Welcome to a region where the scenic beauty and diversity merge with the unbelievable cultural richness of the country! Explore the enchanting nature of the Eastern Ore Mountains and Saxon Switzerland with us on foot or on one of the country's narrow-gauge railways, such as the Weißeritztalbahn. Or let yourself be enchanted by one of the numerous castles and palaces and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Saxony. Pillnitz Castle and the enchanting Moritzburg are of course not to be missed! Furthermore, this federal state is not only known for its fairytale nature and castles, but also for its unique cities. Explore Saxony's state capital Dresden, the most populous city Leipzig and the internationally known and popular city Meißen. Come on an exciting journey and find out what dinosaurs and Indians have to do with Saxony.
Tour-Code: CMP02
Camper Tour
People, nature & history
14 Days/ 13 Nights
Together with the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
3 - 10 Campers
Campsite or hotel (on request)
Travel through Saxon Switzerland and Meißen, visit the Moritzburg and the Karl May Museum!
English speaking tour guide
Based on the current situation, there may be changes in the route at short notice.
DAY 10
DAY 11
DAY 12
DAY 13
DAY 14

1st highlight: Kriebstein dam at 10 a.m.
We begin our journey through Saxony in Leipzig, which we will visit on day 14. Passing endless fields and quaint little towns, we make our way to "Kriebstein Castle". This medieval castle is considered to be Saxony's most beautiful knight's castle and is around 600 years old. Our guide goes accompanies us on an exciting tour through the impressive castle chapel and the museum rooms of the fortress. In the small church we see the fascinating wall paintings from the first decade of the 15th century. We continue to the other chambers of the building, where our expert teaches us something about the development of this system.
If desired, we also have the opportunity to visit the attic floor with the treasure of the fortress - the Kriebstein room - as part of the loft tour. This is considered extremely valuable due to its unique and fantastically preserved plank room.
Optionally, you can eat in the café "Zum Hungerturm" before continuing your journey.

2nd highlight: free time
When you arrive at our campsite, you have the rest of the afternoon at your disposal.
Not far from the camping site "Kriebstein" is the floating stage, the Kriebelland, the climbing forest, the harbor, the dam and the visitor center. You can row across the beautiful reservoir and explore the nature of the impressive area yourself, or you can go on a tour with a ship from the Kriebstein fleet.
On the evening of such a busy day, you get the chance to eat at one of the numerous restaurants or explore the area a little further.

Overnight at the "Kriebstein" campsite or at the "Best Western Hotel Am Schlosspark"

Route length: approx. 87 km

Highlight: Meißen - all day
Today's destination is the fascinating porcelain and wine town of Meißen. Together with a tour guide on site, we explore the lovingly restored historic old town and learn more about the beautiful classic buildings and life in the city. Our tour takes us past magnificent Renaissance town houses and old canon courts to the quaint cathedral square. We learn more about the history of this exciting city in an interesting way.
After an optional lunch and free time in the old town, we continue to the Porcelain Museum.
There are many large collections of porcelain from Meißen, but nowhere else does the "Meißen" myth come to life as much as in the manufactory itself. Together with a museum guide, we visit the museum and later continue to the special exhibition, which shows the contemporary and enchanting art of the city.
After our history lesson, we have the opportunity to watch the talented potters at work. Nowhere else can you experience craftsmanship, tradition and dining culture as in the museum's demonstration workshops. Here we see the elaborate manufacturing process, which is what defines the unique quality of the porcelain to this day.
After our tour you get the chance to eat at the in-house restaurant & café and buy porcelain from Meißen

Overnight at a campsite in Meißen or in a hotel

Route length: approx. 62 km

1st highlight: Karl May Museum
On the way to the historic capital of Saxony, we stop in Radebeul, where we have the opportunity to visit the Karl May Museum. Here we get an insight into the writer's personal collection as well as about 800 fascinating ethnological objects from the 18th and 19th century. Together with the expert staff on site, we will immerse ourselves in the fantasy world of Karl May and learn more about the Indian tribes of North America in the footsteps of Winnetou.
After lunch at Sam's BBQ, our tour continues to Dresden.

2nd highlight: Dresden
In Dresden, we take a city tour along the most exciting and important places and buildings in the city. Together with our on-site tour guide, we explore the magnificent Zwinger, the traditional Semper Opera House, the wonderful royal palace with its tragic history and many other historical attractions of Dresden. Among other things, we will learn how the city fared after World War II.

Overnight at a campsite

1st highlight: Hygiene Museum - all day
After our breakfast at the campsite, our day starts with the fascinating "Hygiene Museum". Known as one of the most popular museums in Saxony, we discover the numerous exhibitions and learn more about human history. Our guide takes us on the "Human Adventure" tour. On almost 2,500 m² we embark on an adventure journey through our own body and through our own "I".
You have the option of exploring the other exhibitions in the museum by yourself or taking part in one of the public tours. You will learn how medicine developed from shamanic rites to one of the most exciting and important sciences of all.

