For outdoor enthusiasts, we have developed a 21-day tour through Colombia, which will take you to the most interesting places in the country. During the tour you will get to know the cultural and historical parts of Colombia and visit different regions that have so far hardly been touched by tourism. You will make your way through the jungle to the "Lost City" in northern Colombia, walk between the 70 m high palm trees of the Cocora Valley, enjoy the azure coast of the island of Rosario and stroll between the colonial facades of Cortagena.
Tour-Code: KOL01
Culture trip & easy hikes
People, history & nature
21 Days/ 20 Nights
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Small groups: 6-14
Boutique Hotels, guesthouses, tents
Hike to Laguna de Otun & Lost City, a visit to the island of Rosario & Cartagena, the white sand of Caribbean coast!
Full board during hikes, all breakfasts, farewell dinner
From & to the airport, all excursions
English speaking guide throughout the entire trip
Arrival and transfer to the hotel
Your guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you to a beautiful colonial hotel in the historic part of Bogota.

Overnight at the hotel in Bogota

1st highlight: Mount Monserrate
The first day of our Colombia tour starts with breakfast at the hotel before we take the cable car up to the Montserrate mountain. From there we have a wonderful panoramic view of the city and the surrounding mountains. We enjoy the view and then head back into town on foot.

2nd highlight: Bogota
After our little morning walk we start with the city tour, during which we have the opportunity to marvel at the most famous sights of the place, such as the colonial old town, the fantastic Bolicar Square and the impressive gold museum. On the way we can try Colombian dishes in one of the local cafés.

Overnight at the hotel in Bogota

1st highlight: Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira
After a delicious breakfast in the hotel, we head to one of the most beautiful colonial villages in Colombia: Villa De Leyva. On our way we stop in Zipaquira and have the opportunity to visit the fantastic salt cathedral, which lies 120 m below the ground.

2nd highlight: Villa de Levya
Then our journey continues and we reach Villa de Levya in the early afternoon. After the optional lunch break, we will take a tour of the colonial town surrounded by hills.

Overnight at the hotel in Villa de Leyva

Highlight: Bike tour through Villa de Leyva - full day
On the 4th day of our trip, we cycle through Villa de Leyva and explore the areas around the small town. We visit the most important historical places and the beautiful landscape around the municipality. Sights are e.g. the fascinating archaeological city "Observatorio Muisca" and the former monastery "Ecce Homo". At the end of our tour we explore the "Casa Terracotta". This is a pottery house in which you can marvel at the numerous works of art in the region and the mountains in the background.
You can have your lunch and dinner in one of the many small cafés and try even more Colombian dishes.

Overnight at the hotel in Villa de Leyva

Bike tour: approx. 45 km, height difference: approx. 500 m

Highlight: Hike to the sacred Iguaque lagoon - full day
After breakfast we drive up to the visitor center of the Iguaque National Park, which is our starting point for today's hike. The path will lead us up to the "Laguna de Iguaque" at an altitude of 3,600m. This is a lake that was considered by the Muisca Indians to be "the cradle of mankind". Great panoramic landscapes with Frailejones - these are specific, man-high plants - and endless views await us. The hike is great for getting used to the altitude and to prepare for the hike in the Los Nevados National Park.

Overnight at the hotel in Villa de Leyva
Hike: approx. 5 h, height difference: 800 m
Highlight: Salento - all day
Today we drive back to Bogotá and in the afternoon we fly to the coffee zone in Armenia or Pereira, which are about 45 km away from each other. After driving to the village of Salento, in the evening we take a tour of this charming little town, which has managed to preserve its traditional architecture and is therefore particularly beautiful in the green landscape of the coffee zone.

Overnight at the hotel in Salento

Highlight: Trekking tour through the Cocora Valley - Finca La Argentina - full day
At around 8 a.m. we set off into the Cocora Valley in Willy Jeeps that are typical for Colombia. Here you can see wax palms, which reach up to 70 m into the sky! From this point we start today's stage of the trekking tour up to 2,450 m in the mountains of Colombia. We are being guided by the experienced guides and supported by their mules on site. On the way you can picnic in the middle of nature.

