our hosts. The farmers share their knowledge with us on site and at the end of the tour they offer us a cup of "Chorote" - a traditional, regional specialty made from dried cocoa pods.
Then an exciting onward journey along the largest river in Cuba, the "El Toa", awaits us. We are on board a "Kayuca", a replica boat of the indigenous people. Accompanied by the song of the tropical birds and in the glow of the sunlight, we experience an unforgettable boat trip through the surroundings.

Return and overnight in Santiago de Cuba

Flight to Havanna adn transfer to Varadeo

Highlight: Leisure and relaxation on the beaches of Varadero
We spend the next two days on the paradisiacal beaches of Varadero. This beautiful city is located on the north coast of Cuba on the Hicacos peninsula. For centuries, captains anchored their ships for repairs on these banks and gave the peninsula the name Varadero - which can be translated as "repair dock" or "dry dock".
Today the seemingly endless pink and golden sandy beaches are among the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world.
In addition, this heavenly place is known for its variety of water sports. Here you can, for example, snorkel or dive and explore the underwater world of the Caribbean. But there is also something for sports lovers on land. You can ride along the beautiful beaches or explore the peninsula further on a bike and enjoy the wonderful sunsets of the Caribbean in the evening with a delicious cocktail.

2 nights in Varadeo

1st highlight: Return to Havana and free time
Havana is at your own disposal today. Our recommendations include: the Museum of Colonial Art (Museo de Arte Colonial), which houses a captivating exhibition consisting of colonial furniture and decorative art objects; the Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolución), which exhibits a large collection of photographs, flags, documents, weapons and other items related to the revolutionary struggles and history of this country.
The Rum Museum (Museo del Ron Cuban) offers an exciting tour through the complex production process of rum with historical machines.

2nd highlight: Visit the Tropicana Cabaret Show
In the evening we invite you to the cabaret show "Tropicana". The spirited artistic performances of the musicians and dancers of this show as well as their unique choreographies make this place a jewel of Havana's nightlife. Here we hear live music from the most varied Cuban genres - from the rhythmic conga and Merengue to lively salsa.

Overnight in Havana
Transfer to the airport and return flight
At the agreed time, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby and will take you to Havana airport. Your return flight ends the tour.

See you on a new journey!
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