2nd highlight: free time
The afternoon is at your disposal. Our tip: Visit Dresden's trendy "Hechtviertel" district. Here you have the opportunity to watch street artists and musicians of all kinds making music or drawing. The pictures and recordings are unique souvenirs of your visit to the capital of Saxony.

Overnight at a campsite or in a 4 * hotel

1st highlight: Pillnitz Castle
Day 5 of our tour is dedicated entirely to the two most beautiful castles in Saxony. Our first stop is the castle in Pillnitz. This 684-year-old magnificent building fascinates with its beautiful domed hall, built in the ancient style. Standing in this festival room, you can easily imagine the lavish celebrations of the former residents of the fortress: dancing to happy music played by a small orchestra, you can see the women in their pompous dresses and men in their classic suits almost floating through the room.
We continue to the fantastic arts and crafts museum with its collection of Saxon and European art treasures from the 17th and 18th century. The artistically painted vases, colorful murals and fascinating pieces of furniture tell of a handcrafted past of the residents of the castle and of the excellent taste of the former lords of the castle.
At the end of our tour we explore the large, magnificent palace park. Enjoy the lush green in the orangery and the fantastic palm house of this unique complex.

2nd highlight: Moritzburg Castle

After lunch, we continue to Moritzburg Castle. This somewhat younger property was built in 1542 by Duke Moritz von Sachsen as a hunting lodge. The castle is kept in the classically elegant Renaissance style, although wings in the splendid Baroque style were added later. Together with a guide we get to know the history of the property and explore the garden planned by August the Strong. There, on the edge of the castle pond, is the pink pheasant castle. This rococo-style building once housed the pheasantry of the hunting lodge, but was above all the scene of many lavish celebrations.

Overnight at a campsite or in a 4 * hotel

Route length: approx. 40km

1st highlight: Weißeritztalbahn and hike - all day
On the 6th day, our tour continues towards Freital, where we spendthe day in the wild and romantic nature of the Eastern Ore Mountains. We start the day with a nostalgic ride in the oldest still running narrow-gauge railway in Germany: the "Weißeritztalbahn". With the old steam engine we dive into the beautiful valley "Rabenauer Grund". Again and again the little train crosses the river "Rote Weißritz" in its mission to meander through the deeply cut rock valley.
When we arrive in Kipsdorf, we have the opportunity to eat something before our hike begins.

Option 1 - the bell tour
From the train station we make our way to Bärenfels. Here we have the opportunity to hear the bell chimes of Bärenfels made from original Meißen porcelain. In the neighboring village we visit the Schellerhauer Church, which is considered the most beautiful church in Saxony.
On the way to Altenberg train station, we pass the Schellerhau Botanical Garden. Over 1400 different plants were cultivated here on 1.5 hectares, which are typical for the beautiful Ore Mountains and the alpine low and high mountain ranges.
From Altenberg we take the train back to Freital.

Option 2 - The Tellkoppentour
This tour offers us an even deeper insight into the nature of the area. Also starting in Kipsdorf, we walk towards the castle "Oberbärenburg" through the middle of the romantic eastern Ore Mountains. Surrounded by spruce, mountain ash, beech and linden trees, we can explore the flora and fauna with a total of 16,000 different species.
Our tour ends in Altenberg.

Overnight in Freital

Route length: approx. 33km

1st highlight: Seiffen - all day
After yesterday's eventful day, we're taking things a little easier today. We drive from Freital to Seiffen. Here we enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant "Bad Einsiedel" and sit in a covered wagon, which leads us through the beautiful nature around the city. You continue past the world-famous Seiffen church to the colorful toy museum. Once we are there, we take a short break and have the opportunity to visit the museum.

2nd highlight: free time
In the afternoon, we come back to the restaurant, where the time is now at your disposal.

1st option:
Try the numerous entertainment offers on the campsite, for example the mini golf course.

2nd option:
Enjoy the thermal bath in Annaberg-Buchholz.

3rd option:
Visit the "Wolkenstein Castle" and learn more about the history of the region.

Overnight at the "Ahornberg" campsite

Route length: 60 km

1st highlight: Königstein Fortress - all day
Our castle tour through Saxony brings us to the "Königstein Fortress". This interesting building, which is around 800 years old, has seen many changes in its history. Evidence of this are the various buildings in the style of the romantic late Gothic, the classically elegant Renaissance, the splendid Baroque and the 19th century, which represent an impressive ensemble.
Together with our guide, we learn how the fortress went from a medieval castle to a monastery, then a state prison and eventually a fortress again.

2nd highlight: free time
The afternoon is at your disposal again.

Visit the Pfaffenstein nature reserve! On 37 hectares you can explore the beautiful nature of Saxon Switzerland on the edge of the "Pfaffenstein". From the Pfaffenstein hiking car park, just follow the Pfaffenstein path to the hiking trails. You can get more information from us on site.

Overnight at a campsite

Route length: 85 km

1st highlight: Kirnitzschtal railway
Our first stop today is in Bad Schandau. The historic "Kirnitzschtalbahn" tram takes us through the romantic valley Kirnitzschtal in rear Saxon Switzerland. Here we have the opportunity to see the impressive Lichtenhain waterfall and hike through the beautiful valley. Among other things, we can visit the "Affenstein", "Schrammstein" or "Winterberg". On numerous hiking trails there are many restaurants that you can choose where to eat lunch.