Dinner and overnight at Finca La Argentina
Elevation gain: 1000 m, 6-7 h
Highlight: Trekking tour Finca La Argentina - Finca Berlin - all day
On the second day of trekking we go through the majestic Andean forest and the typical panoramic landscape of the mountains, which is shaped by the "Frailejones". We finally arrive at the refuge (station) "Finca Berlin" and enjoy the quiet nature far away from city life (3,900 m).

Dinner and overnight at Finca Berlin
Way up: 850 m, way down: 450 m, approx. 6 h
1. Highlight: Trekking tour Finca Berlin - Laguna de Otun
Today we continue through the beautiful panoramic landscapes of the Colombian mountains, along seemingly endless green high mountain meadows. These seem like a sea of crystals due to their hoar frost and the warm morning sun. We pass crystal clear mountain lakes, in which the sky and the surrounding peaks are reflected, we continue until we can catch a glimpse of the Nevado Santa Isabel Glacier towards the end of our stage. For almost 2 h we have the opportunity to look at the dark blue glacier ice and appreciate the power of this giant.

2nd highlight: Laguna de Otun
This large mountain lake enchants you with its dreamlike surroundings and the funny looking cacti, which can be found in all possible shapes around the lake.

Dinner and overnight in tents
Way up: 500 m, way down: 350 m, approx. 6 h
1st highlight: Potosi - Manizales - all day
In the morning, you get to enjoy the landscape at the Laguna del Otun again before we slowly walk along the lagoon to Potosi after a relaxed breakfast. Here we are picked up and taken to the town of Manizales.

2nd highlight: free time
The afternoon is at your leisure. You are welcome to relax in the hotel or alternatively, explore the place and its surroundings.

Overnight at the Hotel Hacienda Venecia in Manizales
Elevation gain: 250 m, 3 h
Highlight: Coffee tour - all day
In the morning in our hotel, we learn everything about coffee cultivation and the processing of this important export product from Colombia.
In the afternoon, you can explore the area around the hotel with its coffee and cocoa plantations on a hike. Let yourself be enchanted by this calm atmosphere and enjoy the aromatic coffee smell of the place.

Overnight at the hotel in Manizales

1st highlight: Flight to Santa Marta
After breakfast, we fly from Bogotá to Santa Marta. When we arrive in the beautiful port city at the Caribbean Sea, we are first brought to our hotel before we have the opportunity to get to know this pretty place. Santa Marta is considered the oldest coastal city in the country, which is why many of the colonial buildings are still well preserved.

2nd highlight: free time
The rest of the day you have time to explore the city on your own. Our tip: eat a typical Colombian dish on the promenade or relax with a fruity cocktail on the beautiful local beaches.

Overnight at the hotel in Santa Marta

Highlight: Trekking tour from Mamey to Camp Adán - Camp 1 - full day
We will be picked up at our hotel in Santa Marta and drive in all-terrain vehicles to Mamey for about 3 h (about 120 m above sea level). After lunch, we start the four-day trek to Camp Andán (about 450 m above sea level). The tour takes us across the majestic mountain forest. When you arrive at the camp, you have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pools.

Dinner and overnight in camp
Way up: 600 m, way down: 300 m, approx. 3.5 h
1st highlight: Trekking tour Camp Adán Camp 1 - Camp 2
After breakfast we start today's hike towards Camp 2 (about 470 m above sea level), where we have lunch and cool off in the Rio Buritaca. The blue water of the river and the trees covered with lianas give it a wild and romantic atmosphere.

2nd highlight: Trekking tour Camp Adán Camp 2 - Camp 3
From Camp 2 we continue to climb and meander deeper and deeper into the mountains until we stop in an indigenous Koguis village. At this point, our guide tells us everything about the Indian culture of the Sierra Nevadas, which we can also experience ourselves.
Then we hike on to Camp 3 (about 900 m above sea level). There we spend the second night on our trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida.

