Enjoy the splendor of the landscapes and the rich culture of Armenia. Discover the secrets of the legendary brandy and sample the local delicacies on your unforgettable journey through the picturesque provinces of Armenia.

Country-specific regulations on COVID-19
9 Days
Culture trip
Citizens with permanent residence in the EU are allowed to enter and stay in Armenia without a visa or passport. The selected travel document should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of travel.
The Armenian dram is the official currency of Armenia.
One euro corresponds to approx. 572 AMD (as of July 23, 2021).
The money can be exchanged in banks or exchange offices. For security reasons, please refrain from exchanging money with private individuals.
The Armenian cuisine is similar to the cuisines of other countries of the Caucasus. Nevertheless, it is also influenced by Turkey and Russia. Dairy products form a very important part of Armenian food, especially cheese, goat milk, sheep milk and cow milk. Typical Armenian dishes include dolma (stuffed vine leaves), tan (mixture of yogurt and water, salted), ishli qufta (stuffed oblong pate). Baklava is also eaten in Armenia, but is attributed to the influence of other cuisines.
The Armenian language is neither a South Caucasian nor a Turkish language, but is a separate branch of the Indo-European language family. It has its own alphabet that was developed in the 4th century.
In Armenia, Russian is also increasingly spoken. In the capital, Yerevan, you can talk to young people in English.
In 301 AD, Armenia became the first European state to adopt Christianity as state religion. Armenia founded a church - the Armenian Apostolic Church - which still exists independently from the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Today, about 92% of Armenians are followers of this church and Christianity has remained an important part of the culture.
As travel vaccinations, vaccinations against hepatitis A are recommended. It is also recommended to find out about the status of the standard vaccinations before departure and see a doctor beforehand, if needed.