2nd highlight: Bastei bridge
After lunch we drive to Lohmen. From here we can see the bastion with its romantic atmosphere. Once robbers barons dominated this area, the remains of this time in history is only the unique architecture of the old knight's castle in the middle of the cliffs of the mountains. The 80 m long Bastei bridge leads towards the old castle, which was built between the rock formations and offers a fantastic view of the rugged mountains.

Overnight at the camp site Liliensteinblick

Route length: 18 km

1st highlight: Bautzen - all day
After breakfast, we set off for Bautzen to explore the old town in "1000 steps" by foot and together with our guide. Along the old fortifications and through the winding streets we learn a lot of interesting things about the 1000 year old city in a humorous way.

2nd highlight: free time
In the afternoon, you will have free time to explore the city on your own.

Visit the Sorbian Museum. The castle of the Slavic Milzener once stood on the area of the "Ortenburg" castle, high above the calm waters of the river "Spree". This West Slavic tribe formerly lived in what is now Upper Lusatia and is the ancestor of the Bautzen Sorbs.
Take advantage of this opportunity and learn more about the history and culture of the Slavic minority who live here. From the unique traditional costumes and customs to the fascinating modern art and music - this place allows a deep insight into the history of Bautzen.

Overnight at a campsite

Route length: 50 km

1st highlight: Görlitz
On the way to Herrnhut we make a short stop in Görlitz to explore the approx. 950 year old city. Parts of the historic old town have already been a setting in various movies! You see the Landskron brewery as a port in "Around the World in 80 Days" and an old tram on the tram tracks in "Der Vorleser". Brad Pitt, Til Schweiger and Diane Kruger were also in town to shoot scenes for the movie "Inglorious Basterds".
But Görlitz not only had its bright spots. In a special kind of city tour we dive into the dark secrets of the city and learn more about the criminal history of dying like a red thread running through it.

2nd highlight: Herrnhut
After this exciting tour, we will first get lunch in one of the restaurants in the old town and continue our way to Herrnhut. In the afternoon, we start with a tour of the "Herrnhuter Sterne" workshop and look at the craftsmanship. No matter what time of the year - the Christmas spirit always comes up. After the tour, you still have time to make a "Herrnhuter star" yourself or you can purchase one.

Overnight at a campsite

Route length: 85 km

1st highlight: Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park
On the 12th day we drive to Kleinwelka, where we have the opportunity to visit the largest and most famous dinosaur park in Germany and Europe with the adjoining maze. Let's immerse ourselves in a prehistoric world full of fun and joy.
In the maze we can then test how good our sense of direction and our puzzling skills really are.

2nd highlight: Stolpen
In the afternoon, we continue to Stolpen. Here we visit the "Stolpen castle" and learn more about the history of the beautiful complex, told by the castle mistress, who still lives there nowadays. Countess Cosel came from the court of "Augustus the Strong" and, after the eventful and tragic early years, was the king's secret lover. Their love went so far that he even appointed her imperial countess. However, the marriage did not last long. Consequently, she lived in splendor but solitude for the remaining 49 years until her death.

Overnight at a campsite

Route length: 98 km

1st highlight: Hartenfels Castle
On the way to our last location - Leipzig - we make a short detour to Torgau and visit the castle "Hartenfels".
We will discover over 500 years of world history in the only preserved castle from the German early Renaissance. The role of the fascinating "Hartenfels Castle" in the Reformation is particularly interesting. Martin Luther was significantly involved in the construction of the first Protestant castle chapel in Germany. So let's enjoy by the unique charm and history of the castle before our trip to Leipzig comes to an end.

2nd highlight: free time
When you arrive at the campsite, you have the rest of the day to explore the area around the big city on your own.

1st option:
Visit the popular surf school on Lake "Markkleeberg" or the challenging high ropes course.

2nd option:
You can simply relax at the lake beach and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Overnight at a campsite

Route length: 189 km

1st highlight: Leipzig
Together we let the last day of our tour end in a relaxed manner. We spend the morning with a city guide in the beautiful city center of Leipzig and learn more about the history of the town hall with its artfully designed clock. We continue to the Central Station and to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Here we can tell exciting facts about the creation of the monument and learn why Leipzig was the setting for one of the most surprising turns of war in the history of Germany and Europe.

2nd highlight: free time
Together we will then go back to the city center, where you will have the rest of the morning at leisure. Enjoy the street artists and musicians on the streets on sunny days and be delighted by their talents.

3rd highlight: boat trip on lake "Markkleeberg"
Later we continue to lake "Markkleeberg" for a boat tour. Here we learn more from the captain about the beautiful lake landscape around Leipzig.
The journey ends at Leipzig train station.
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• Parking fees en route (depending on the trip and stopovers)
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• Meals / purchases on site
• Sanitary fluid for the chemical toilet
• possibly final cleaning
• Insurance
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