Dinner and overnight at Camp 3
Way up: 800 m, way down: 400 m, approx. 7.5 h
1st highlight: Trekking tour Camp Adán Camp 3 - Lost City (approx.1,200m)
1,200 steps still separate us from the Lost City. Even during the way up, we can marvel at the 1,000-year-old terraces. We reach the archaeological excavation site, which once served as the main settlement of the Tayrona culture. During the guided tour we learn everything about the Lost City. We also get the to take a bath in Pozo de Juventud - the fountain of youth - which is said to have magical abilities. The tour ends again in Camp 3.

2nd highlight: way back to camp 2
After lunch we go back to Camp 2. Another highlight awaits us there. It is a cultural exchange that gives us an impression of the lifestyle and art of the indigenous people.

Overnight in camp 2
Way up: 600 m, way down: 900 m, approx. 8.5 h
1st highlight: Trekking tour Camp 2 - El Mamey
Our hike through nature is slowly coming to an end and it is time to return to the city and thus to civilization. In the early morning, we hike from Camp 2 to El Mamey. There we enjoy another lunch together, say goodbye to our guide and start the journey back to the Caribbean coast.

2nd highlight: Jeep trip to the Caribbean coast

Dinner and overnight in the EcoLodge Papaya la Roca
Way up: 500 m, way down: 900 m, approx. 7.5 h
Highlight: Hike in the tropical dry forest - all day
With the goal of the dream beaches of San Juan del Cabo, we go on a full-day hike through the tropical dry forest of the Tayrona Park. The national park is about 85 km north of Taganga, in the middle of nature, untouched by civilization. With its beautiful coastline and numerous animal species - such as monkeys and iguanas - this impressive reserve is definitely worth a visit.
On over 1,200 km² we have a multitude of different impressions: sandy beaches on the coast, the deep blue water up to the 975 m high mountains. We hike to a viewing point in the peaks and then go back to the coast.

Dinner and overnight in the EcoLodge Papaya la Roca

1st highlight: Drive to Cartagena - full day
Today we go to Cartagena, where we will stay for the next 3 nights. Cartagena de Indias is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities on the South American continent. It is particularly known for its historic old town district. Surrounded by a coral wall from the colonial times and the still original architecture, this place represents an incredible variety of colors and Caribbeanjoy of life.

2nd highlight: free time
In the evening you can spend your time exploring Cartagena.

Overnight at the hotel in Cartagena

1. highlight: City tour of Cartagena - full day
With its fascinating past as one of the most important hubs of the colonial era, as a collection point for the greatest gold treasures in South America and as the most important slave port on the South American continent, the city definitely offers enough material for an eventful tour. For example, the pirate attacks and legendary battles between the Spanish and English armada left their mark on the countless fortifications and are proof of their history.
During our visit we will explore the main churches, museums and squares of the old town and have time to look into the shops and jewelry stores.

2. highlight: free time
In the afternoon you have the opportunity to explore Cartagena on your own.

Overnight at the hotel in Cartagena

Highlight: island hopping - all day
In the morning, we take a speedboat from the port of Muelle Santa Cruz towards Islas del Rosario. Upon arrival we can swim and relax on the warm sandy beaches of the small island.
We continue to the island of San Martin with its natural underwater zoo, which we can explore ourselves. Afterwards the journey goes back to the island of Majagua.
After a typical lunch for this place (fish, coconut rice, backed bananas, drinks and a delicious dessert) we still have time to relax, swim and snorkel.
The return journey to Cartagena takes place in the afternoon.

Farewell dinner and overnight at the hotel in Cartagena

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport
Your driver will escort you to Cartagena Airport, from where you will fly to Bogota and from there on to Germany. Your return flight to Germany ends the tour.
See you on a new journey!
• 14 x overnights in cozy mid-range hotels
• 5 x overnights in camps
• 1 x overnight in a tent
• 20 x breakfasts
• 9 x lunches
• 6 x dinners
• Farewell dinner
• Transfers from & to the airport
• All transfers in an air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle
• Mules to carry luggage during the hikes (days 7-10)
• Experienced drivers
• Bike tour through Villa de Leyva
• All described excursions
• Entrance tickets
• English speaking guide during the whole trip
• All domestic flights
International flights
Meals and drinks that were not mentioned
Self-organized excursions
We will be glad to prepare this tour on other dates upon your request!

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