General Terms and Conditions of Talisman Travel

"Talisman Travel", Prager Str. 326, D - 04289 Leipzig (hereinafter referred to as "TT") organizes package tours as well as various individual tourist services (e.g. individual excursions in the holiday region, events, hotels, rental cars). The following general travel conditions, which the customer accepts when booking via the Internet, by e-mail, in writing or by telephone, form the basis for holiday trips and arranged travel services as well as events. Please take note of them and keep them with your travel documents.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
With your booking you irrevocably accept the travel offer of TT and agree to the general terms and conditions. The booking can be made online, by email, in writing or by telephone. We reserve the right to request a signed travel registration from the customer.

The contract is only binding for TT after a written booking confirmation by letter, email or fax and subject to full payment of the travel price and any additional services booked, including insurance.

If the content of the booking confirmation deviates from the content of the booking due to circumstances unforeseeable for TT, in particular "force majeure", including political unrest in the respective country, strikes, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics and similar, from the content of the booking, the differing content becomes binding for the traveler and TT if the customer does not object in writing by letter, fax or email within 10 calendar days.

TT is only active as a tour operator in the respective holiday country. Individual services provided by other service providers (flights, hotels, rental cars, excursions on site) are only the subject of the travel contract if TT explicitly offers and confirms them as part of the travel contract. These services can be offered by TT as a complete package, but without losing their character as an individual service. The booking of these individual services in a total booking does not constitute a package tour in the sense of § 651a BGB.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the person booking confirms that he or she has carefully checked all the data for incorrect information. At this point, the traveler or the person commissioned by him can still correct any errors or cancel the order process. As a contractual partner for the travel agent (travel agency), alternatively to TT, the person making the booking is responsible for all travel participants and is also responsible for the financial handling. To protect against fraud and fake bookings, TT is entitled to request evidence of the identity of the person making the reservation (copy of identity card, passport or similar).

2. Services and prices
The scope of the contractual service results from the details of the offer and the booking confirmation.

TT usually does not offer flights to the holiday destination and must be organized by the traveler himself. The travel agents who cooperate with TT, however, are happy to help you organize the arrival and departure in cooperation with TT.

Delays in arrival can lead to a reduction in the services provided by TT in the respective holiday country, but do not reduce the travel price if TT is not responsible for the impairments.

Companies that are referred to in the relevant contract documents as "additional excursions", "additional excursion options", "additional modules" or "extra tour with additional costs" are not themselves part of the contractual services. Costs associated with them are therefore not included in the travel price, but will be announced by TT in advance before the start of the tour.

The prices we offer for holiday trips and other tourist services on site are subject to change in the advertised price and confirmed with the booking if there are serious changes, in particular the exchange rates of currencies, the sales prices of regional providers or agencies, other unpredictable events occur or tariffs or taxes and fees set by the authorities or approved.

3. Meeting at the place
In cooperation with the mediating travel agent / travel agency, the traveler must ensure that TT becomes aware of the arrival location and the arrival time in the vacation country at least 7 days before arrival at the vacation location. If the arrival takes place at a different arrival location than the starting point of the round trip, the traveler has to ensure that he or she punctually arrives at the starting point of the respective trip specified by the TT. TT can provide organizational help with the transfer to the agreed travel starting point, but assumes no liability for any delays, loss of luggage or damage to luggage during the transfer.

TT reserves the right to change travel times within the framework of the legal and contractual options.

4. Payment, provision of services in the case of non-payment, withdrawal of the contract, cancellation, illness
TT reserves the right to exempt all services to be rendered from the prior full settlement of all services invoiced by TT. TT is exclusively for the provision of services obligated, insofar as all booked travel services before the start of the journey or, any concerning additional services on site, are paid in full.
TT is entitled to adjust the confirmed travel price insofar as the following price components are subject to significant increases unpredictably for TT and after the conclusion of the contract or are increased additionally and without influence by TT: exchange rates for the booked trip, transport costs (especially due to oil price increases); additional duties and taxes for certain services, port and airport fees, security fees in connection with transportation (flight, bus, other transfer options), entry, residence and public law entry fees.

A price increase is only permitted if there is a period of more than four months between the conclusion of the contract and the start of the trip. The travel price may be increased by a maximum of the amount resulting from the additional costs incurred. Depending on the price increase, the price increase will be apportioned to the traveler concerned.

To determine the contribution amount, depending on what is cheaper for the traveler, either the expected or the originally calculated average number of participants is used. Upon request, TT is obliged to provide the traveler with relevant evidence. TT must notify the customer of a price increase immediately after becoming aware of the reason for the increase, but at the latest on the 21st day before the start of the trip. If the travel price increases by more than 5%, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without paying any compensation. Instead, he can exercise his right in accordance with § 651 a p. 4 clause of the German Civil Code (BGB). The withdrawal or the request for a replacement trip must be declared immediately to TT or the travel agency / travel agent commissioned by the customer.

