Jewels of Lake Baikal: an adventurous tour through places of power and legends

On this journey we dive into the mysterious world of shamans and the incredible nature of Lake Baikal. Our tour starts from the west coast of the lake, where we will get acquainted with the history of Lake Baikal in the Talzy open-air museum and visit sacred places such as Shamanka Rock, as well as Cape Khoboy on Olkhon Island. Then we take an exciting boat trip to the other side of the lake, where Little Mongolia is waiting for us: surrounded by mountain ranges, wide steppe of the Barguzinka valley and the palace of the goddess Yanzhima. At the end of the tour we will walk around the capital of Buryatia - the city of Ulan-Ude and visit the Ivolginsky Datsan - a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over the world!
Tour-Code: RUS07
Cultural Tour
People & history
9 Days/ 8 night
Including the days of arrival and departure
Number of participants
Groups: 4 - 12 participants
4* Hotels & Guest houses
Open-air museum Talzy, Shamanka rock, Khoboy cape, Ogoi island, Barguzin valley and Ivolginsky datsan
7 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 1 x dinner
Our local guide will give you insider tips for meals that are not included in the trip
Bus trip from the airport and back
All day English-speaking tour guide


Arrival day - arrival and transfer to the hotel
In the evening we meet the guide in the hotel lobby and go for a walk in the city. We stroll through the old town and take a look at the beautiful monuments of the 18th - 20th centuries.
At dinner you can enjoy the local dishes in the restaurant.

Overnight in Irkutsk

1st highlight: Excursion to the Talzy open-air museum in ancient Siberia
After breakfast, we will get to know West Siberia by visiting the Talzy open-air museum, where historical monuments from the 17th - 19th centuries from the Irkutsk Oblast have been collected. There is an Evenk camp, Buryat yurts, churches and a part of a wooden fort.

2nd highlight: Drive to Listvyanka
Upon arrival in Listvyanka village, we take a look at the Shaman's Stone near the headwaters of the Angara River, which, according to the legend, is of unusual strength. Then we climb to a viewpoint (728 m) to admire the surroundings of the Angara River to enjoy the lake.
In the afternoon we will visit the Baikal Museum, where we will learn more about the formation of Lake Baikal, its flora, fauna and environment. Our way continues to the local fish market. Here we can taste the delicious fish from the lake.

Overnight in Listvjanka
Driving time: approx. 1 h
Highlight: Drive to Olkhon - the heart of Lake Baikal
Olkhon is the geographic, historical and sacred center of Baikal. According to the local legend, the Buryats appeared in this place and it is here that the first Buryat shaman received his shamanic talent.
In the afternoon, we take a walk to the famous Shamanka Rock (Cape Burhan). This is a power place of Baikal, which has conquered the minds and souls of people for centuries. Locals believe that the place helps people find a connection with nature. To this day, Cape Burkhan is referred to as one of the nine shrines of Asia.

Overnight in Khujir, Olkhon
Driving time: approx. 5,5 h
Highlight: Olkhon - visit of Cape Khoboy
After breakfast, we drive to the northern part of the island to explore the legendary Cape Khoboy ("fang"). The place is considered sacred. People have been coming here to make offerings to the local spirits for many years.
On the way we see the whole variety of natural landscapes of Lake Baikal: steppes, bays, sand dunes, dense forests, as well as magnificent marble rocks covered with red lichen. From the cape we will enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the northern part of Baikal.

Overnight in Khujir, Olkhon
Driving time: approx. 2 h
Highlight: Day trip to Ogoi Island
Today a fascinating boat trip to Ogoi Island awaits us. This island is considered a "clean" place because no human has ever lived here and many believe that there is no negative energy. The place is famous for the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment rising from the highest point. It is believed that if one goes around the Stupa three times and pays respect to it, the wish expressed in that place will be fulfilled.
At the beginning of the tour we will make a stop at the medicinal springs on the mainland at the "Small Sea". This water contains traces of silver and is considered very beneficial to health.

Overnight in Khujir, Olkhon

Highlight: Boat trip to the village of Ust-Barguzin with a stop at the Ushkanji Islands
Today we go to the other side of Lake Baikal by a speed boat.
On the way we visit the Ushkanji Islands - the habitat of the Baikal seals. In summer, hundreds of them gather here on the rocky shores of the islands and rest under the warm sun. This gives us the rare opportunity to take unique photos of them.
In the afternoon we reach the village of Ust-Barguzin, which lies on the shore of Barguzin Bay, the deepest and largest in Lake Baikal. After dinner, if you wish, you can visit a real Russian steam bath.

Overnight in Ust-Barguzin
Highlight: Barguzin Valley and Datsan - Palace of Goddess Yanzhima
50 km from the shore of Lake Baikal lies the expanse of the Barguzin Valley, surrounded by mountain ranges. The valley is home to numerous natural and archeological monuments, a rock garden and other sacred sites for local Buryats.
After exploring the valley, we visit the datsan - the palace of the goddess Yanzhima. In 2009, an image of the dancing goddess was discovered in this place and since then it has been a place of pilgrimage. The bright building of the datsan against the background of high rocky mountains is an image that will stay in your memory forever!

Overnight in Ust-Barguzin
Duration of the excursion : approx. 7 h
Highlight: Ivolginsky Datsan and city tour of Ulan-Ude
In the morning we drive to the city of Ulan-Ude to visit the Ivolginsky Datsan. It is the most famous datsan of Buryatia and a significant place of pilgrimage for Buddhists around the world. In the largest Buddhist monastery complex we also find the preserved body of Pandito Khambo Lama Etigelov who died at the beginning of the last century.
In the afternoon a city tour through the most important places in the city is planned.
In the evening, after our farewell dinner, you will go to Irkutsk by a night train which includes sleeping places for us.

Driving time: approx. 3.5 h
Travel time by train: approx. 7 h
Highlight: Transfer from the train station to Irkutsk Airport
At 8 a.m. your train arrives in Irkutsk. Your driver will be waiting for you at the train station and accompany you to the airport. If your return flight does not take place until the evening, we can also organize a day program for you on request.
1 x overnight in 4 * hotel
6 x nights in good middle class hotels and Guest houses
1 x night on the night train with sleeping places
7 x breakfast
3 x lunch (lunch break)
1 x farewell dinner
Transfers from & to the airport
All described excursions & trips
All-day English-speaking tour guide
Boat trip on day 5 and 6
Self-organized visits and excursions
Options described in the program
Meals & drinks not listed
Steam Bath on day 6


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