5. Cancellation, rebooking

1. If the customer withdraws before the start of the trip (cancellation), TT has until the dispatch of the cancellation invoice to choose between the actually calculated reasonable compensation according to § 651 i paragraph 2 BGB and the flat-rate compensation according to § 651 i paragraph 3 BGB. If the actual cancellation costs are lower than the lump sum, then these are valid. TT can only change the choice once it has been approved by the customer.

If TR chooses the flat-rate compensation, the following applies to the settlement:

Group trips, bus trips, trips with minibuses, trips with your own arrival
• up to and including the 45th calendar day before the start of the trip 25%
• 30% from the 44th to the 30th calendar day before the start of the trip
• from the 29th to the 15th calendar day before the start of the trip 50%
• from the 14th to the 7th calendar day before the start of the trip 75%
• from 6 days before the start of the trip and in case of no-show 85%

Individual trips with a special note in the advertisement
• up to and including the 45th calendar day before the start of the trip 25%
• 30% from the 44th to the 30th calendar day before the start of the trip
• from the 29th to the 15th calendar day before the start of the trip 60%
• from the 14th to the 7th calendar day before the start of the trip 80%
• from 6 days before the start of the trip and in the event of no-show 90%

The compensation amount is calculated according to the date of receipt of the cancellation notice and as a percentage of the total travel price of the customer concerned. The customer remains free to prove that no or a significantly lower compensation claim than the requested flat rate has arisen.

2. Rebookings (e.g. of travel date, travel destination, accommodation, mode of transport or tariff, in the case of air travel also the booking class and flight connections) are generally only possible by withdrawing from the travel contract (cancellation) on the conditions specified in Paragraph 1 (cancellation compensation) and parallel new registration possible. The availability of the service is a prerequisite for every rebooking.

3. If, due to circumstances for which the customer is responsible, TT is not responsible for the preparation or implementation of the trip for the preparation or implementation of the trip (e.g. due to a required flight reservation / ticket change if the customer's name is incorrect), TT may request that the customer replaces them.

4. Obligation to pay and due date with regard to cancellation compensation are independent of reimbursement obligations through travel cancellation insurance, cf. Section V Paragraph 5. The obligation to pay the insurance premium is not affected by the withdrawal.

For cancellation and rebooking fees and any processing costs, an immediate settlement of the invoice is required.
When rebooking mediated services such as additional excursions and other events on site in the travel destination, hotels, rental cars, etc., the conditions of the regional organizer or service provider apply.

In principle, we reserve the right to charge the traveler in the event of cancellation of the trip which is not or too late, for all costs charged to us by other parties, in the case of scheduled flights organized by TT plus an administration fee in the amount of. 50 Euros per person at most.

When arranging scheduled flights at normal rates, cancellation fees are charged in accordance with the IATA guidelines. When arranging scheduled flights at special tariffs, the cancellation fees listed in the price list for the respective flight will be charged after the ticket has been issued. Refunds are only possible if the full original tickets are returned. Refunds for tickets that have not been fully flown are not possible. In the event of cancellations of brokered services (e.g. hotels, rental cars, package tours), the conditions of the tour operator or service provider used apply plus a processing fee in the amount of 50 Euros at most.

Upon receipt of the travel confirmation and security certificate, a deposit of 30%, but no more than 1,000 Euros per travel participant, is due. The remaining travel price is due on the 21st t day before the start of the trip or, in the case of a later booking, immediately after receipt of the travel documents. At the same time as the down payment, the premiums due for any mediated insurance must be paid in full.

Travel commencement or, in the case of a later booking, is due immediately upon receipt of the travel documents.
Cancellation fees, processing and rebooking fees are due immediately.

If travel services fail due to the tour operator's insolvency, the security certificate covers the repayment of the travel price paid and (after the start of the trip) any additional expenses required for the return trip in accordance with Section 651 k BGB. All payments on the travel price are only to be made when the security certificate is available. It will be handed out / sent together with the travel documents.

6. Termination due to personal rights
If the trip is considerably impeded by force majeure, which was not foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract, or impaired, both the traveler and TT may terminate the travel contract with TT. The mutual rights and obligations in the event of such a termination shall result from the legal regulations.

TT can be announced for an important reason before the start of the trip and after the travel contract taking into account the legal rights according to § 314 BGB. There can be a common reason if the travel process is reliable or cannot be remedied or cannot be remedied even after a warning has been issued.

The termination of the travel contract can also be given by the regional travel agent or representative authorized by TT.

7. Tour guide
Tour guides or regional representatives on site are authorized to take the travel guide notices and requests for remedies and - insofar as possible - the rights claimed to belong to them. They are not authorized or empowered to recognize or accept injuries due to reduction and / or compensation for sure TT heard.

8. Liability
TT is responsible for answers to the rights of the rights of TT travel services and passing on the related information to the customer. Liability for services booked with third parties in the respective holiday country outside the scope of the travel services offered by TT is excluded. Managing baggage, loss or delivery delays upon arrival or arrival in the home country are not checked on the spot by means of a damage report by the responsible airline, bus or other transport company. In this case, the liability lies with the carrying transport company. In so far mentioned problems concern the rights provided by TT in the country of destination, TT should not be controlled.

Liability for damage caused by delays in arrival in or departure from the holiday country caused by travel service providers such as airlines, shipping companies, bus or other transport companies, for which TT is not responsible, is excluded. Please note that airlines are not closed to wait for connecting machines. The costs resulting from failure to connect (e.g. due to heavy snowfall, fog, diversion of air space due to volcanic eruption or other natural disaster, force majeure, political, unrest, etc.) shall be borne by the traveler.

A notice of damage on site at the responsible body is the reason for an administration to file a claim with TT or the responsible service provider.
In accordance with § 651 1g BGB, any claims must be registered with TT or the relevant organizer or service provider within one month of the contractually agreed end of the trip.The registration of any claims must be made in writing.

Any claims against TT for failure to provide the tour in accordance with the contract shall be time-barred within twelve months. The statute of limitations begins on the day on which the journey ends according to the contract.

9. Passport, visa, customs, currency and health regulations, behavior and manners on site

The traveler is self-governing the rights of the rights and the travel destination guidelines. Please also contact the respective travel agency in confidence. TT supports the traveler as far as possible. Please note that visas may also be necessary with connecting flights.

All rights which the passenger has from non-compliance with political rights are at his expense, even if these instructions are changed after booking the trip. If information is given by TT, the German citizenship is passed.

10. Limitation of liability

TT's liability for damages is limited to a maximum of twice the travel price. The limitation of liability does not apply to damage based on intent or gross negligence. The limitation of liability is also excluded in the event of damage to life, limb or health that is based on a grossly negligent breach of duty by TT or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of TT.

Before you start your journey, please inform yourself thoroughly about the customs and customs typical of the country. TT excludes any liability for the reduction of the travel service, insofar as this arises from circumstances that arise exclusively from the traveler due to the disregard and / or insufficient observance of typical national behavior and the associated consequences (imprisonment for immorality, drunkenness, harassment, disturbance of rest, treatments by doctors, in hospitals, court cases, punishments etc.).
The travel documents are sent by email (with confirmation of sending), fax or by post. The mail can only be used for shipping within Germany, TT assumes no liability for loss of orders and shipping from abroad.

When sending by email with confirmation of sending, the traveler is obliged to confirm receipt by marking the corresponding pop-up window by clicking the check mark.

11. Data protection
TT collects and stores customer data exclusively for the execution of travel, contract processing, customer care and for advertising purposes as part of customer care. The customer can object to the use for advertising purposes at any time (see § 28 para. 4 Federal Data Protection Act). Just as for the exercise of further rights according to sections 34, 35 of the Federal Data Protection Act, a brief notification is sufficient.

12. General
Verbal agreements, collateral agreements and other assurances of any kind are only effective if they have been confirmed by TT.

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire contract. The same applies to the general terms and conditions.
Note: When booking last minute and package tours as well as charter flights and rental car bookings, the general terms and conditions of the respective tour operator apply, which you will receive from the travel offers there.

With a new legal regulation that has recently come into force, tour operators are able to issue vouchers to travelers if the planned trip has to be canceled due to COVID-19. The validity of the vouchers is limited until December 31, 2021. If the voucher is not used by the traveler by then, the travel price already paid or the corresponding deposit must be reimbursed to the traveler after this date.

In contrast to the legal option described, Talisman - Reisen will generally NOT issue vouchers, but will refund the travel price or advance payments made in full and promptly as far as possible.

Please note, however, that reductions of the paid price of a Tour or advance payments made may arise from the fact that Talisman Reisen had to make any advance payments to partners and subcontractors on site due to its own contractual obligations, shortly before the originally planned start of a trip. In this case, a short-term clarification of the facts is carried out in close cooperation with the traveler concerned and the respective local partner to reduce the damage.

The same applies to the almost taken trips, which have to be canceled at short notice due to the regional effects of Corona-19.

However, please understand that we and our partners cannot plan the short-term effects of the Corona pandemic.

As of: June 2020